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Best Clothing Racks

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Keeping all of your clothing properly organized can often be more of a chore than you want it to be. Dressers can make it challenging to find the items of clothing you want to wear when you want to wear them. Closets can also be an issue, especially in older houses where they are small or don't exist at all. Clothing racks are an excellent way to store and organize your clothing while keeping everything in one place. 

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AmazonBasics Expandable Storage Rack

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Keeping your clothing organized and easy to find when you need it isn't always an easy task. Dressers can make it difficult to find specific items in a hurry. Snagging a clothing rack that also includes shelves makes it much easier to keep organized and see what you're looking for. The AmazonBasics Expandable Storage Rack delivers a top tier product that will let you decide how to stay organized and give you plenty of options along the way. 

This clothing rack is two feet across, and six feet tall, giving you plenty of space. There are two adjustable hanging rods for dress clothing, slacks, and button-ups to be hung after being washed. Ten different shelves also give you options for folded clothing, towels, and even hats or purses. There are five shelves on either side of the rack with space at the top middle to keep things from getting too cluttered. Each of the shelves is also adjustable in one-inch increments and can hold up to 100 pounds. 

The rack itself is made of steel wire and plastic slip sleeves which is entirely capable of holding all of your clothing. It also comes with wall mounts so you can ensure that the rack never falls over at an inopportune time. It's also easy to put together and take back apart, with simple screw together mechanics. 

The AmazonBasics Expandable Storage Rack delivers all the best parts of a clothing rack in one great package. It lets you adjust the height of the shelves and the closet rods, has room for hanging and folded clothing, and is built to hold a good deal of weight. When it comes to clothing racks, this is the absolute best you can grab. 

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Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Rack

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When it comes to keeping organized, clothing racks can be a huge help. However, many frames are difficult to put together or move and have way too many pieces. If you're looking for a simple clothing rack that is easy to put together or break down, then the Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Rack is a solid choice.

It's made of sturdy steel which means you can hang light clothing or heavy winter coats in the offseason. The ability to adjust its length, lets you decide how large you want the rack to be. This is especially handy for folks in small apartments, or who need to make use of every bit of spare space. You can also opt between a standard size or the larger frame. This rack also has industrial wheels which makes it easy to roll your clothing around the house, even over carpet.  

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Everyone has clothing that they only wear under certain circumstances. Whether that means your best cocktail dress, or a three-piece suit when it isn't being worn, it should be protected from dust, detritus, and sunlight. This protects the garment and the fabric so that it lasts longer. The Whitmor Clothes Closet is a rack that is fully enclosed to protect your clothing from all sorts of environmental ills. 

The clothing rack is relatively small, measuring only 19.75 x 36 x 64 inches. However, it is fully enclosed in either blue or white. It includes a see-through window that lets you check what clothing has been stored inside. It's easy to assemble, and the frame is heavy-duty steel that can hold even your most cumbersome garments.

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Simple Houseware Double Rail Garment Rack

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Best Double Rail

Clothing racks can be an easy way to save space and store your clothing. However, if you're extra tight on space, you'll want to fit as much as possible in one area. The Simple Houseware Double Rail Garment Rack offers twice the storage space on the same rack by using two rails. 

The rack itself measures out at 20.5' x 61.3 x 42.75 making it smaller than some of the competition. However, this does make it ideal for folks looking for a theater rack, or who live in small apartments who don't have a lot of space. It is a heavy-duty clothing rack capable of holding up to 200 pounds of garments, which makes it perfect for bulky or heavy items like winter jackets. It's also a collapsible model. It makes it easy to break down and travel with.

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SINGAYE Clothes Rack 2-in-1

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When you have a lot of clothing and jackets, keeping it all in one place is almost impossible. This becomes twice as true if you are living in close quarters. The SINGAYE Clothes Rack 2-in-1 lets you store both clothing and jackets on it through the unique design elements. This makes it the most versatile clothing rack available. 

This clothing rack has a particularly unique design with a single horizontal rod as well as seven side round-headed hooks. It's an easy rack to assemble, and with wheels, you can move it around your living space without a problem. There is also a bottom shelf where you can store shoes, purses, or other items. 

Bottom line

Every clothing rack that made our list offers a great experience. These include versatile designs, protecting clothing from dust or detritus, and even fitting more clothing into a single area. Out of all the racks that we found, the absolute best was the AmazonBasics Expandable Storage Rack. 

It delivers a stellar experience and allows you to adjust it to the size you need. With both a horizontal rod, and ten different shelves, there is plenty of room to store clothing, jackets, purses, and more. It also included wall mounts to ensure it is sturdy when you set it up, and it easy to assemble without any extra help. If you want the absolute best clothing rack, this is the one worth your money. 

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