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The best recipe boxes: skip the supermarket and eat well

Do you love cooking but struggle to find some of the ingredients for those daring dishes you’ve been meaning to try? Or perhaps you’re lacking inspiration lately? In which case, there are a wide range of pre-made recipe boxes available that will help you cook up a storm in the kitchen without the hassle of shopping first. 

You can also forget about measuring out ingredients and any other kind of prep, because these recipes boxes come with everything ready to cook- great for those who like the idea of cooking but don’t have the time in their busy schedule. You’ll get the exact ingredients for the number of people you wish to serve, so you can also guarantee there will be no waste and no mess once the dish is ready! 

Whether you want to buy your friend a unique gift, or you’re trying to start eating healthily more regularly; you can get either one-off recipes or subscription boxes so you can try something new every week. There are companies that offer different cuisines and different sizes meals ranging from around £30 to as little as under £10, so whatever your budget, we’re sure there’s a tasty recipe box on our list for you. 

1. Mindful Chef

Organic ingredients sent straight to your door for healthy eating made easy

Best for: Healthy eating | Serves: Up to 4 People | Gluten Free Option: Yes

Range of cuisines
Delivery 7 days a week
 More expensive than some 

If you struggle to pack in your 5 a-day then the Mindful Chef has a range of recipes ideal for all occasions. You’ll find a whole host of cuisines from Asian to Australian, as well as recommendations for date night dinners and quick recipes for when you just can’t wait! You can order boxes that serve between 1-4 people and they come with only the freshest ingredients and easy to follow instructions.  

2. Gousto

Dinner made easy for all the family with meals as little as £3 per person

Best for: Family meals | Serves: Up to 4 people | Gluten Free Option: Yes

One-pot meals
Big portions
Minimum of 2 recipes 

Gousto offer a range of fantastic recipes that are ideal for planning your meals throughout the week. They recommend the best lunch dishes, kids dishes, and one-pot meals that are quick and easy to cook. With a range of cuisines there is something for all the family and you can choose from over 20 recipes a week. Based on a family of 4, you can get each portion for under £3.00.  

3. Riverford Organic Farmers

Cook using on the freshest organic ingredients from Riverford Organic Farmers

Best for: Organic recipes | Serves: 2 people | Gluten Free Option: No

Hearty meals 
Free delivery
A little pricey 

For all the goodness of local meat and veg, sign up to Riverford Organic Farmers! Their recipe boxes are put together with organic ingredients from your local farm or allotment and sent straight to your door. You can either choose a box from their menu or create your own. Although a little more expensive than some others, this is the best way to source the freshest, organic ingredients without having to grow them yourself. 

4. Simply Cook

Cook restaurant quality meals in around 20 minutes with these easy to follow recipes

Best for: Quick & easy meals | Serves: 2-3 people | Gluten Free Option: Yes

Quick and easy
Not many fresh ingredients 

If you’re on a budget and want a way to eat flavoursome, healthy meals, then Simply Cook offer great recipe boxes for just £9.99. Each box will include 4 different recipe kits for 4 tasty meals. There is a range of colourful and flavoursome dishes from all cuisines including Mexican, Korean, Italian and many more. 

5. Abel & Cole

Buy individual recipes or do your whole weekly shop at this organic farm shop

Best for: Weekly shop | Serves: Custom | Gluten Free: No

Do your weekly shopping
Delivery each week
Small portions 

If you want to start eating more fresh fruit and veg then Abel & Cole allow you to purchase recipe boxes as well as shop for your weekly vegetables, meats and fish to use in your own cooking. These recipes are easy to follow but the portions are a little smaller than some. This is great for when are cooking for one as you can buy each recipe box per person.  

6. Hello Fresh

Try something new every week with the weekly delivery service

Best for: Weekly Subscription | Serves: up to 4 people | Gluten Free Option: No

Family boxes
Easy to cook
 Not as much choice 

Hello Fresh offer one of the easiest weekly recipe box services that use fresh pre-portioned ingredients. You can subscribe for individual meals or family boxes and choose from the menu each week. The menu is slightly limited compared to other companies but you do get a range of different choices from week to week which helps keep variety in your meals. 

7. Farmison & Co

Fresh, local, tasty meats

Best for: Meat lovers | Serves: 2 people | Gluten Free Option: Yes

Perfect for Christmas dinner
Gift boxes available
Meat only recipes 

If you love your meat then there is no better place to get it from than Farmison & Co. With a wide range of meat boxes available, you can choose from sumptuous steaks or breakfast boxes which will make for the best Sunday mornings fry up! They also do a festive collection so get your order in quick for your Christmas turkey and other luxury cuts of meat.  

8. Gourmio

Hearty Italian dishes in under 30 minutes

Best for: Italian lovers | Serves: 1 + People | Gluten Free Option: Yes

Authentic Italian food
Starters & Mains
Only Italian meals 

Is Italian your go-to choice for dinner? More than just pizza and pasta, Gourmio offers luxury fine dining recipe boxes with the tastiest authentic dishes from around Italy, so you can explore a different region every week. They are incredibly versatile in their range of recipes including gluten free and vegetarian options that are still packed with flavour.  

9. Bakedin Baking Club

Release your inner Mary Berry with these unique baking kits

Best for: Baking | Serves: Portions vary | Gluten Free: No

Sweet treats
Choice is limited 

For mess-free baking, why not try one of the Bakedin Baking Kits. From chocolate fudge brownies to hot cross buns, these simple kits make baking fun and stress-free. We think these are great for cooking with the kids, or for an easy step-by-step guide for beginner bakers.  

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