The top 5 toddler nap mats for snoozing in comfort

the best toddler nap mat

Nap mats provide a cosy and comfy place for toddlers to snooze outside of their own bed. They’re perfect for nap time at nursery; and when you’re camping or going on holiday, they can be used as a familiar place to catch forty winks.  

Nap mats usually consist of a foam mat and a cotton blend bedding material. The best toddler mats will be machine washable and feature a super soft material so they can cosy up inside. We’ve popped the Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat at the top of the list due to its sheer cuteness and softness levels. You can also pop it in a cool wash to keep it clean and hygienic. 

If you would prefer for your child to have more cushioning, you should take a look at the Readybed Deluxe Junior Inflatable Kids Air Bed, which inflates to create a comfortable sleeping surface. It too, features a washable cover, making it ideal for camping trips and sleepovers.  

Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat

1.Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat

This cute nap mat will become their new favourite place

Reasons to buy

Entire nap mat can be put in the washing machine 

If they like pink and they like owls, they’ll love this nap mat from Lambs & Ivy. It features a cushioned base for comfort, a pink blanket which is soft and fluffy to touch and a supportive pillow. It can be rolled up and secured for easy transportation and popped into the wash as when required. 

KempKids Child Sleeping Bag Nap Mat

2.KempKids Child Sleeping Bag Nap Mat

Made from 100% cotton, this nap mat is soft and gentle

Reasons to buy

 Five adorable designs to choose from 

Made from 100% cotton, this sleeping bag come nap mat is soft and gentle for their delicate skin. Unlike other nap mats, you can zip your toddler in like a sleeping bag, so you won’t need to worry about them uncovering themselves at night. From bicycles to beach houses, there’s five cute designs to choose from so it’ll appeal no matter what they’re into.  

Readybed Deluxe Junior Inflatable Kids Air Bed

3.Readybed Deluxe Junior Inflatable Kids Air Bed

The perfect nap mat for camping

Reasons to buy

 Comes with a pump for easy inflation 

Most nap mats come with a foam or cushioned base for comfort against the hard floor but this one takes it up a notch with its blow up mattress. It may not be as easy to carry around as our previous two picks but when it comes to overnight trips, it’ll certainly provide superior comfort. The sleeping bag part of the mat is made from 100% cotton, so you can pop it in the washing machine to keep it fresh, and there’s even a handy pocket to store their favourite stories. 

Children's Construction Print Folding Pillow Sleepover Nap Mat

4.Children's Construction Print Folding Pillow Sleepover Nap Mat

The ultimate nap mat for dens

Reasons to buy

Pillows provide ultimate floor protection

We’ve all done it; built a den out of bed sheets and pillows. Now they can turn the lounge floor into the ultimate sleeping den in minutes with this pillowed nap mat. Consisting of five pillows sewn inside a soft sheet to hold them together, all they need is a warm blanket and they have themselves the perfect quick fix for nap time, whether they’re at home, nursery or sleeping round a friend’s house.  

Hisprout Toddler Easy-clean Nap Mat

5.Hisprout Toddler Easy-clean Nap Mat

They’ll be sprouting upwards in no time with this handy nap mat

Reasons to buy

Very easy to roll up and carry 

If you like the idea of our fourth pick but feel it may be too bulky to carry around, this one from Hisprout may be a good compromise. With foam cushioning instead of the pillows, it still provides your child with a good level of softness without any difficulty in rolling it up and transporting it to wherever your child needs it. With the brand saying it’s breathable, lightweight and soft, this is the perfect nap mat for toddlers and young children.