Best Body Pillows

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A body pillow can be a lot of different things. It can be just a regular pillow, but longer to accommodate snuggling. It can also be a U-shaped pillow that surrounds you as you sleep and can be propped up for sitting up in bed. As for which size and shape are best, that's up to the consumer to decide. When choosing a pillow, you'll want to take into account the filling material as well as the cover, and if there is a removable one included. Here are some of the best options to get you started.

Our pick

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Utopia Bedding Body Pillow

This 20-inch-by-54-inch ball fiber-filled straight body pillow has a 100% cotton cover. That cover isn't removable, but the pillow is machine-washable.


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Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow

This 20-inch-by-54-inch shredded memory foam pillow comes with a breathable, vented bamboo blend cover. The whole pillow can be machine-washed and dried. 

Premium U-shape

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Moonlight Slumber Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

This U-shaped microfiber pillow is filled with a synthetic down. It doesn't have a removable cover, but it can be machine-washed.

Full-size comfort

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Milliard Body Pillow

At 20-inches-by-54-inches, this straight shredded memory foam body pillow is the width of a full mattress. The jacquard bamboo cover is washable.

Get some rest

If you sleep on your side, back, or front or you change positions, you'll want a straight body pillow. You can easily find a cover for a standard 20-inch-by-54-inch sized body pillow, so it doesn't have to come with a removable cover. I'd recommend the Utopia Bedding Body Pillow because it's well-priced, well-reviewed, covered with 100% cotton, and filled with plush fiberfill. I especially like that it's washable. The standard 20-inch-by-54-inch size means it fits into any standard body pillow cover.