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The best treadmills for home gyms

Do you hate going to the gym or running in public? A workout can sometimes be most productive in the comfort of your own home. Gym memberships can also be costly, especially if you are only going there to use the treadmill. Yes, investing in your own may cost a lot upfront, but they are robust machines that are sure to serve you for years to come. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a home treadmill either, as it won’t be experiencing the same amount of heavy traffic as it would in a public gym; therefore, a less costly machine will still hold up well with frequent use by one or two people.  You can get treadmills for as little as £500, or if you are looking for something a bit more high-tech for specific training, you could be looking at as much as £2,000. 

Firstly, consider the space you have and the size of the treadmill you have in mind. Some models are compact, and some even fold away for better storage, but ideally, you’ll want to have enough room reserved for a treadmill to fit comfortably in a room with a TV so you’re not bored when working out. 

Depending on the type of workout you want to do, look out for the different functions and features a treadmill has to offer. Most will offer varying speeds, but you may also want to go for a treadmill with an incline so that you can train harder. Most machines will have pre-set workout programmes and if you’re keen on tracking your progress make sure it has a monitor which allows you to track calories, speed, heart rate and more. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best treadmills for the home to suit all styles and budgets. Ready, set, run! 

1. Life Fitness T3 Go Console

A feature-packed machine for your own home gym

Best for: Gym quality | Size: LWH 202x88x147cm | Incline range: 0-15% | Pre-set programmes: 14

LCD display
Wireless HRM with chest strap

If you are serious about your running, then investing in the Life Fitness T3 Go Console will benefit your development massively. It is bursting with features which make it a gym-quality machine that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Users say it is incredibly sturdy and incredibly quiet considering the size of it. Customers like it for its wide running belt and simple console which makes it easy to navigate and get going. Although expensive, it makes our top spot for its reliability and professional performance that runners find really beneficial to their training. 

2. JTX Sprint-7

A high-quality treadmill for under £1000

Best for: Range of features | Size: LWH 196x93x153cm | Incline range: 0-15% | Pre-set programmes: 24

Bluetooth connectivity
Three year servicing and repair
Still quite pricey 

The JTX Sprint-7 is a great way to assist your training if you are a runner or an athlete. It has 24 pre-set programmes and it also features MP3 and built-in speakers so you can listen to your music while training. Users state that it runs very smoothly with little to no vibration. It is quite large and will require 2 people to assemble it, but for the most part customers found the instructions to be very straightforward.  

3. Technology Myrun Treadmill

The perfect flat road in your home

Best for: Runners training | Size: LWH 158x70x128cm | Incline range: 0-12% | Pre-set programmes: variety

Sync music to running
Absorbs impact
Very expensive  

If you are a keen runner, then the Technology Myrun Treadmill is a great piece of equipment to have to help you train. It’s innovative running surface aims to imitate that of the open road and in doing so helps to adapt the way you run and prevent injury. Users particularly like that this machine has a running music function which allows you to connect your playlist and the smart technology will choose a track that syncs with the rhythm of your running pace.  It is one of the most expensive treadmills on our list, but it is the perfect companion for the serious runner.  

4. REEBOK ZR8 Compact

A fold away treadmill for saving space in your home

Best for: Space saving | Size: LWH 165x74x143cm | Incline range: 0-15% | Pre-set programmes: 24

Folds away
Very affordable
Speakers not great 

This treadmill might not seem like much, but it is a great little machine to use for low intensity home workouts. It has a cushioned deck which means it is great for those with delicate knees and other joints, so it aims to prevent you from injuring yourself when running. However, due to the cushioning, some users find that you cannot build up as much speed on this machine as you maybe could on a larger gym treadmill. It’s easy to put together and best of all it folds down for easy storage.  

5. Nordic Track X7i Incline Trainer

Pick up the pace with this steep incline treadmill

Best for: Hill runs | Size: LWH 176x100x183cm | Incline range: -3-40% | Pre-set programmes: 38

iFit Enabled 
It’s expensive 

If you’re more of a walker, then this incline treadmill is a good way to ensure you are getting the most from your workout. It has the steepest incline of many machines and it can also be synced with iFit to track your progress. You’ll have a whopping 38 workout programmes to choose from so you can really work hard to achieve your fitness goals.  

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