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The best eyebrow pencils for flawless brows

Whether you like them thick or thin, short or long, our eyebrows can often do with a little helping hand to achieve the look we want. Some of us may have plucked our brows to within an inch of their life as a teenager or perhaps you let them grow au naturale and now you need that little helping hand to perfect brows that even Cara Delevingne would be envious of. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, an eyebrow pencil is the best place to start. 

If your eyebrows are quite thin, then you can add definition with a thicker pencil as this will allow you to create your desired shape. This can take a little bit of practice at first to find the thickness and shape you like, but opting for an angled pencil can really help you get the technique down. 

For those who want something a little more subtle, a smaller, thin-tipped pencil is a great way to add volume to your brows to enhance their natural shape. These are great if your eyebrow hair is quite sparse, and can easily be done by using short upward strokes to add the illusion of more hair. Once you’ve figured out which type of pencil is best for you, then you can move on to highlighters and other products that will complete the look of your new celebrity brows. So whether you’re a total novice or want to change up your existing look, check out our top picks of the best eyebrow pencils you need to have in your make-up bag.

1. Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

An angled pencil for creating a fool-proof brow shape

Best for: Defining and shaping brows | Size: 0.34g | Shades: 6 | Type: Angled

Stays on all day
Easy to apply 
 Quite thick 

The Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil is one of the best eyebrow pencils for beginner brows. The angled tip allows you to create the shape you want, and then fill them in to create definition. On the other end you have the brow comb, which means you can brush out any excess product to create a completely natural look. It comes in 6 shades, so there is something to match most complexions, and users say that the formula really stays put throughout the day. It’s quite a thick pencil so it’s not the best for creating smaller detailed brows, but if you’re not sure what’s best for you, you can’t go wrong starting out with this eyebrow pencil. 

2. Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo

Blend your way to brilliant brows with this double-ended pencil

Best for: Blending | Size: 0.28g | Shades: 1 | Type: Brush

Comes with refill cartridge
Matte finish
Only one colour 

If you’re looking to build up a rich colour on your brows, then this pencil duo from Estee Lauder is a great way to achieve a natural look. The pencil comes with a blending brush so that you can apply colour and then blend through the brows until you achieve your desired look. This is perfect for accentuating your existing brows and it comes with a refill cartridge so it’s bound to last a long time. It only comes in one shade, but users have said how the soft brown colour is complementary to both light and dark hair and suits most complexions.  

3. Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil

This long-lasting eyebrow pencil is both sweat and humidity-proof; perfect for everyday wear

Best for: Long-lasting | Size: 1.15g | Type: Angled

Accurate colour matches
Stays put 
A bit waxy  

Who says you can’t always have perfect eyebrows? This Bobbi Brown eye pencil could make a great addition to your daily make-up routine if you have a busy schedule as it’s designed to stay on all day- even in the gym! Some users don’t like the waxy texture but this is what helps it stay on and it blends well on the brows so you can play around with it until you achieve the desired effect. The angled brush means this pencil works for both smaller details and creating shapes and definition. A good all-rounder for any brow type. 

4. MAC Veluxe Brow Liner

A rich, intense colour that matches to your complexion perfectly

Best for: Pigment | Size: 1.19g | Shades: 7 | Type: Straight

Creates soft colour
Great for shading
 Doesn’t sharpen really sharp 

Making your eyebrows pop without overdoing it can be tricky, but ladies love this Mac Brow Liner for adding a colour which is natural yet striking to their brows. It’s good for shading or adding smaller details to the brows, and there are 7 different shades which means there’s bound to be one to suit your colouring perfectly. Some users found this pencil difficult to sharpen, but with the right cosmetic sharpener others had no problem – it doesn’t go super sharp as it’s meant for shading not defined lines.  

5. Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift

Get well-groomed brows in the comfort of your own home

Best for: Super model brows | Size: 0.6g | Shades: 5 | Type: Angled

Adds volume and lift
Cream consistency 
Prone to smudges 

If you want to achieve neat and precise brows, then the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift pencil offers a complete eyebrow makeover that is easy to apply at home. This creamy formula can be applied to brows that are thinning or sparse; to create a thicker, fuller look that frames the face. The angled pencil is designed to lift your brow under the brown bone, which you can then blend for a more natural effect. Some users don’t like the creamy consistency of this eyebrow pencil because it tends to smudge, but if you only use it occasionally, it’s a great pencil for nights out and other occasions.  

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil

Arch your brows to perfection with this dual-ended pencil

Best for: Arching your brow | Size: 0.95g | Shades: 8 | Type: Straight

Fills in patches
Quick and easy to apply
Requires sharpening 

Enhancing your natural arch is simple, especially if you have this eyebrow pencil in your beauty toolkit. Its waxy texture and pointed tip allow you to softly define the shape of your arch without it looking too dramatic, and then use the brush end to blend out any excess product for totally natural looking brows. Customers love how soft this pencil is, meaning it doesn’t look like your eyebrows have been drawn on at all and it comes in a variety of shades to match your hair colour! 

7. Diorshow Brow Styler

Designer pencil for designer brows

Best for: Precision | Size: 1.2g | Shades: 1 | Type: Straight

Retractable tip
Achieve fine lines
Runs out quickly 

This universal brown brow pencil from Dior is loved by women for its precision tip which allows you to achieve even the finest lines and detailing. If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll love this brow pencil as you can’t go wrong and the brush allows you to blend out any excess product so you don’t end up looking like one of the Kardashians. It’s a great price for a designer brow pencil even if the general consensus is that it runs out too quickly.

8. NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

Get beautiful brows on a budget with this small brow pencil

Best for: Budget buy | Size: 0.5g | Shades: 8 | Type: Straight

Lots of shades
Great for fine lines
Colours a little light 

If you’re trying out your brows for the first time and don’t want to omit to something too expensive just yet, then this NYX eyebrow pencil is an affordable product that does a great job. It’s a thin pencil that allows you to create fine lines and build up the texture of your brows until your achieve the desired effect. Customers say this pencil goes on nicely, but the colours come out quite light, so it’s best to opt for a shade or two darker than your natural eyebrows for the best results.  

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