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The best women’s razors, epilators and hair removal devices

Shaving can be an incredibly tedious task, and while it remains a quick fix, it doesn’t always leave the best results. A cheap disposable razor can cause a whole host of problems; leaving your legs patchy and full of red lumps and bumps. However, there are a range of razors and other hair removal devices now available that promise to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple after every use. 

Short of laser treatment, epilators are the most common and most successful form of home hair removal for women these days. Some women find this method painful, as it works by plucking the hairs very quickly from the skin, but they are favoured for their long-lasting results where you won’t have to repeat the procedure for a number of weeks.

You can also now try home laser treatments which work by using heat to literally make the hair evaporate from your skin. These devices are quite expensive, but claim to prevent hair from ever growing back after just a few treatments. 

When choosing a device, first think about the area on your body from which you wish to remove the hair. Something like an epilator is only really advised for use on arms and legs, whereas for face and other areas of the body, laser or razor devices are normally the gentlest.

We’ve rounded up some of the best women’s razors and hair removal products available on the market. There is something to suit all preferences and budgets, so you are one step closer to having sleek, smooth, hair-free skin. 

1. Philips Lumea BRI956/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device

This laser device carefully removes hair from anywhere on the body

Best for: Multi-use | Cordless: Yes | Power Type: Electric | Battery Life: 130 flashes

Can be used anywhere 
Long-lasting results
Super expensive 

If you’ve tried fancy razors, waxing, creams, gels, the lot, then the Philips Lumea will help you view hair removal differently. This is a laser device that can be used on any part of the body including face, bikini and underarms and uses gentle pulses of light to stop hair regrowth. Although extremely expensive, this is the closest you will get to a permanent form of hair removal, and customers say they have seen a significant decrease in the thickness of their hairs. It is said to work great on concentrated areas such as the upper lip; providing noticeable results, however you will need to be patient with larger areas as they will require more treatment before results are apparent. Overall, customers feel this product was worth the money, and saves you spending a fortune on disposable plastic razors. 

2. SmoothSkin Bare Ultrafast IPL Hair Removal System

A fast and easy solution to smooth legs all year round

Best for: Quick results | Cordless: No | Power Type: Mains | Battery Life: n/a

Prevents regrowth
100 flashes per minute
Mains cable is limiting 

For those who like the sound of the Philips Lumea but cannot afford it on their budget, then this IPL Hair Removal System is a cheaper alternative which works just as well. It is said to work with 100 flashes per minute which allows you to carry out hair removal across your whole body in as little as 10 minutes. Users have said that it’s a little stubborn on the knees, but apart from that, they have noticed a rapid decrease in the speed at which their hair grows, and it rarely leaves patchy spots on their body. Women have confirmed it is just as quick as it says it is and that results have been visible in as little as 2 weeks. 

3. Philips BRE630/00 Satinelle Advanced Wet and Dry Epilator

An epilator for wet or dry use

Best for: wet and dry use | Cordless: Yes | Power Type: Rechargeable battery | Battery Life: 40 mins

Lots of attachments
Removes fine hairs
A bit fiddly  

This epilator can be used either wet or dry so is great for using at the end of your shower or after a bath. It comes with a range of attachments to help you achieve the best results, however, many users say they haven’t used the parts as they are quite fiddly to attach. Some find this method painful, but say results are impressive. It is still on the pricier side but is definitely a strong contender if you’re looking to achieve long-lasting results making it the best women's epilator for busy ladies.

4. no!no! MICRO Hair Removal System

A hassle-free hair removal device with long-lasting results

Best for: Ease of use | Cordless: Yes | Power Type: Electric | Battery Life: 30 minutes

Removes hair anywhere
You can sometimes smell burning 

This rechargeable cordless device is very compact which makes it great for taking on your travels, and it aims to work quickly and provide long-lasting results. Women who have tried this device say it does work, but only when used correctly. Make sure you travel the right way to ensure the hairs are being removed correctly, otherwise you may notice patchy spots. Users also said sometimes there can be an unpleasant burning smell, but this is usually nothing to be concerned about and is common with a lot of epilators. 

5. Braun SE3270 Silk-epil Dry Epilator

Get super-soft results with this girly looking device

Best for: Beginners | Cordless: No | Power Type: Mains | Battery Life: n/a

Dual rollers for extra comfort
2 speed settings
A little basic 

If you’ve never tried an epilator before and still aren’t sure if it’s the right method for you, then this is the best women’s hair removal device for beginners. It is comfortably affordable and is designed in a way to make the hair removal process as pain-free as possible. It uses two conditioning rollers to ensure your skin is moisturised both before and after the hair is extracted, and you have the option of 2 speed settings if you want to try it out very gently at first. Many users have been extremely happy with this device despite the fact it isn’t as high-tech as some of the others on the list. 

6. Philips BRT383/15 BikiniGenie Bikini Trimmer

Trim your bikini line to perfection with this slim razor

Best for: Bikini line | Cordless: Yes | Power Type: AA Batteries | Battery Life: Multiple uses

Easy to use
For bikini only  

This trimmer is specifically designed to groom your bikini line with ease, allowing you to use different attachments for your desired length while protecting your skin from damage. It’s entirely battery powered and is slim with a handy carry pouch for when you want to take it on your travels. For those who don’t like waxing, this is a gentle alternative and women who have used this trimmer say it is really easy to handle and achieve your desired results. 

7. Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive Razor with 5 Comfort Blades

A simple yet effective solution for sensitive skin

Best for: Sensitive skin | Cordless: Yes | Power Type: None | Battery Life: n/a

Quick and easy to use
Not a long-term solution 

If you’re looking for a quick fix then these Venus razors are a step up from your bog standard disposable razor. They feature 5 blades with a touch of Aloe Vera to soothe the skin, and the pack comes with 1 spare cartridge. This razor is for use with a shaving foam or gel for best results and users say that it glides very softly across the skin. Unlike other razors, women have noticed a lot less cuts from these blades as they require a lot less pressure when shaving. If you are looking for a decent manual razor that is kind to your skin, add this to your basket.

8. Philips HP6390/10 Precision Trimmer

A small and simple device for those hard to reach areas

Best for: Accuracy | Cordless: Yes | Power Type: AAA battery | Battery Life: Multiple uses

Handbag sized
Not the sharpest blade

This is a handy little precision trimmer that is ideal for use on the face or other hard to see areas where there are annoying hairs. Its compact, making it perfect for ladies handbags and it works quickly and effectively on individual or stray hairs. Women who have used this product say it is particularly good for eyebrows and other facial hair and is much better than using hair removal creams that could irritate the skin. If you are looking for a great eyebrow trimmer that doubles up as device for facial hair removal, this might just be what you are after.

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