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Best Automatic Soap Dispensers

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Soap has been around for probably as long as you can remember. During that time it has evolved. There are bars and liquids that come in a variety of different dispensers. Check out these hands-free solutions and choose an automatic soap dispenser like our overall pick, the Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser. If you're looking to upgrade your handwashing experience to a touchless one, these products can help. 

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Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Reasons to buy
+Best Overall

We like the Secura dispenser for its large capacity but relatively small footprint. It can handle an impressive 500 ml of liquid soap, which should last the average household a fair while. When it is getting close to needing a refill, you'll quickly see thanks to the transparent soap chamber. 

You can tailor the amount of soap this gadget dispenses to suit your personal preference. There's a volume-style dial on the side that you can adjust to give you more or less product, from 0.03 from 0.19 ounces per activation. 

Unlike other options, this is not entirely waterproof, but the battery compartment has a silicone seal to protect them. There is also a hole in the back of the unit, so you have the option to wall mount this. 

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Elechok Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Reasons to buy
+Best for Multiple Uses

The Elechok option has two infrared sensors, one at the base and one at the top of the unit, for super-sensitive activation. It boasts a two-part base with rubber seals to keep the electronics away from water spills and splashes. 

To adjust the amount of product this dispenses, you press the on and off buttons on the top of the dispenser as if they were up and down buttons until you're happy with the amount. 

This does not have the largest capacity — only 280 ml — but it can be used with any kind of soap or disinfectant and can even handle hand or body lotion. 

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LAOPAO Foaming Soap Dispenser

Reasons to buy
+Best Foaming Dispenser

This dispenser is great to use with foaming soap. But you don't have to use a specialty soap to get the fun foam. Add a little purified water to regular liquid hand soap, and the LAOPAO touchless soap dispenser will foam it for you. You can also use this dispenser with foaming hand sanitizer.

The soap compartment is clear to make it easy to see when it is time to fill. To fill the dispenser, simply pull out the soap compartment at the bottom. This keeps the LAOPAO dispenser core away from liquids and reduces the risk of the insides of the dispenser getting wet.

This dispenser is over 11 inches tall, and its motion sensor picks up on movement within 1.2 inches from it. There are two settings for light or heavy foam. The LAOPAO dispenser uses three AA batteries. Unfortunately, these must be purchased separately. Also, this dispenser doesn't support Lithium or rechargeable batteries. This makes the LAOPAO foaming soap dispenser not as cost-effective as others we reviewed.

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SimpleOne Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Reasons to buy
+Best for Battery Life

This is another stylish option that we like the look of. Designed by Philippe Taglioni, this dispenser is available in an "arctic white" or "liquid silver" finish. 

A silicone valve stops the unit from dripping and helps avoid clogs, while the wide opening promises fast and mess-free refills. The capacity is only 230 ml, but the battery life is good with a claim of up to a year's use from four AAA alkaline batteries. 

There's a windowed slot built-in to show how much soap is left, and you can use any kind of cleaning solution with this product, including any brand of liquid soap, shampoo, and sanitizer.


Wash your hands with piece of mind that you won't be picking up added germs by touching a soap dispenser. Hand hygiene is of utmost importance and can prevent all types of viruses and illness. Feel happy in your own skin.

For larger households and families, we'd recommend the  Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser, with the largest 500 ml capacity, you won't be continually filling it up, and its general performance is more than adequate for home use. 

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