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The best eyelash curlers: perfect your lash curl game

The eyelash curler: must-have beauty gadget or best-avoided torture device? For some, eyelash curlers are a contraption filled with mystery and fear since many of us don’t like putting anything near our eyes at the best of times. However, they are actually really useful devices that can help you elongate and make the most of your natural lashes. But what is the best eyelash curler?

Eyelash curlers can be a part of a bigger beauty regime, or they can be a simple yet effective way to enhance the eyes without the use of cosmetics. Either way, there a very handy item to have in your make up bag but, there are a few things to consider when purchasing the perfect eyelash curlers for you. Typically, an eyelash curler is a handheld clamping device (sounds horrendous, we know) that lengthens and curls the lashes to achieve the same look a mascara would but in a natural way. 

Some are metal and some are plastic; some come with a brush head which replicates that of a mascara brush and some can even be heated for those short, hard-to-curl lashes. Almost all eyelash curlers also come with soft rubber pads which make them gentle on the eyes and ensure you don’t damage the lashes in the process. From Bobbi Brown to Mac and Shiseido; we’ve picked out some of the top eyelash curlers to give you fabulous lashes in 2018.

1. Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Get bigger, bolder lashes with this professional eyelash curler

Best for: Big eyes | Colour: Silver | Type: Mechanical

 Comfortable fit 
 Natural but dramatic effect 

If you have tried different eyelash curlers in the past and not got on with them, then the Shiseido Eyelash Curler is a great product to try. Customers who bought this product found the device to have a shallower curve to some other models, which allowed for a more comfortable grip and better fit when curling the lashes. This curler is one of the more expensive brands but you get what you pay for and women have found this eyelash curler to be easy to use and say they have been able to achieve a dramatic yet natural look in just minutes. For an even longer-lasting effect you can team it with some waterproof mascara but they work just as effectively on their own. A great investment if you use eyelash curlers as part of your everyday beauty regime.  

2. Tweezerman Tweezerman Rose Gold Classic Eyelash Curler

Get wider, more expressive eyes with this beautiful eyelash curler

Best for: Sensitive eyes | Colour: Rose Gold | Type: Mechanical

 Hypoallergenic lash pads  
 Beautiful colour 
 Can be tricky to get the hang of 

Rose Gold is bang on trend right now, so this eyelash curler is a must-have for your make-up bag in more ways than one. Users love this product because the pads are made from hypoallergenic silicone rather than rubber which make these the best eyelash curlers for sensitive eyes. They get very close to the lash line which is great for achieving a defined curve, but they do take some practice at first so be careful when using them for the first few times.  

3. Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler with Comb Design

A high-tech, heated eyelash curler for longer-lasting length and curl

Best for: Longer-lasting lashes | Colour: Blue | Type: Heated

 Heat assistance  
 Compact and portable 
 Requires batteries 

If your lashes need a little extra boost, then this heated eyelash curler will help your lashes stay elongated for longer. It’s slim, compact and easy to use and looks very similar to a mascara wand. Simply comb the eyelashes with the brush to achieve the desired curl and length you want. It does require batteries, but users say the life is good and they heat up quickly for use on the go – you can even use it over the top of mascara if you need a quick lift when touching up your make up. Users who have very short lashes that have struggled to find a mechanical eyelash curler that works for them found this heated eyelash curler to work wonders. Definitely worth the money if you want a quick fix. 

4. Bobbi Brown Eyelash Curler

Achieve a natural curl and elongated lashes quickly and easily

Best for: Natural curled lash | Colour: Black | Type: Mechanical

 Easy to use 
 Replacement pad 
 A little stiff sometimes 

Bobbi Brown is well known for cosmetic products and users love their eyelash curler, especially those with shorter lashes that find it hard to create length. You get a replacement pad included so this eyelash curler will last longer than many others, and users found it to be easy to use and gentle on the eyes. Some women have noted that the curler can be a little stiff to use at first, but with a few uses this becomes easier to control and they work to achieve a natural curl that livens up short lashes.   

5. MAC Full Eye Lash Curler

Prepare your lashes for mascara with this full lash curler

Best for: Fuller lashes | Colour: Silver | Type: Mechanical

 Squeeze and release 
 Shapes and curls 
 Needs mascara for full effect 

Boost your beauty routine with MAC’s shapely eyelash curler that will add a natural upward curl for a dramatic look. Users find this product easy to use; however it does work best when used with mascara. Apply mascara after using the eyelash curler in order to complete a wide-eyed look. Perfect for your make up bag when getting ready to hit the town with your faves.

6. Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

A compact curler for when you’re on the go

Best for: Travel | Colour: Red | Type: compact

 Travel size 
 Cushioned pad 
 A bit fiddly 

If you’re always on the go then you can keep your eyes looking fabulous with this Laura Mercier compact eyelash curler. Simply flip down the handle and gently squeeze the lashes between the pads. Then simply flip closed and it can fit right back in your pocket or handbag. Ladies who used this eyelash curler found it to be a little fiddly at first, but you get used to it and find it to be quite sturdy considering how compact it is. A make-up bag must-have for those jetsetters.  

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