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The best children’s bunk beds

Whether you’re at capacity with a surprise sleepover situation on your hands, or want to save on valuable space in a room shared by two, a bunk bed is a brilliant idea all-round.

The best bunk beds for children are ones that will stand the test of time, that won’t be outgrown too quickly, and that will still look a respectable part of the furniture in a few years. That, and much more, is seen to superbly in our round up of the best bunks.

There are detachable bunk beds, for when two beds are better than one, offering growing siblings some much-needed space to be independent. There are solid wood frames, meaning they’ll be in good enough nick to be used by future lots of little ones (depending, of course, on how well your angels treat them). Finally, there’s a range of designs to choose from — classic good looks with real-wood finishes or elegant whitewashing that remain timeless, no matter their tastes, or modern metal frames that stay looking grown up.

Best of all, there are bunks which do double duty as sleeping quarters and storage, with raised bases for hiding boxes, drawers, cupboards, and even their own shelves built in. Ideal for two sharing a room, when you can’t remember whose toy is whose...

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1. Stompa Una (With Trundle)

Una, Dos, Tres! This bunk with included trundle bed sleeps three with ease.

Best for: Best with Trundle | Material: Pine, MDF | Storage: Yes

Can sleep three
Space-saving customisable design
By far the most expensive on our list

The Stompa Una earns its top spot by simultaneously saving space and creating capacity, with the ability to sleep up to three. As well as boasting a pull-out trundle at the base, which disappears as soon as the sleepover’s finished, you can choose to break down the detachable bunk into two single beds, ideal for when room-sharers suddenly get sick of the sight of each other (no, we don’t know why either).

2. Argos HOME Detachable Single Bunk Bed Frame

Pine perfection in a detachable frame, for easy independence later on

Best for: Easy Detachment | Material: Wood | Storage: Yes

Solid and sturdy
Great quality for the price
Natural wood easy to dent/scratch

Sturdy and stable, this solid pine single bunk bed is deceptively easy to detach when the time comes, giving you two handsome single beds. The rugged good looks imparted by the natural pine look pricier than this bed’s relatively small price tag would suggest, and in the same range you’ll also find models with included trundle or under-bed storage drawers, for added value and space-saving factor.

3. Happy Beds Paddington High Sleeper

This single raised bed with added storage reaches great heights in the style stakes

Best for: Lots of Storage | Material: Wood | Storage: Yes

Sturdy, real-wood construction
Plentiful storage
Steps not the easiest to use

Named for the station, rather than the marmalade-loving bear, unfortunately, but after this initial disappointment the Paddington High Sleeper is still a joy. Its solid base is well-built, sturdy and comfortable, and contains all manner of cubby holes for strategic storage, keeping all of their favourite things close at hand. The slightly raised edge feels cosy and keeps determined wrigglers from tumbling out in their sleep.

4. Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed

This whimsical bus bed carries two, stops at Playful Town, terminates at Snooze City

Best for: Whimsy | Material: Wood | Storage: No

Wonderful, whimsical design
Sturdy, real-wood construction
Steps are quite narrow

When it comes to sleeping solutions for children, this is as fun as they come. A quintessentially English response to the aspirational race car bed, this playful London bus bed from Julian Bowen features a movable steering wheel, beautifully painted detail and realistic hardware. Forget arguments about who gets top bunk, with this utterly charming bunk in the house, bedtime bickering is set to centre around who gets to drive...


A triple whammy of classic style, capacity, and sturdy construction

Best for: Double and Single | Material: Scandinavian Pine | Storage: No

Great value
Sleeps three
May cause arguments

Built from solid Scandinavian pine, with tongue-and-groove headboards and footboards, this bed from Durleigh combines classic style and modern solutions. The only triple bunk on our list, it’s single on top and double below, offering enough space for three little ones if need be. It’s incredibly easy to put together, resulting in a good-quality, good-looking bunk, especially for the price.

6. Argos HOME Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Futon

The included futon takes you from sofa to sleepover, just like that

Best for: Futon | Material: Metal | Storage: No

Sleek, modern design
Futon doubles as a sofa
Ladder in fixed position

Simple, sleek, and modern, this grown-up metal-framed bunk bed is a great space-saver. The lower portion serves as a sofa during the day, turning any bedroom into a comfy den, and easily folds out into a double mattress for night-time, perfect for sleepovers. There’s a considerable clearance between the lower futon and the floor, giving them enough scope to store extra bedding for visiting buddies, books, games, or whatever takes their fancy.

7. Happy Beds Domino

Not at all like its namesake, the Domino is strong and sturdy and packs a lot of storage

Best for: Integrated Storage | Material: Wood | Storage: Yes

Integrated personal storage
Wide steps with luminous safety strips
Takes a while to assemble

Cosy and customisable, the Domino from Happy Beds is sure to have both your little dreamers...well, happy! Both upper and lower bunks have their own set of storage shelves along the side, so that they can become curators of their own collections, making a bed that really fits their personality and keeps the things they love close by. Each wide step has a glow-in-the-dark strip, so they can easily see where they’re going after lights-out.

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