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The best kitchen scales: perfect measurements for perfect meals

If you’re a keen cook, then a pair of scales is a must-have accessory for the kitchen that can really define the difference between that perfect bake and a complete flop. So, if you’ve been winging it lately and it’s just not working out, consider investing in a reliable pair of scales to really refine your cooking skills. 

There are a few different types of kitchen scales to consider; old school balance scales, mechanical scales and the most common option, electronic scales. Balance scales may look cool if you have a retro kitchen, but these days they really aren’t the most accurate form of weighing ingredients and they can be a bit fiddly to use. 

Mechanical scales are probably the most common and you can get some great looking ones to suit all styles of kitchen, or some more basic and compact ones if you plan to store them away. However, if you’re serious about your cooking and want the most accurate results, digital scales are now the way to go. Compact and precise, there is a range of smart scales on the market that can really change the way you cook. 

When choosing what scales are right for you, don’t just pick the ones that look pretty next to your other appliances. Make sure you’ve got one with all the accessories and functions you need. Some come with mixing bowls, some cater to wet and dry ingredients and some have a helpful tare function which lets you reset to zero each time you add new ingredients. Keep your eyes peeled for brands such as Morphy Richards and Joseph Joseph is you are looking for a trusted manufacturer that will stand the test of time.

Check out our top 5 list to weigh up your best options and when you are done, how about baking up the next storm in your kitchen with one of our top picks of the best bread makers?

1. Morphy Richards 3 in 1 Jug Scales

Mix your ingredients as you weigh with these handy digital scales

Best for: Adding multiple ingredients | Max Weight: 5kg | Units: Grams, lbs, ozs, fl. Ozs & mls.

Very precise
Less mess
Bowl is a little small 

These are great scales for measuring as you go, as you can reset the scales after adding each ingredient to ensure you get the most accurate measurement. Users love these scales as they allow you to bake or cook with little to no mess as you’re containing everything in one bowl, but some would like the bowl to be slightly larger. The scales come in three different colours to suit your kitchen and the LCD screen is easy to navigate and read. These are the best kitchen scales for those OCD bakers who want to ensure every measurement is perfect. 

2. Joseph Joseph TriScale

A folding digital scale to save space in the kitchen

Best for: Space saving | Max Weight: 3.6kg | Units: Grams, lbs, ozs, Fl. ozs, mls.

Bright colours
Doesn’t recognise small amounts 

If you’ve got a small kitchen, then don’t take up any more room on your counter with bulky scales. Instead, the Joseph Joseph TriScale is a compact, folding digital scale that only needs to make an appearance when you need it.  It has a clear and simple LCD screen and weighs a whole number of ingredients accurately which is great for cooking big meals. However, with smaller, more delicate quantities, this scale has a hard time recognising them sometimes, but we figure if it’s such a small amount, just adding a pinch will be fine.  

3. Drop Connected Scale

A smart scale with Bluetooth connectivity

Best for: Smart scales | Max Weight: 6kg | Units: Grams, lbs

Bluetooth enabled
Interactive recipes
  Bit fiddly

These smart scales work with an app that is full of thousands of recipes that can help even those with the most basic of cooking skills whip up something delicious. Simply choose a recipe and click “start” and the scales will adjust the recipe depending on how many servings you want to make. For some, these scales are more hassle than they’re worth, but if you’re into trying new recipes and are good with tech, these scales will complete your kitchen.  

4. Jamie Oliver Wet and Dry

A handy mixing bowl for measuring wet and dry ingredients

Best for: Liquids | Max Weight: 5kg | Units: Grams, lbs, oz, fl.ozs & mls.

Measures solids and liquids
Bowl with pouring lip 
Scales reset quickly 

Measuring wet and dry ingredients has never been easier with these purpose made scales from Jamie Oliver. You can mix up cake batter or other ingredients in this bowl at the same time as measuring them and the handy pouring lip means no mess when you need to transfer it into a baking tray. Many users love these scales for their sleek look and lightweight feel which makes them perfect for displaying or storing. The only downside is these scales reset pretty quickly so you need to make sure you note down the measurement before moving on to your next step. 

5. Colourworks Mechanical Kitchen Weighing Scales

Old school weighing scales style that would look great in country kitchen

Best for: Retro-lovers | Max Weight: 3kg | Units: Grams, ozs

Different colours
Easy to read
Not as many options as digital 

If you’re an old school cook, then you’ll love these retro looking weighing scales. They come in a variety of colours to cater to your kitchen’s style and they would look great on the kitchen worktop. Some prefer the digital display as it has more measurement options, but in actual fact these mechanical scales are easy to read and very accurate. You’ll get a removable mixing bowl for ease of use and storage. For those who still follow recipe books, these scales will be a loyal cooking buddy.  

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