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The best electric kettles 2018

The best electric kettle

A kettle is a staple in every kitchen, but not all are the same. A stove-top kettle may be cute and nostalgic, but for the most part, many just want the efficiency of boiling water in minutes. So whether you’re just looking for a cheap kettle that gets the job done or you want something really high tech with auto shut off and temperature control, you’ve come to the right place to find the best electric kettle 2018.  

One of the main things to look out for when buying a kettle is boil time. Some can take ages, so if you’re really impatient, go for one that can boil in less than a minute like the Dualit Classic Copper Kettle.  Other features you opt for include an integrated filter to prevent limescale and easy cleaning – we recommend the Breville stainless steel Brita filter kettle, and a keep warm function for those who have a tendency to boil the kettle and then get distracted by something else – the Bosch TWK8631GB Styline Kettle comes with a handy hot plate for keeping your water warm.  

Keep your eyes peeled for kettle capacity when checking out our guide below - bigger families of 4+ people will want to opt for 1.7L or higher whilst those boiling cuppas for one should find that 1L suffices. Check out our top picks of the best electric kettles available right now.

The best electric kettle

1. Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle

A stylish clear model with a removable filter

Best for: Efficiency | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1.7L | Weight: 1.60kg

Removable filter
360 degree swivel base

This clear Russell Hobbs electric kettle not only looks good but is fast and provides clean, fresh water free from limescale. The clear design features a blue illumination while it boils; giving a cool effect that is funky and modern. The design is also lightweight and easy to handle with a 360 degree swivel base, and it has measurements on the side so you can boil as little as one cup for efficiency.  If you are looking for the best electric kettle for hard water areas, and you really care about the quality of the perfect cuppa, this is the kettle for you.

Dualit Classic Copper Kettle

2. Dualit Classic Copper Kettle

A fast-boiling kettle for the easiest brew whenever you fancy it

Best for: Quick boil | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1.7L | Weight: 1.61kg

Modern design
Boils in less than 90 seconds

The Dualit Classic is a super-efficient electric kettle that can boil two cups in less than a minute and a half, meaning you never have to miss your morning cuppa. The copper style is bang on trend right now, and it is also designed with a whisper boil so you can expect this kettle to be very quiet. It’s long-lasting, with a replaceable element which will prolong the life of this kettle. You can also purchase matching items such as a toaster to complete the look in your kitchen. 

DeLonghi - White 'Brillante' kettle KBJ3001.W

3. DeLonghi - White 'Brillante' kettle KBJ3001.W

A striking design for those with an eye for style

Best for: Design | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1.7L | Weight: 0.8KG

Limescale filter

If style is just as important as functionality, then you’ll love the aesthetics of this DeLonghi kettle. Not only does it look modern in design, but it’s super-lightweight with a 360 degree swivel base which makes it easy to use. The limescale filter will keep your water fresh and the auto-shut off kicks in after boil and when lifted from the base. Those who have this kettle have been impressed with its longevity, and say it looks great in a modern kitchen with the matching appliances.  

Breville stainless steel Brita filter kettle

4. Breville stainless steel Brita filter kettle

Fresh, filtered water with every cuppa

Best for: Filtered water | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1L | Weight: 1kg

Great for hard water areas
Boil dry protection

If you live in a hard water area then you can ensure you always have the freshest cuppa with this Breville electric kettle. It has an integrated Brita filter which ensures your water is clean and tasty and free from limescale. It has a fast boil element and boil dry protection which stops the kettle from brewing when it is empty. The stainless steel design with illuminated window give it a contemporary feel, and if you’re looking for a kettle on a budget, then this one won’t break the bank!  

Bosch TWK8631GB Styline Kettle

5. Bosch TWK8631GB Styline Kettle

Keep your water hotter for longer

Best for: Keep warm function | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1.5L | Weight: 1kg

Keep warm up to 30 mins
Quiet but whistles when boiled

Are you someone who puts the kettle on and then wanders off and gets distracted by something else? If so, then this Bosh electric kettle has got your back. With its keep warm function, you can return to hot water that’s ready to drink up to 30 minutes after boiling. The kettle itself is said to be quiet, but it whistles upon boiling so that you know it’s ready, and the removable limescale filter will help keep the water as fresh as possible.  

Kenwood kMIX ZJX750 Kettle

6. Kenwood kMIX ZJX750 Kettle

A slim, classic kettle for those everyday brews

Best for: Reliability | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1.7L | Weight: 1.18kg

Only boil what you need
Quick and quiet 

If you’re simply looking for an electric kettle that will get the job done, then you can’t go wrong with this Kenwood model. Boasting a 1.7L capacity, this electric kettle is fast boiling and quiet, with the added benefit of only boiling what you need, so it’s efficient too. It’s slim and stylish so you can expect it to fit in well in most kitchens, with a choice of cream or red to match your décor.  

Smarter 3rd Generation iKettle

7. Smarter 3rd Generation iKettle

A high-tech kettle for the smart home

Best for: Smart homes | Power: 3000w | Capacity: 1.8W | Weight: 1.5kg

Remote boil from your Smartphone
Customisable water temperature

If you’ve already got a few smart home devices, then the iKettle should be the next on your list. This kettle can be powered by an app on your phone which is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can remote boil your kettle from wherever you are using the app and you can also set it to your desired temperature anywhere between 20-100 degrees Celsius. This smart kettle can also be hooked up to smart home systems such as Nest and IFTTT to make it incredibly easy to make a brew whenever you need it most. 


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