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The best home spin bikes: intense gym workouts from your own home

Do you want to get fit but dread the thought of working out in a room full of sweaty strangers? Well, you’re not alone. Spin classes have become all the rage and are known for their high-intensity calorie burning results. However, if you don’t like the idea of paying through the nose for a 30 minute workout then why not consider investing in a home spin bike so that you can work out in the comfort of your own home. They are also a great for indoor bike training if you’re building up stamina for a triathlon or similar event. But, how do you know where to start, and what is it that takes a bike from a good one to the best home spin bike? 

Buying such a large piece of equipment shouldn’t be done on a whim, and the last thing you want is to buy one that ends up acting more like a coat hanger than anything else. Whether you’re a cycling pro or a complete beginner, we’ve rounded up the best home spin bikes 2017 has to offer. We’ve done the hard bit (okay maybe not), so you don’t have to get yourself in a spin over the technical bits such as flywheels and drive systems; all you have to do is cycle!

It is said that the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the motion when cycling. Your spin bike in the gym probably weighs around 20kg, whereas home spin bikes tend to come in just under that at around 18kg. To ensure you get an effective and intense workout at home, it is recommended not to go any less than 16kg. However, improvements in technology are challenging this.   

Depending on what you are using your bike for, you can get different styles that cater to different needs. If you want to monitor your progress closely, then opting for an electromagnetic resistance control and a digital monitor will allow you to do so. If you just want to emulate your spin class from your living room then the standard manual screw resistance is a reliable system found on most bikes. 

Indoor training bikes also come with two different types of drive system which are either a chain or a belt. Most reliable spin bikes tend to come with a belt system as they are low maintenance and much quieter than a chain system. If you’re a complete beginner, you can find bikes for as little as £200 or less, but if you’re an athlete looking for something training-specific, investing in a good bike could set you back around £1,000. 

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1. Keiser M3i Plus

A top end model that won’t let you down

Best for: Gadget -lovers | Flywheel weight: 3.6kg | Resistance: Electromagnetic | RRP: £1,974.99

Lightest flywheel in the world
Bluetooth console
Very pricey 

Okay, so this bike goes against all the rules of spin, with a hefty price tag to go with it, but the people are saying this is one of the best home spin bikes 2017 has to offer; promising to revolutionise the world of spin as you know it. The lightweight flywheel may spark a red flag, but the Kieser M3i Plus uses innovative technology which makes it the fastest rotating flywheel in the world. Users have found that this proves for a much more comfortable cycle and is a must-have piece of kit for your home gym. And at least you won’t have trouble lugging up the stairs in your home! On top of this you’ll benefit from a Bluetooth console which allows you to monitor your workouts and even download data to an app on your phone or tablet. With its durable frame, you can guarantee this bike will stand the test of time. 

2. Nordic Track GX 5.1 Indoor Cycle

Hit the open road from the comfort of your living room

Best for: Road bikers | Flywheel weight: 20kg | Resistance: Manual Screw | RRP: £388.00

High resistance
Tricky to adjust frame 

If you’re an avid road biker and want to keep your stamina up even during the cold and dark winter months, then the Nordic Track GX 5.1 Indoor Cycle will help you train and keep you fit until spring rolls back around. The 20kg flywheel will provide you with variable resistance that can emulate even the toughest of climbs; great for squeezing in extra prep for an upcoming cycle track. You can monitor your progress on the intuitive LCD console and for under £400 we think this is a great piece of training equipment for any home. 

3. We R Sports RevXtreme Indoor Cycle

Keeping fit has never been so easy with this affordable bike

Best for: Budget buy | Flywheel weight: 13kg | Resistance: Manual Screw | RRP: £150.00

Easy to set up

The RevXtreme Indoor Cycle is the perfect purchase for those don’t have the time or money to commit to a lengthy gym membership. At just £150.00, this indoor spin bike boasts no frills but is ideal for daily workouts. It has 5 different exercise modes to choose from which is ideal if you are looking to buy your first indoor bike. Although some people say the saddle is a little uncomfortable, a gel padded seat cover can easily resolve this issue. 

4. Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

A powerful bike for indoor and outdoor cyclists alike

Best for: General fitness | Flywheel weight: 22kg | Resistance: Manual Screw | RRP: £799.00

Easy to assemble
Strong resistance
Poor LCD display 

If you are a household of keen cyclists, then the Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise bike caters to both spin-lovers and road bikers. With a flywheel weight of 22kg this bike has various resistance options that can cater to all kinds of workout. So whether you’re training for a triathlon or you want a quick calorie burner spin, this bike won’t let you down. Although pricey, it is a good purchase for larger households where it will get frequent use as it is very sturdy making it safe to use for all ages. It’s LCD display is battery powered meaning it can become dim and hard to read over time.  

5. XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike

A small but powerful spin bike for compact homes

Best for: Small homes | Flywheel weight: 15kg | Resistance: Manual Screw | RRP: £145.00

Compact design
Low price
Basic functions only 

If you’re lacking space but know you’re too lazy to venture to the gym every day, then the XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike is an affordable option that won’t take over your home. The dimensions of this bike are slightly smaller than the average bike, meaning it could easily fit in a bedroom, lounge or any other room in the house with ease. It is fully adjustable with a padded seat for extra comfort and a 15kg flywheel that is ideal for those who want to increase stamina through cardio.  

6. BH Fitness Unisex Spinning Bike

For ultimate comfort and improved posture

Best for: Comfort | Flywheel weight: 16kg | Resistance: Manual Screw | RRP: £425.99

Comfortable saddle
A little noisy 

One of the top complaints about home spin bikes is the uncomfortable saddle. The BH Fitness Unisex Spinning Bike has been designed with comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design featuring adjustable anatomical seat and triathlon handlebars provides optimum comfort for every cycle. Its chain driving system makes for a smooth experience just like a real road bike, however some say this can be a little noisy. 

7. JLL IC400 Elite Home Spin Bike

Track your health and fitness with this indoor training bike

Best for: Tracking progress | Flywheel weight: 20kg | Resistance: Manual Screw | RRP: £249.99

Heart Rate Monitor 
Quite bulky 

If you’re serious about your training, or have been recommended by a health professional to start working out, then the JLL IC400 Elite Home Spin Bike is an affordable purchase that will help you track your progress. It features built in heart rate sensors in the handle bars, as well as a 6-function LCD screen that tracks time, speed, distance and calories. It has arm rests for a comfier cycle and is powered by a belt which makes this bike smoother and quieter.  

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