The best gifts for teachers 2018

The best teacher gifts

You know that as soon as your little darlings are home for the holidays, jumping on your bed at the crack of dawn and tearing around the house with water guns, you’re going to have a whole new appreciation for teachers having to deal with hordes of them all year round. To help you show that appreciation, we’ve rounded up the best teacher gifts in the shops, as well as a few thoughtful little somethings from artisanal makers at notonthehighstreet and Etsy

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Let’s face it, in the suspicious absence of any remaining pocket money (those empty sweet wrappers in their school bags might have something to do with it, we suspect) the tag might be from the kids, but the spending is probably going to be yours. Even so, our gifts show you don’t have to go overboard to show your appreciation, with options ranging from gifts under £10 to just on the £25 mark.

When it comes to gift giving, it’s hard to beat M&S, the purveyors of our best teacher gift, a sweet hamper of biscuits, tea and roses. Elsewhere, there are the classics you’d expect (chocolates, wine, a selection of lagers) and a couple that you might not, so keep reading for our pick of the A* gifts for top-marks teachers. 

The best teacher gift

1. Shortbread Biscuits, Luxury Tea & Rose Plant Hamper

A little box of treats for those school holiday mornings


Best for: Favourite teachers
Type: Hamper
Comes with: Rose plant, shortbread rounds, gold teabags

Reasons to buy

 Gives them something to keep

Let’s face it, the best gift for teachers is probably something that’s going to help them relax after a year of goodness-knows-what, and they don’t come much lovelier than this little hamper. Encompassing M&S’s finest luxury tea bags, a pack of buttery, crumbly shortbread biscuits and a beautiful, delicate rose plant with palest pink petals, it’s a little bit of heaven in a reasonably priced (but crucially expensive looking) package. 

Sharpener Desk Tidy

2. Sharpener Desk Tidy

Desk magic happens when novelty meets neatness


Best for: Quirky and quality
Type: Stationery
Material: Wood, metal

Reasons to buy

High quality, affordable gift

We’ve all known someone to consider going into teaching purely for the profession’s proximity to stationery, so why not indulge them with this quirky pencil pot? Beautifully made from solid wood in a choice of light or dark tones – and even one dual-opening option for the truly pencil-obsessed – the Suck UK-designed desk tidy strikes just the right balance between novelty and longevity, with an oversized design that’s sure to make any visitor to the desk chuckle.

Personalised Bauble Gift For Teachers

3. Personalised Bauble Gift For Teachers

Because presents aren’t just for the end of the school year


Best for: A thoughtful Christmas gift
Type: Decoration, personalised gift
Material: Wood, glass

Reasons to buy

 Personalise with their name or a message

Make sure they feel appreciated through the festive season with one of these personalised baubles, a gift that’s relatively inexpensive but blows the thoughtfulness budget right out the water. The iridescent glass bauble is hand-filled with sparkly foliage, tied with a glittery ribbon for a little bit of bling, and finished off with a sweet wooden star charm personalised with the message of your choice, whether that’s “Thank you Mrs Jones” or “sorry about the class hamster”. 

High Quality Personalised Pencils Printed with Name

4. High Quality Personalised Pencils Printed with Name

Put an end to those surprisingly common “who stole my pencil?” arguments


Best for: Elevated essential
Type: Stationery, personalised gift
Quantity: 12

Reasons to buy

Nice twist on an everyday essential 

There might be something delightfully classic about the old black and yellow HB, but there’s nothing more likely to bright up a bit of late-night marking than a fancy implement (except maybe wine: see below). These personalised pencils come in a range of popping colours or fancy neutrals, depending on what kind of teacher you’re buying them for, and come engraved with their name to put an end to all those stationery-based disputes. 

Blason du Rhône Châteauneuf-du-Pape

5. Blason du Rhône Châteauneuf-du-Pape

When it comes to giftable wines, this French red is top of the class


Best for: Unwinding
Type: Wine
Notes: Cherry, red fruits, spice

Reasons to buy

Affordable but luxurious 

We stand by what we said about relaxing presents, and they don’t come much more relaxing than a well-timed glass of vino. An instantly recognisable appellation on the label is a surefire way to get an “ooooh” out of them as they unwrap, and Chateauneuf-du-Pape is a classic for a reason. This full-bodied red wine is made from a sumptuous blend of Grenache, Syrah and lesser-known Mourvedre grapes, resulting in a mouthful bursting with ripe red fruit flavours and a little spice. 

Holdsworth Milk Chocolate Heaven

6. Holdsworth Milk Chocolate Heaven

These luxury chocolates are a welcome twist on a time-honoured favourite


Best for: Chocolate lovers
Type: Chocolate selection box
Quantity: 160g

Reasons to buy

Interesting variety of flavours 

A box of chocolates may be par for the course when it comes to thanking teachers at the end of the year, but rather than dusting off last Christmas’ unopened seasonal box from Thorntons, why not think a little more special? These Holdsworth chocolates are handmade in England and come in some mouth-wateringly moreish varieties – sea salt caramel cup, peanut butter and caramel truffle, and crunchy hazelnut praline to name just a few. Way better than a Celebrations box that’s only going to be left with a few Bounties rattling around at the bottom. 

Sara Miller Flamingos Thermal Mug

7. Sara Miller Flamingos Thermal Mug

When perking up a grey Monday, it’s hard to beat flamingos for sheer fabulousness


Best for: On the go
Type: Travel cup
Capacity: 450ml

Reasons to buy

Large capacity

Much more glamorous than a disposable cardboard cup from the staff room bean-to-cup machine, this quirky, colourful thermal mug is sure to put a spring in the step (or is that the four shots of espresso?) As well as lending an extra touch of fun to that morning beverage, a travel cup gives them the gift of a few extra moments on those hectic work days, and they don’t come much cuter than this flamingo version by Sara Miller, which reviewers said held a good amount, and kept drinks hot for an admirable length of time. 

Mad About World Lager Gift Set

8. Mad About World Lager Gift Set

Send beer-lovers on a round the world trip this summer holidays


Best for: Lager lovers
Type: Drink gift set
Comes with: 3 x 330ml bottles, chalice glass

Reasons to buy

Included beer glass 

What could be better on the first evening of the long, balmy summer hols than a nice cold lager? Exactly. If Teach isn’t big into wine, this lager gift set is more likely to be up their street. An especially good gift for geography teachers, it encompasses Asahi beer from Japan, Mahou from Spain, and Brahma from Brazil, allowing them to taste the world without even leaving their chair. It also comes with an elegant goblet, ensuring they have something to keep even after the last drop is gone. 


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