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The best low light cameras

The best low light cameras

One of the hardest aspects to control, especially if you like shooting outside, is the lighting conditions. However, thanks to the evolution of technology, many cameras now allow you to take awesome photos in the most unfavourable conditions. With that the case, we’ve put together a selection of the best low light cameras so you can always snap a great shot.  

When it comes to choosing the best camera for low light conditions, there are a few key features to look out for. A quality of lens is important – in dingy conditions you need it to soak up as much light as possible. You also need to look out for a high ISO, a large sensor and note its stabilisation qualities, too. 

Ticking all the boxes is the Canon 5D Mark III. It’s tech is that good, those looking to capture night time footage should certainly take a look. If you prefer mirrorless, check out the Sony a6300, which features a high ISO range ideal for taking clear shots in cloudy conditions.  

The best low light camera

1. Canon 5D Mark III

Very high tech, and with a price to match

Type: Full frame DSLR | ISO: Up to 102400 | Wifi: No | Resolution: 22.3mp

 30 megapixel CMOS sensor 

With an RRP that’ll set you back over £3000 this is camera for advanced amateurs and professional photographers. Featuring the highest resolution sensor of the Canon 5D series and a high ISO sensitivity range, you can expect significantly less noise in even the lowest of lighting conditions. There’s the bonus of a 4K camera, 7 fps shooting and you can connect it to Wifi to transfer your images to your editing suite. All in all, a highly rated camera with top marks for image quality.  

Nikon D7200

2. Nikon D7200

Should still achieve great quality shots, without the hefty price tag

Type: APS-C DSLR | ISO: Up to 25600 | Wifi: Yes | Resolution: 24.2mp

 Record in HD and shoot time lapse movies 

Luckily, not all low light cameras cost as much as the Canon 5D Mark III. While the ISO of the Nikon D7200 doesn’t come close to the Canon, features such as the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus sensor and the 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor ensure images produced are clear and precise. With the option to shoot video in HD, create time-lapse movies and play around with Picture Controls, this is great camera for amatuer and aspiring photographers.  

Nikon D750

3. Nikon D750

An intelligent camera with plenty of attractive features

Type: Full frame DSLR | ISO: Up to 51200 | Wifi: Yes | Resolution: 24.3mp

 Large sensor and image processor promise great low light performance 

When it comes to shooting great images in low light conditions, the Nikon D750 is an ideal choice. Its expensive, but it features many tech specs found in more advanced models, including an intelligent 51 point AF system. There’s also a full-frame FX CMOS sensor and a powerful EXPEED 4 processor to ensure images are high quality no matter the lighting conditions, and with users saying that they use it for all types of shoots, it’s a versatile camera with plenty of attractive features.  

Sony a6300

4. Sony a6300

One of the best mirrorless cameras for shooting in low light conditions

Type: APS-C Mirrorless | ISO: Up to 51200 | Wifi: Yes | Resolution: 25mp

 Image sensor is similar to DSLR standard 

Whether you’re looking for a camera to take beach snaps at dusk or you’re an amateur photographer looking to go pro, this mirrorless camera from Sony promises fantastic quality when it comes making the most out of low light conditions. It boasts a DSLR-like CMOS sensor and a BIONZ X processor, which work together to produce high quality photos, and with 4D focus plus the ability to shoot in 4K, this Sony definitely gives you a lot for your money. 

Sony a7SII

5. Sony a7SII

If you want a mirrorless and you have the cash to spare, the Sony a7SII is well worth looking at

Type: Full frame mirrorless | ISO: Up to 102400 | Wifi: Yes | Resolution: 12.2mp

 Rivalling the Canon 5D Mark III for ISO 

Costing a grand less than the Canon but with the potential for top points on the low level lighting front, this offering from Sony is well worthy of a place in our list. Whether you’re looking to shoot stills or make full use out of this camera’s 4K capabilities, the combination of the CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image process should ensure you capture as much light as possible. Along with the 5-axis Image Stabilisation, there’s the potential for this camera to reach an ISO of 50-409,600, making this low light camera a solid choice for both amateurs and professionals.  

Canon 7D Mark II

6. Canon 7D Mark II

If your heart is set on a decent DSLR, the Canon 7D Mark II could be the one for you

Type: APS-C DSLR | ISO: Up to 51000 | Wifi: No | Resolution: 20.2mp

 Arguably one of Canon’s best APS-C DSLR cameras 

There’s plenty of specs to keep even a professional on their toes, and thanks to the CMOS sensor and Dual DIGIC 6 processors, this camera certainly delivers on the low light front. For accurate framing, there’s a 65-point all cross type AF and the camera shoots in full HD for capturing cinematic-style film. While it lacks on the Wifi front, potentially one of the reasons why they’ve managed to keep costs down, there’s heaps of things to make up for it.  

Nikon D5500

7. Nikon D5500

If you want to dabble with DSLR, this Nikon is a good starting point

Type: APS-C DSLR | ISO: Up to 25600 | Wifi: Yes | Resolution: 24.7mp

 Perfect for amateurs 

Thanks to the combination of the 24.2 mp DX-format image sensor and its ISO potential of up to 25600, this Nikon makes the ideal camera for low light conditions. The image sensor promises to deliver crisp detail, while the 29 point AF means capturing images while the subject is on the move should be on point. There’s plenty of effects to play around with, while the full HD video camera means you’ll always capture quality film. If you’re looking to find your touch when it comes to photography, entry-level probably doesn’t get much better than this Nikon.  

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