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The best beds with storage: space saving bed frames

You know what they say, tidy home, tidy mind. If you’re sick of clutter in your bedroom but don’t have anywhere to put it, then a bed with storage is a great way to make the most of the space you have. Think about the room you want to have storage in, and consider these few factors before purchasing.

How much space do you have and how much space do you need? If it’s for a spare bedroom, think about whether you want a single or a double (don’t forget to measure the room first!) and if it’s going in your own bedroom, be sure to weigh up style and comfort as well as function, as you do have to look at and sleep in it every day after all. 

If you want quick and easy access to your storage, opt for a divan bed for simple under bed storage space, or a bed with side drawers is also great for storing items such as linen and towels that have frequent use. Beds that lift from the base look cool, but they are more suited for storage that you won’t need access to on a weekly basis as it can be a bit of a faff to get in there. 

You’ll then want to consider the nitty gritty of the bed as a place to sleep. Some beds come with mattresses and some don’t, so you’ll want to factor in cost to ensure the bed you like is within your budget. Will you need accessories such as a new duvet and does it have a headboard for ultimate comfort? Then there is a case of getting it into your room. Flat pack options may be cheaper, but is it worth the stress and arguments of the DIY? If it comes fully-assembled, can you get it up the stairs or will that be just as much of a hassle as trying to understand IKEA’s instruction manual? 

Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, take a look at our top picks for some of the best beds with storage that will make any home feel de-cluttered in an instant. 

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1. Tempur Electric Ottoman Divan Storage Bed

When lifting is a struggle, this electric ottoman is easy to use

Best for: Easy access (no lifting) | Size: L200xW150xH36cm | Material: Polyester | Storage: 2 under bed sections | RRP: £1945.00

Remote control access
Luxurious feel
Very expensive 

For a little helping hand, this ottoman/divan cross has electronic access to the under bed storage compartments. This is great for those who aren’t strong enough to lift the bed up such as the elderly or those with an injury. It is important to note that headboard and mattress are not included, but that makes this a versatile bed that can be placed in either a spare bedroom or master bedroom and customised to your liking.  

2. Happy Beds Pheonix Ottoman Storage

A stylish and modern design for completely hidden storage

Best for: Organised storage | Size: L220.5xW165.8xH106cm | Material: Wood | Storage: 220cmx165cm under bed | RRP: £655.00 (Kingsize)

High quality frame
Under bed compartments
Not ideal for frequent access 

This ottoman storage bed has a beautiful design that would look fab in any home. The light grey colour is bang on trend for those who love the shabby chic look or want a bright and airy feel to their room. You can access the under bed storage by lifting up the base, which can be annoying if you need to get things in and out frequently, but for long-term storage it is ideal. You have several compartments underneath to separate different items, great for those who love everything in its place.  

3. Hygena Chapton Double Ottoman Bed Frame

A simple and sleek design with a large storage space underneath

Best for: Large storage sace | Size: L203xW145Xh85CM | Material: Leather effect | Storage: 145x203cm under bed | RRP: £219.99

Large capacity
Mattress not included 

If you want a bed with lots of storage then this ottoman is ideal for storing larger items. This bed frame has a sleek design that would suit any décor and opens up from the base like a lid for easy access. This type of bed would be ideal for a spare room and to keep items such as luggage rather than put them up in the loft. It will keep things clean and away from dust.  

4. John Lewis Rouen Storage Bed Frame

A stylish bed with easy access to hidden storage

Best for: Contemporary look | Size: L218.5xW162xH141cm | Material: Polyester | Storage: 2 drawers | RRP: £599.00 (Kingsize)

Looks stylish
Easy access drawers
Some assembly required 

This bed frame from John Lewis is a stunning contemporary design that has similar items in its collection if you wanted your home to have matching furniture. The storage is a little smaller than the ottomans, but drawer access is still very discreet and really easy to access; perfect for linen and towels. The curved headboard gives this bed a luxury feel, and paired with a luxury mattress, you’ll also get a great night’s sleep.  

5. Stomper Curve Mid-Sleeper Bed with Pull-Out Desk

A brilliant children’s bed for work and play

Best for: Kid’s rooms | Size: L206xW118xH111cm | Material: Solid pine | Storage: Pull-out desk, 3 drawers & cube unit | RRP: £1049.00

Ideal for kids

This neutral coloured kids bed is ideal for growing children to have space to work and play in their bedroom. The bed is a standard continental single and features a pull-out desk which is great for colouring or homework, and can be put away when they want more space to play with friends. There is also a set of drawers and storage blocks ideal for keeping toys or clothes and keeping the space neat and tidy.  

6. Hush from Airsprung Astbury Ortho Divan

A basic but incredibly functional Divan with drawer space

Best for: Budget buy | Size: L200xW150xH35cm | Material: Fabric | Storage: 2-4 drawers | RRP: £379.00 (Kingsize)

Comfy bed
Optional drawers
Headboard not included 

A perfect example of form meeting function, this divan bed provides ample storage while allowing for a comfy night’s sleep. It comes in a range of sizes to meet your bedroom needs and you can also opt for 2 or 4 drawers depending on the amount of space you need and the budget you have. The headboard is not included but can be purchased separately or you can style it the way you wish.  

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