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The best kids' beds

When it comes to picking a bed your child will like, it can be tricky. Do you want to opt for something novelty that they will ultimately grow out of if there aren’t any siblings to pass it down to? Or would you rather risk the tears and tantrum for something a little more practical? Perhaps we can help you find something in between that will accommodate both your children’s taste and your wallet.

So what is the best kids' bed? Well, frankly, whichever one gets them settled down quickly! From bright red race cars to a princess castle or fun house with a slide, the kids’ beds on the market right now are absolutely out of this world, and can take you on a journey through time and space or into a fantasy land that makes bed time much more appealing to little ones. If there's a Disney character or hobby that your little one loves, tapping into this with a bed that features their favourite Cars character or reflects their love of the outdoor such as a 'tent bed' is a sure fire way to  get bedtime to become a treat rather than a chore.

Consider what age you are buying for. Toddler beds are great for transitioning gently from cot to bed, but if you think they will quickly grow out of it (where do these growth spurts come from?!) opt for a sturdy older kids’ bed made from solid wood and sturdy slats that will support your child’s spine while still at a young age. Consider how quickly they will grow out of style too. Your little girl may want a fairy princess bed now, but 6 months down the line decide she’s into football instead. So a neutral bed is ideal for blending in with different themes or styles of room - you can then opt to change their bedding and duvet covers to reflect their new obsession at a much cheaper rate than replacing the whole bed. Our friends over at have a great round-up of children's bedding.

Make sure you think carefully about space. Always measure the room first... you’ll want to allow enough room for your kids to play freely, so bunk beds for those who share, or a compact bed with built-in storage can make all the difference. Most beds also don’t come with mattresses, so remember to factor that into the cost so you don’t go over your intended budget. 

1. Stompa Curve Mid-Sleeper Bed with Pull-out Desk

For smaller bedrooms this compact bed with storage will save you space

Best for: Storage | Material: Pine | Storage: Pull-out desk/drawers/cube unit | Size: L206xW118xH111cm

 Storage space 
 Fun for kids 

If your child’s bedroom is quite small, then this compact bed with a pull –out desk and built in storage is ideal for saving space. This allows for kids to sit and draw at the desk and then put it away when they want more room to play. The cube unit and draws is also ideal for storing toys and books.  

2. John Lewis Boris Toddler Bed

A sturdy toddler bed that is great for a silent night during younger years

Best for: Toddlers | Material: Pine | Storage: No | Size: L144xW79xH65cm

 Sturdy & solid 
 No frills 

This is the perfect basic bed for transitioning from cot to bed and it won’t break the bank. When they grow out of it, it is a perfect neutral design that can be passed down through the generations and is made from sturdy pine so it will stand the test of time. This white frame would look good in any theme or style of room. 

3. Christopher Treehouse Bed

A sturdy and funky cabin bed for stimulating the imagination

Best for: Adventurous kids | Material: Solid wood | Storage: No | Size: L208xW130.5xH219.5cm

 A fortress for cuddly toys 
 Room for storage/ play underneath 
 Requires climbing a ladder 

We’ve all wanted a treehouse at some point. But if you don’t have a garden, then you can turn your kid’s bedroom into an adventure playground with this treehouse bed. It does require confidence to climb a ladder, but it’s a fantastic idea for both bedtime and playtime. It’s solid wooden frame is sturdy and is raised off the ground enough for the space below to be anything you want from storage to stormy seas!  

4. Stompa Uno (With Trundle)

A bunk bed with pull-out trundle; ideal for having a friend round for sleepovers

Best for: Sleepover | Material: Pine | Storage: No | Size: L208xW105xH161cm

 3 beds in 1 
 Not too pricey 
 Mattress not included  

The Stompa Uno Bunk Bed is the perfect bed for siblings who share a bedroom and also for having awesome sleepovers with their mates. The white pine finish means this bed would suit any style of room and the beds are suitable for ages 3 + (bottom bunk) and 6+ (top bunk). Bunk beds are a childhood staple and this John Lewis bed is an affordable option.  

5. Kids Teepee Cabin Bed

A cool shaped bed that will make you feel like you’re camping under the stars

Best for: Feature piece | Material: Solid pine | Storage: No | Size: H159xW215cmD106cm

 Looks cool 
 Mattress not included 

If your child likes their bed, they are much more likely to go to bed quietly rather than kick up a fuss. With this teepee bed, you can make bedtime fun and like an adventure under the stars. This bed is fun for kids, but also isn’t too much of an eyesore for parents. Just be careful as kids’ starts to grow so you avoid any bumps on the head when getting up in the morning!  

6. Disney Cars Toddler Bed with Drawers

A bright and fun bed for those who love Cars

Best for: Wannabe racers | Material: Wood | Storage: Drawers | Size: L142xW77xH59cm

 Under bed storage 
 Fun for under 5’s 
 Kids grow out of it quickly

Who didn’t want a race car bed as a kid!? This is a cool little themed bed that will bring colour and life to any kids’ bedroom. This bed is surprisingly affordable and is as practical as it is cool with under bed drawers for storage. The mattress is not included and the headboard can be a little uncomfortable, but when your kids are snuggling down in a bright red race car, we’re all happy.  

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