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The best hairdryers

For many of us, blow drying our hair can be a real chore. I think many of us can relate to doing a half-hearted job when drying our hair; one that only leaves us with unruly fly-aways and achy arms. How do hairdressers do it? They make it look so easy, and it’s frustrating when we can’t replicate that same look and feel at home. 

But what if we can? If you’re someone who dreads drying their hair, then our guide will help you pick the best hair dryer to effectively tame your mane. Contrary to what you may believe, hair dryers aren’t just full of hot air. These days, there’s a lot of technology packed into these relatively small gadgets that can help us achieve that salon brilliance we desire.  

Whether you’ve got thick hair, frizzy hair, curly hair or fine hair, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 9 gadgets that will give you a blow dry like no other. Firstly, don’t assume that the most powerful is the best performer. 2000 seems to be the average number of watts on the most popular blow dryers, and this is a good amount that won’t cause extensive heat damage to your hair. If your hair still needs some taming once it's dry, check out our list of the best hair straighteners 2017 to finish off your style perfectly. 

Secondly, a blow dryer that leaves your friend’s hair looking like Beyonce’s isn’t necessarily going to do the same for you. Therefore, finding a hair dryer that is tailored to your needs is essential. Look out for ones with diffusers or concentrator nozzles if you want to create a particular style, and a cool-shot button to set it in place. If you’re prone to fly-aways, then hair dryers with ionic technology will stamp out any frizz, and to tackle that achy arm, make sure you check the cord length and weight for easy movement when styling. 

Other than that, the choice is down to you when it comes to style and size. We’ve included a mixture of products to cater to those with all hair types, as well as those who might want something appealing to the eye or easy to fit in their suitcase. 

1. GHD Aura Professional Hair dryer

A trusted brand that gives professional precision in every blow dry

Best For: Everyday use | Weight: 1.54kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 4m | Colour: Black

Beats the frizz
Long cord length
Diffuser not included

The GHD Aura Professional Hairdryer is a great investment for those who wash their hair every day and need quick and easy styling before work. GHD uses Laminair technology, which allows you to focus heat on one area of hair at time for an ultra-sleek finish, as well as an advanced ioniser which tackles those pesky fly-aways for a frizz-free finish. The GHD Aura is heavier compared to other models, but its super-fast performance means styling every day won’t include too much of an upper body workout. 

Not only is GHD salon-recommended, but it is a trusted brand used by women across the globe with all hair types. Although pricey, we guarantee you will get many years of hassle-free hair styling from this blow dryer. The GHD Aura therefore makes our number one spot as the best hair dryer 2017 has to offer. Good Hair Days have never been so easy!

2. Panasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer with Nanoe Technology

Uses Nanoe technology to lock in moisture and beat the brittle ends

Best For: Dry Hair | Weight: 0.6kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 2.7m | Colour: Pink & black

3 nozzle attachments
Reduces damage

When you hear the name Panasonic, you instantly think of tech, and that's exactly what this hairdryer provides. The Nanoe technology employed by this dryer works to protect your locks for healthier, shinier hair when drying frequently. For those who love to try out new styles, the Panasonic EH-NA65 Dryer comes with 3 nozzles including standard, diffuser and quick drying nozzles that infuse the hair with 1,000 times more moisture than any other hair dryer.

If you hate drying and styling, the quick dry nozzle is a saviour that won’t overheat your hair and scalp. Users said they noticed their hair to be less brittle and much more radiant when using the Panasonic EH-NA65, therefore this is one of the best hair dryers for damaged hair on the market! 

3. Braun Satin 7 Iontec Hair dryer

Gives thinner hair the boost it deserves

Best For: Thin Hair | Weight: 1.24kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 2m | Colour: Black/Silver

Lower temperature
Styling nozzles
Short cord
A little heavy

If your hair is thin and lifeless, then the Braun Satin 7 Iontec Hair Dryer can breathe new life into your everyday blow dry. You can boost volume and try out new styles with the diffuser or achieve sleek and straight results with the concentration nozzle. With the satin technology you can dry your hair at a lower temperature without compromising on blow-dry force. This is much kinder to thinner hair and will keep it looking healthier for longer. Despite its added features, this hair dryer has a short cord which can make styling for longer periods of time a bit of a chore. However, users with thinner hair love this hair dryer for general blow drying. 

