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The best helmets for toddlers

The best helmets for toddlers

Whether they’re riding in the back seat on the annual cycling holiday or scooting around the cul-de-sac on their own balance bike, your little one will need a helmet to keep their head protected. With that the case, we’ve put together a roundup of the best helmets for toddlers that don’t just look cool but are as tough as a nut, too.  

If you’re planning on placing your child on the back of your bike on your next cycling trip, you need to make sure that you purchase them a helmet with a flat back, as a longer helmet may slip forward and not provide adequate protection. 

According to the experts at Two Wheeling Tots, the first thing you need to do when purchasing your child their helmet is to measure their head. Once you have the right size helmet, you’ll need to make sure that’s it’s adjusted to fit snugly. When you attempt to move the helmet from side to side, the eyebrows should move but the helmet shouldn’t. 

Whether you love the dottiness of the Kiddimoto Pastel Dotty Helmet or the super-cool Micro 3D Scootersaurus Scooter Safety Helmet, our selection of the best helmets for toddlers will have them looking adorable in no time.  

Kiddimoto Pastel Dotty Helmet

1.Kiddimoto Pastel Dotty Helmet

Combine style and safety with this Kiddimoto helmet

Head size: 48-52cm | Material: ABS plastic | Weight: 750g

11 vents to keep the head cool
Approximately large enough for 2-5 year olds

This dotty helmet will keep their head protected throughout their toddler years thanks to its internal padded adjustment system, which features a rear-adjustment wheel and an adjustable strap. Its flat back makes it ideal for toddlers looking to hitch a ride on the back of their parents’ bike. Made from injection-moulded ABS plastic, the helmet is lightweight and superstrong, making it the perfect first helmet.  

Micro 3D Scootersaurus Scooter Safety Helmet

2.Micro 3D Scootersaurus Scooter Safety Helmet

They’ll be no tantrums about wearing this helmet

Head size: 48-52cm | Material: ABS plastic | Weight: 650g

Awesome horns for a funky look
11 air vents to keep the head cool

If they’re more into dinos than they are spots, we can’t think of a better helmet than this one from Micro 3D. Aside from the awesomely cool horns and cute scooting dinosaur motif, this toddler’s helmet is made from tough ABS plastic and features a padded inner shell for comfort. If you’re struggling to get your child to wear a helmet, this is a sure fire way to get them on your side.  

Bell Span Helmet

3.Bell Span Helmet

They’ll be a future park rat in the making with this cool helmet

Head size: 48-52cm | Material: ABS plastic | Weight: 432g

Range of designs available
Dual adjustable fit system

With their cool bold patterns, Bell Span produce helmets that young children will want to wear. From a wacky, vibrant octopus to a pretty butterfly, you’ll be sure to find a helmet they’ll love. They come in two sizes – extra small and small – and they’ll provide a secure fit thanks to the dual adjustable fit system. There’s ten air vents to keep their head cool and weighing at just 432g, you don’t need to worry about them getting achy necks during long rides. 

MET Elfo Kids Helmet

4.MET Elfo Kids Helmet

Cute, kiddy designs make this the perfect first helmet

Head size: 48-52cm | Material: In-mould shell | Weight: 230g

Very lightweight
Designed for fontanel protection 

These helmets have been designed with younger cyclists in mind, with features specifically made for toddler heads. These include no contact between the helmet and the most delicate part of the child’s head, optimised ergonomics for child seats and a shock absorbing polystyrene inner. They’re available in a range of funky designs and colours and with reflected stickers and an integrated rear LED light, it makes sure your child is totally visible on the bike. 

Crazy Stuff Childrens Cycle Helmet

5.Crazy Stuff Childrens Cycle Helmet

Turn them into their favourite animal (or skull) with these creative helmets

Head size: 49-55cm | Material: In-mould shell | Weight: 270g

Six funky designs
Three different sizes available

Meeting the European requirements for safety, these helmets are fun and protective. Whether they’re a bouncing bunny, a cheeky chipmunk or a scary skull, your toddler should have great fun wearing this funky helmet. It’s lightweight, come with an adjustable strap and they’re available in a range of sizes to ensure the right fit for their head. 

nutcase Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers

6.nutcase Baby Nutty Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers

Colour splash to outer space, these awesome helmets will certainly get them excited to go out on the bike

Head size: 47-50cm | Material: In-mould shell | Weight: 540g

Six designs to choose from
Padding adapts as your toddler’s head grows

Filled with EPS foam and an adjustable padding system, this bike helmet is a clever system that’ll ensure their head remains comfortable throughout the ride. The helmet’s shape has been designed to encourage the right riding posture, while the magnetic buckle closure ensures there will be no more tears over a pinched neck. If features 11 vents for breathability, and the holes are covered with insect nets so no unwelcome visitors crawl in.