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The best gifts for women: our top picks

There’s actually such thing as a bad gift, even if you believe it should make the best present in the world. According to research, the most disappointing gift is the kind of trinket that the receiver will appreciate once, then place in a drawer to be forgotten - perhaps a random piece of jewellery, or an accessory that isn’t really their style. 

Apparently, the best gifts are the ones that can be appreciated on a regular basis over a long period of time; even a necessary appliance like an iron can be greatly received, by either a man or woman, so long as it’s something they genuinely need.

If the person you’re buying for hasn’t left a wishlist lying around, consult the likes of John Lewis for gifts that may make a genuine impact on their daily life or favourite thing to do - for example, a Fitbit for fitness fanatics or a quiet hair dryer for an early riser. 

If they do have gift ideas in mind, you can usually get hold of even the most obscure wishlist items on Amazon, and Very is always a good place to go if you’re looking to purchase the woman in your life something extra special, but your bank account can’t quite take the cut right away.

To help you out that bit more, we’ve featured a range of gifts for women that are inspired by various hobbies or habits. For example, friends or relatives that go through books faster than you can say ‘page turner’ may appreciate a Kindle, and someone who can’t start their day without a Starbucks or Costa may appreciate their very own barista-style coffee machine, and who’s to say that you can’t benefit from that too? 

So, before you go spending your pennies on something that won’t be appreciated, let’s take a look at the best gifts for women for some inspirational ideas.

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Blow their socks off with this futuristic hair dryer

Best for: Beauty gadget | Type: Electronic | Features: Hair dryer, nozzles, non-slip mat, storage hanger

Quiet Mark approved
Fast drying
Doesn’t output as much heat as other hair dryers 

This revelation in hair drying technology is on the wish list for many women because it’s meant to be much kinder on the hair without compromising on drying time.  The level of heat that this hair dryer produces is far less fierce than a regular one, so ends are less likely to become dry and damaged. However, thanks to the efficient air flow, drying time is still fairly fast. Quiet Mark approved, this hair dryer could end up being a gift for everyone if the receiver of the gift is an early riser and happens to blow dry their hair at 6.00am when the rest of the household is asleep.  

2. Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Espresso Machine

The perfect gift for the fussiest of coffee drinkers

Best for: Coffee lovers | Type: Gadget | Features: A coffee machine

Grind beans to your preferred consistency
Includes a milk frother
Will take time to get the hang of it 

A coffee aficionado will never say no to a superior quality espresso, and they can make their own with this coffee espresso machine designed by wacky chef Heston Blumenthal. He pays homage to the precision of his cooking with the intricacy of this machine, with several functions enabling you to brew up the perfect espresso, almost like science experiment. With finesse the key, this machine also soaks the beans prior to brewing to ensure as much flavour as possible is extracted from your chosen coffee beans - well worth the money, we think.  

3. Fitbit Alta Fitness Wrist Band

The perfect gift for a fitness fanatic

Best for: Keeping fit**Type:**Gadget | Features: Tracker and charger

Keep track of your fitness stats
Interchangeable straps
Opinion is originally strap can be fiddly to put on 

With your steps, distance and calories counted, you can ensure that your fitness plan remains on track. The device even measures how well you’ve slept so you have all the tools necessary to make sure you always feel at your optimum. As long as your phone is within reasonable distance, this wrist band will pick up notifications so there’s no need to forage through your pocket when you’re pacing up a hill. Rain, sweat and showerproof, it’s suitable for wearing all day and will certainly make a positive contribution to the receiver’s daily life. 

4. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones

A stylish and comfortable pair of headphones: the ideal gift for music lovers and commuters

Best for: Music lovers**Type:**Gadget | Features: Wireless headphones

Soft leather finish
Use wirelessly or wired
Leather will need looking after 

These Bang and Olufsen headphones should deliver great sound quality, and they also offer something extra to the table with their stylish design combination of leather, aluminium and stainless steel. Working as a fashion accessory and a device which can block out the rest of the world, these headphones are the perfect gift idea for those who like to get lost in music or have a long and noisy commute to work every morning. Bluetooth enabled, you won’t need to worry about getting tangled up in wires, but with that, you’ll have to compromise on sound quality a touch, although that is a given for all Bluetooth headphones.  

5. Tiffany & Co Knot Pendant

A beautifully simple piece of jewelry, perfect for everyday wear

Best for: A pretty accessory**Type:**Jewelry | Features: A pendant and chain

Suitable for everyday wear
Made from sterling silver
Silver can discolour over time - will need cleaning 

You may be tempted to buy something outrageously sparkly, if jewelry is where your mind is at. But as mentioned in the introduction, gifts are far better received if they can be used on a daily basis, rather on the rare occasion. Beautiful and elegant, this Tiffany necklace is the perfect complement to the everyday outfit, with its simple knot charm making it an elegant and understated accessory. Made from sterling silver, it can be kept clean and sparkling with the right product, and you’ll get extra bonus points for it being from Tiffany.  

6. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The perfect gift for an avid reader

Best for: Readers | Type: Gadget | Features: An e-reader and charging cable

Built-in light for reading in the dark
Access to over 1.5 million books instantly
Doesn’t support audiobooks 

The Amazon Kindle is probably a much more cost-effective way to read, especially if you’re purchasing a new book every week. As the upgrade to the original Kindle, it features better screen resolution for clearer reading and a backlight for reading in all levels of light. It’s handy to know that the backlight only lights up the screen, and doesn’t emit large levels of light to the rest of the room, which means you can continue reading while the other goes to sleep. The battery also lasts up to month, so it’s a great gift idea if the receiver likes reading when out and about. 

7. HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer

For the snap happy

Best for: Printing memories | Type: Gadget | Features: A printer, photo paper and cable

Instant prints
Pocket sized for convenient carrying 
Don’t expect premium quality prints 

If they can’t go anywhere without snapping away or finding the perfect angle, this photo printer is the ideal pocket device for some extra fun when out and about. Bluetooth enabled, you can connect it easily to your phone and use the app to add text, borders and emojis to your images, creating the perfect souvenir item to a day out. Thanks to the clever photo paper, you can print images instantly, wherever you are, and you can easily get hold of refills once the current batch runs out.  

8. Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Help their daily cleansing routine along with this nift brush

Best for: Beauty routines | Type: Beauty product | Features: 2 Brushes

A good step to healthy skin
Only use for 30 seconds a day
Spare brushes are quite expensive 

If you know the receiver of you gift has quite an arduous skin care regime, you can make a difference to their daily life with this cleansing brush. Use for just 30 seconds and ensure your skin feels the full benefit of your cleaner, as the gently abrasive brushes reach the dirt that a cotton wool wipe can’t quite reach. Suitable for all skin types, you can be pretty certain that this will be a well-received gift, the only negative is they’ll have to change the brush head after the recommended time, which will be an additional expense for them.  

9. Amazon Echo Dot

The perfect gift for those who never have enough time in the day

Best for: Gadget lovers | Type: Voice controlled device | Features: Amazon Echo Dot, power adaptor and charging cable

Create a smart home with compatible devices
Call or message anyone hands-free
There are better quality sound speakers out there 

If you know they’re always rushed of their feet, they can make their lives more convenient with this voice controlled device. Whether it’s noting down items to pick up at the supermarket, setting an alarm or asking for the latest traffic update before your commute to work, the Amazon Echo Dot has countless capabilities which can all be actioned by the sound of your voice. If the receiver already has the main Amazon Echo speaker, the dot can link up to it to make a multi-room sound system. It’s also available to purchase in a range of styles and colours, so make sure you’re clued into their interior design tastes! 

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