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The best make-up bags and pouches 2018

Whether you have a make-up artist worthy kit or just the basic essentials; every girl needs a make-up bag to carry around their favourite beauty products. From highlighter and lipstick to brushes and sponges, everything must have a place so we can stay looking flawless on the go. 

There are a wide range of make-up bags on the market, from small basic ones to more complex beauty carry-cases with pockets and compartments for each of your products. The type of beauty regime you have will influence the make-up bag you buy, and for some ladies, you may wish to have more than one for different occasions. We’ve put together a list of some of the best make-up bags for travel, the best make-up bags for brushes and even some designer make-up bags that make the ideal gift for those beauty lovers in your life. When thinking about purchasing a make-up bag, you might want to consider storing your make up brushes separately to avoid the inevitable smudges and marks. 

If it’s just for daily use, a simple but stylish make-up bag is all you need. Forget lots of compartments and pockets, as this just makes it more complicate and tricky to get to your products when you need them most. Larger cosmetic kits and carry cases are much more suitable for those who want a separate make-up bag for going out or getting dressed up, or for those whose make-up is a part of their day-to-day job or lifestyle. 

For those who travel a lot, clear make-up bags can be a great way to save time at airport security, and larger toiletry bags allow you to keep a wider range of beauty products such as skin and hair care all together for easy access when you need it.  When buying a make-up bag they can range between anything from as little as a fiver to over £100 depending on the brand, designer or whether it is customised or not. We’ve rounded up a great mix of bags to suit every style and budget; which one will be your favourite?

1. Emilio Multi-print Make-up Bag

A stunning designer make-up bag for your everyday essentials

Best for: Designer | Material: Polyurethane | Size: H12xW21xD1cm | Colour: Multi | RRP: £220.00

Looks pretty
Wrist strap

This is a stunning multi-coloured make-up bag which is great for carrying your everyday beauty essentials for work or leisure. Although pricey, this is a designer cosmetic bag that is slim and easy to fit in your handbag, or could even be used as a clutch bag itself with your favourite LBD or evening outfit. This sleek make-up pouch is so adaptable and transferable, it's the perfect choice for popping into your work bag without looking out of place.

2. CHICECO Handy Nylon Cosmetic Bag

A designer look bag without the hefty price tag

Best for: Value for money | Material: Nylon | Size: H9.5xW19xD8 | Colour: Assorted | RRP: £25.99

Lots of colours
A little small for some 

If you like the colours of the Emilio make-up bag but don’t want to spend a fortune, then this affordable nylon make-up bag is ideal for your everyday cosmetics. It is big enough to fit all your essentials but still handy enough to fit into your handbag and is made from easy-to-clean nylon. You’ll have a range of pretty colours to choose from and a small inside zip pocket for smaller items such as jewellery.  

3. Ted Baker French Bulldog Mini Leather Make-up Bag

A cute little make-up bag for dog-lovers

Best for: Dog lovers | Material: Bovine Leather | Size: H8.5xW14cmxD3.5cm | Colour: Pink/Rose gold | RRP: £40.00

Looks like a clutch bag
Large capacity

This mini leather makeup bag from Ted Baker is perfect for daily make-up storage. You won't fit your whole cosmetic collection in it but if you are looking for a hard wearing pouch for carrying around your essentials, this is a great pick. It also looks extremely professional making it a great addition to your business travel collection. It might be a little pricey for something so small but worth the investment if you are getting to that stage in life where you're starting to think that buying cheap is buying twice.

5. Danielle Three-Piece PVC Travel Bag Set

3 clear bags ideal for travel essentials

Best for: Budget buy | Material: PVC | Size: Large: H22xW30xD10cm, Medium: H20xW24x5cm, Small: H14xW18x4cm | Colour: Clear | RRP: £10.00

3 sizes
A bit basic 

If you’re going on holiday, then these 3 transparent bags are the best make-up bags for travel as you can organise your beauty products in a way that you can see and have easy access to. The three different sizes allow you to pack your everyday make-up in your handbag and larger beauty products in your suitcase. They aren’t as stylish as other make-up bags but great if you want something temporary to use when going away.  

6. Ted Baker AW17 Large Cosmetic Bag

A stylish design for your pamper products

Best for: Style | Material: Polyester | Size: 12x7.5cm (approx.) | Colour: Pink/purple | RRP: £15.00

Pretty design
Large capacity
Tricky to clean 

This classic Ted Baker floral make-up bag has had a revamp for this season with deep purples and vibrant pinks that would look good on any dressing table or in your handbag. It may be a little too big for some, but if you can never decide on your favourite make-up to wear then you’ll have plenty of room for plenty of options in this bag. This bag is sponge clean only so just be sure to clean your brushes before putting them away to avoid any mess.  

7. Zoeva Brush Belt

For contour queens this brush belt has a space for all your tools

Best for: Brushes | Material: Nylon | Size: H38xW24.5cm | Colour: Black | RRP: £19.00

Lots of pockets
Only for brushes 

If you are looking to buy in a new make-up bag but don’t want to get it dirty with your brushes, then investing in this Zoeva Brush Belt is a great way to keep all your brushes in order. It is ideal for professional or home use and has a space for every type of brush you can think of. A great additional purchase for those with a large cosmetic collection and comprehensive beauty regime.