The best toddler life jackets

the best toddler life jackets

There’s no doubt kids love playing in the water. Whether it’s in the sea, by the pool or you’re out on a family boat trip; keeping your tot safe around water is imperative. The best way to do so is to invest in a toddler life jacket that is lightweight and comfortable for them to play in. 

The thing to look out for in a reliable toddler life jacket is adjustability. If they’re around 18 months or older, they’re going to grow pretty quickly, so something like the Baltic 1251 Life Jacket will ensure they are comfortable and supported even at such a young age. 

You’ll also want one that won’t be a hindrance to their fun. It’s likely toddlers aren’t going to want to wear a life jacket, so finding one that is comfortable is key. The Bluewave Toddler Lifejacket offers a comfortable, flexible fit and room for movement, so your little one can still run around while you have peace of mind they’re safe when near the water. Whether it’s a day at the beach or you’re off on a family adventure, check out our full list below to find out what’s best for your toddler. 

Helly Hansen Kid Safe

1. Helly Hansen Kid Safe

High floatation and safety aid for those active families

Reasons to buy

Great for all ages 

This life jacket is praised by parents for being comfortable, reliable and easily adjustable. Many have bought it for different ages including as young as 8 months, and say they have no trouble putting it on their toddler and children don’t find it to get in the way of play. It has a buoyancy of 100N and is ISO certified so you can have peace of mind this jacket will support your child on the water. It is made from soft foam and is completely reflective for high visibility, plus it comes with a whistle and the style of this life jacket is designed to provide maximum turning force when in the water, to make it easy for children to swim with it on. Perfect for adventures and pool days alike.  

Gul Dartmouth

2. Gul Dartmouth

Great for families who go sailing

Reasons to buy

Large collar for sun protection 

If you’re a family that likes to get out on the water on the weekends, then this toddler life jacket is ideal for keeping your child safe. With a large collar, this life jacket is particularly good for protecting the neck from the sun, and also for supporting the head when submerged in water. It’s made from soft foam, but with a hardwearing outer material that is CE approved. It’s highly visible with reflective tape and also has adjustable thigh straps for extra support. This is an affordable and stylish life jacket for any budding sailor!  

Baltic 1251

3. Baltic 1251

This life jacket provides extra head support for younger toddlers

Reasons to buy

Lifting handle on back of collar 

For younger children, this toddler life jacket is ideal for keeping them safe and secure around water. It has a fully adjustable waistbelt with buckle with supporting ties so there’s no chance of your little one escaping it! Its comfortable and has a high collar for neck support, with a lifting handle on the back should you need to quickly remove them from the water. Suitable for children up to 15kgs, it has a buoyancy of 100N and the foam body is designed to make turning in the water easier for your toddler. 

Bluewave Toddler Lifejacket

4. Bluewave Toddler Lifejacket

Let them roam free with this relaxed soft –touch life jacket

Reasons to buy

Fully adjustable fit  

Parents love this soft fabric life jacket that is perfect for letting your little one run around in. Whether it’s at the beach, by the pool or on a boat, this jacket is reliable and comfortable; allowing for total freedom of movement so kids’ aren’t restricted when playing. It’s CE certified and fully adjustable around the chest with divided buoyancy compartments which make this life jacket easy to wear and allow for the perfect fit.  

Plastimo Typhoon

5. Plastimo Typhoon

A small but supportive life jacket for toddlers

Reasons to buy

Floatation collar keeps head above water 

Younger children can remain safe in the water with this supportive life jacket that features an extra-large collar which keeps their head above water at all times. This life jacket is suitable for kids between 10-20kg and comes with a grab handle so you can easily pull them away from danger if necessary. With highly reflective tape and a whistle, you can rest assured your child won’t go out of sight with this protective gear on. The zip front closure also makes this jacket easy to get on and off.