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The best travel hair dryer: luggage friendly hair gadgets

When you’re off on your travels, weight is at a premium, and if you’re someone who likes to pack as many different dresses, suits, or pairs of shoes as possible, then a hair dryer can be something that really compromises on this space. However, the risk of your hotel having a measly little hair dryer with a cord that won’t even reach the mirror and blows cold air out at a glacial pace, is often far too great to leave yours behind. 

But there’s no need to panic about drying your hair on the go when we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best travel hair dryers that are compact yet powerful and will keep you looking polished no matter where you are. A good travel hair dryer will be lightweight and usually foldable so it takes up as little space in your bag or suitcase as possible, and ideally it’ll have a long cable to cater to oddly placed plug sockets and the one tiny mirror that usually comes in a standard hotel room. 

Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it should be any less powerful. No matter what hair type you have, if you pick a travel hair dryer with multiple speed and heat settings, you can ensure your hair is protected from heat damage as much as possible, and it’ll cater to a range of different blow dry styles. If you often like to achieve certain styles, then you may want to go for a travel hair dryer with certain attachments such as a diffuser or nozzle, but you must bear in mind this will add bulk to your hair dryer and take up more room when packing. 

We know that for a lot of people, their travel hair dryer is not normally their main hair dryer. So if you’ve already got one you use for day-to-day styling, then you may not want to spend a fortune on a second one. Most travel hair dryers come in at under £100, but if you want something a bit more luxurious, we’ve picked out a couple that will serve you well both at home and away. 

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1. GHD Flight Travel Hairdryer

Take your good hair days on the road with this travel hair dryer and case

Best for: Shine | Weight: 422g | Foldable: Yes | Power: 1200w

Dual voltage
Nozzle attachment
Travel case is bulky  

This GHD Travel hair dryer is perfect for those looking to get precision styling when away from home. Customers who bought this hair dryer love how lightweight it is and the dual voltage is perfect for those who travel frequently. The downside is that the travel case is actually quite bulky, so when only carrying cabin baggage you may find this hair dryer to take up just as much room as a full-sized one. However, on its own it folds down in half and has a detachable nozzle so you can easily pack it into a small space. Users also find it is pretty powerful and in some cases dries hair quicker than a standard hair dryer, so for the price, you can expect to use this both at home and away.  

2. T3 Compact Hair Dryer

This lightweight hair dryer will keep frizz at bay when you’re away

Best for: Frizz | Weight: 525g | Foldable: Yes | Power: 1800w

Cool shot function
Gentle on the hair
Slow to dry thick hair 

The T3 compact hair dryer is designed for those who want effortlessly sleek locks on the go. The ion technology aims to smooth out split ends while remaining soft and gentle on the hair. It has two heat and speed settings to cater to your hair type and the style you wish to achieve, with a cool shot button to lock the hair in place so it looks fabulous for longer. The folding handle makes for convenient storage and it comes with a nozzle for precision styling. Those with long hair say it takes a while to dry their whole head, but if you’ve got thinner or shorter hair, you can expect to see quick, lasting results.  

3. BaByliss Travel Hair Dryer

A quick and compact hair dryer that gets the job done

Best for: Quick drying | Weight: 427g | Foldable: Yes | Power: 2000w

Super lightweight
Not very hot  

This travel hair dryer has been praised by customers for its quick-drying abilities. Some say it’s not very hot, which is great for keeping hair healthy and shiny, but can be tricky for styling if you have naturally wavy hair. However, for shorter hair that simply needs drying, this is the travel hair dryer for you. It’s powerful, extremely light and folds down so it can fit into your luggage with ease. It’s also an absolute bargain, meaning as a second hair dryer, it won’t break the bank. A must-have companion for those who go on the road often.  

4. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

A luxury buy for those who like high-quality tech

Best for: Luxury item | Weight: 660g | Foldable: No | Power: 1600w

Heat regulation technology

Dyson might not be the brand you’d usually associate with your hair and beauty regimen, but they have certainly made an impact with this hair dryer. It looks totally quirky and futuristic, as we might expect from a company that is usually known for designing vacuum cleaners, and it’s extremely powerful, too. What makes this hair dryer stand out from the crowd is its heat regulation technology; which some users love and some find extremely frustrating. This means as you are drying your hair the Dyson will automatically change the temperature in order to protect your hair whilst drying. Although this means softer, shinier hair from a more delicate approach, what it does mean is it takes a lot longer to dry your hair. It’s pretty pricey, but as it’s also super quiet and fairly slim which could make it a good investment for both travel and home use.  

5. TRESemme Travel Dryer

Lightweight but powerful; the perfect holiday companion

Best for: Holidays | Weight: 700g | Foldable: Yes | Power: 2000w

All the power of a standard hair dryer
Super compact and lightweight design
May not be as powerful in some countries 

This travel hair dryer could make a trusty companion if you’re often going on holiday. Small and compact, but with all the power of a full-sized hair dryer, you can expect fast-drying results with its two heat and speed settings. It does have multi-voltage, but it may not be as powerful in some countries, although from what’s been said about this hair dryer, you’re still better off using this than your hotel dryer, and you won’t have to sacrifice that extra pair of shoes, either! 

6. Braun Style & Go Hair Dryer

Convenient, compact and reliable

Best for: Reliability | Weight: 500g | Foldable: Yes | Power: 1200w

Kind to hair
Nozzle style blower
Not the most powerful 

The Braun Style & Go hair dryer might not be the most powerful on our list, but users can’t fault it for its reliability and convenience. It folds neatly in two and already has a built in styler/concentrator nozzle, so you won’t have to worry about extra room for attachments, and will make your life a little easier if you’re someone who uses their hair dryer to create particular styles. It’s got two speed settings, so you can really blast your hair if you’re in a hurry, but ultimately the lower wattage means less damage to your hair, which can always be a blessing when on holiday in the heat.  

7. BaByliss Nano Travel Hair Dryer 1200

Great hair doesn’t have to cost the world

Best for: Budget | Weight: 301g | Foldable: No | Power: 1200w

Funky colour
Doesn’t fold down 

BaByliss are known for their great styling products, and this travel hair dryer is no exception. It’s one of the lighter ones on our list, and we’ll be honest, the funky purple colour makes it slightly more exciting that your bog standard black one, plus for the price it’s an absolute bargain that makes it totally acceptable to purchase a second hair dryer. It’s heat settings are reportedly great for all hair types, allowing a hotter setting for thicker hair and a cooler one for those who like to style a little more delicately. It’s also one of the smallest on the list, so even though it doesn’t fold down, you can expect to fit this dinky hair dryer into your bag with ease.  

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