4. Tony & Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer

A reliable, budget blow dryer

Best For: Budget buy | Weight: 0.64kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 3m | Colour: Black

No styling nozzles
Gets hot

The Tony & Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer may not have all the latest technologies, but is by far one of the best hair dryers for travel, and for under £30 you can’t go wrong! Unlike other cheaper hair dryers, this one certainly does not lack force and provides a quick and effective blow dry on even the thickest of hair.

It may not come with the fancy mod-cons other dryers do, but this only makes it more lightweight and compact – perfect for squeezing into your suitcase. If you're always on the go but want something a little more advanced, check out the 5 best travel hair dryers 2017 for some other great compact hair stylers.

5. TRESemme Travel 2000 Dryer

For blow drying on the go

Best For: Travel | Weight: 0.48kg | Cool Shot: No | Cord Length: 1.8m | Colour: Black

Short cord 
Longer drying time

The clue to the TRESemme Travel 2000 Dryer's charm is in the name. It is compact, foldable and has dual voltage, ultimately making it the best hair dryer for travelling worldwide. Whether it’s a girl’s holiday or a business trip, you’ll be able to style your hair just as you do at home with this blow dryer. Due to its size, it won’t dry your hair as quickly as some hair dryers and it tends to get a little hot when in use, but it comes with a free paddle brush which is a great companion to your styling.  

6. BaByliss 5560KU Elegance Hair dryer

A stylish option for every day drying

Best For: Frizzy Hair | Weight: 0.88kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 2m | Colour: Purple

Good price
Quite powerful
Gets hot

The BaByliss 5560KU Elegance is one of the best hair dryers for thick hair that can help beat the frizz on a daily basis. The ionic conditioning technology means that you’ll be left with frizz-free shine from root to tip after every blow dry. However, some have stated they would prefer a lower power setting for fine hair. 

Many like this blow dryer because of the colour and you can buy other hair styling products to match it. For the price, it is great for everyday use, and the weight and cord length make it easy to use without your arms getting tired. 

7. Parlux Advance Lightweight Hair dryer

This quiet hair dryer is the ultimate hair styling weapon

Best For: Less noise | Weight: 0.38kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 3m | Colours: Black, Silver, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Gold, White

Range of colours
High wattage

With its stealthy features, the Parlux Advance Lightweight Hair Dryer is considered a ninja in the blow drying world. Used by professionals, this hair dryer is not just lightweight but comes in a range of different colours. 

We all know the dreaded moment when you need to dry your hair first thing in the morning while everyone is still asleep. Now, you don’t have to wake up the entire house, because this blow dryer has an inner silencer for a much quieter drying experience. This product was voted “best hair dryer” at the 2017 Marie Claire Hair Awards. 

8. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The luxury way to style your hair (and the price tag to go with it!)

Best For: Christmas present | Weight: 0.6kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 2.7m | Colour: Pink & grey

No need for extra styling
Very expensive

Dyson have taken the world of haircare by storm with the Supersonic Hair Dryer that has a super sleek and designer feel to it - every girl’s dream! It is super quiet and claims to dry hair in half the time of regular dryers. 

This is not your average hair dryer, and because of its high price tag we know it’s not going to be an everyday purchase for some people. However, we think it makes a wonderful gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. Its heat sensor regulates the temperature every 20 seconds which stops the dryer and your hair from overheating, and the directed airflow can eliminate the need for further styling with straighteners. Not convinced? Read a full review of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer for everything you need to know. 

9. Remington D5216 Shine Therapy Hair Dryer

A powerful blow dryer to tame thick and frizzy hair

Best For: Thick Hair | Weight: 0.5kg | Cool Shot: Yes | Cord Length: 1.8m | Colour: White & green

Styling nozzles
Short cord
High wattage

This is a cheap but trusted brand that will do a powerfully effective job on your locks. The Remington D5216 Shine Therapy Hair Dryer emits 90% more ions than any other dryer with ionic technology which means you’ll be fly-away free with long-lasting results. You’ll get a concentrator nozzle and diffuser included if you still need an extra hand in taming your unruly waves, and many users with thick hair have rated this hair dryer highly for shine.  

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