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The best teapots for a truly top cuppa

Classic English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Green, Mint, fruit - if we bothered to list the variety of teas that are available on our supermarket shelves, we’d be here all day. But for all the teas that there are in the world, we are a fairly picky bunch. For some of us, a cup of tea just won’t do unless it’s Twinings, while nothing but a builder's brew made from almost stewed PG tips will do for others. 

There are two ways to brew your tea. Before the mighty teabag was invented, tea brewed from loose leaves was the norm. And actually, many people still prefer it now, as it’s meant to release the natural flavour of the tea and infuse the water with its complex (or uncomplex) aroma. For pure convenience and non-faff, the teabag, for many of us, is a life saver. The simplicity of boiling a kettle, filling up the tea pot and popping a couple of bags in to brew is completely unappreciated until the time comes where only an offering of a cup of tea can make you feel better. 

Teapots are an incredibly elegant contraption. When made from glass, the brewing of the tea becomes a theatrical production - add the hot water to your leaves and you can watch with wonder as the water turns from clear to amber, or if you are a real tea aficionado, watch your tea flower unfold. Regular tea pots come in all shapes and sizes, so your choice of brewing vessel can be as quirky and unique as you are.

We’ve featured some of the best teapots on the market right now; from classic or novelty to teapots from the most obscure of manufactures, there’s something for everyone in the following collection. 


A elegant looking teapot that doubles up as a kettle

Best for: All-rounder | Capacity: 800ml | Material: Glass, stainless steel

Boils water and brews tea
Purifies tea for clean tasting
 Don’t break it 

Appearance isn't all. Firstly, even the tiniest flecks of tea or infiltrations can’t escape the minute filter holes, this means the tea that is produced should taste pure and free of aftertaste. Take the filter out, and you have a perfectly good teapot for tea bags too. It’s not just a vessel for brewing tea, it can boil. If you’re into your theatrics, you can place it on top of candle holder. Alternatively, it is also stovetop safe- just make sure you purchase a metal stand so the glass isn’t in direct contact with the flames or electric ring. Haohan also boast about its focused pour and dripless spout, so a single drop of your delicious tea should not be spilt. 

2. For Life Stump teapot

A stylish teapot for modern kitchens

Best for: Small servings | Capacity: 530ml | Material: Ceramic, stainless steel

Makes tea using loose leaves or teabags
Fine infuser is suitable for all types of tea
Only enough tea for two small cups 

This stylish teapot is perfect for a modern kitchen or if you own a cafe thanks to its beautiful ceramic design, stackability and dishwasher proof materials. With it’s extra fine 0.3mm tea infuser, it’ll handle any tea from around the world and you can remove the strainer to make space for teabags too. With a capacity of 530ml, there’s just enough for 2 small cups - great for a little cafe but not so much if you’ve got friends round for tea and cake. 

3.T2 Tea Maker Jug

A teapot that mimics a coffee cafetiere in performance

Best for: Novelty | Capacity: 500ml | Material: BPA-free tritan

A theatrical way to produce your tea
Part of a wider collection of tea making paraphernalia
 Only makes one cup 

If you’re the only person in your household that drinks loose leaved tea or you’re thinking of purchasing a teamaker for your desk at work, this tea maker jug will fit the bill nicely. Similar in size and operation to a cafetiere, simply pop in a scoop of your favourite loose tea, wait for it to turn your ideal shade, then release the liquid into your cup. The jug is made to sit perfectly on top of a tea cup, so the whole process should be convenient with minimal fuss. You can also use the pot for tea bags. Bear in mind that the jug only holds enough tea for one, so if you come from a family of tea-lovers, our number one teapot would be the better option. 

4. Price & Kensington Brights 6 Cup Teapot

For those after a traditional, great quality teapot

Best for: Budgets | Capacity: 1100ml | Material: Stoneware

High quality yet inexpensive
Available in a range of colours
Not for loose tea 

If you’re looking at this list thinking - I just want an ordinary teapot that looks good and will see me through many a cup of tea- this is the one for you. There’s no airs and graces, just a lovely looking teapot in a bold, bright and kitchen top-counter worthy colour. Price & Kensington say that it is both durable and reliable, and with its capacity to brew up to 6 cups of tea, sorting the family out with a drink when they pop over won’t be a problem. 

5. Star Wars R2-D2 Teapot

What’s a best teapot list without a novelty one?

Best for: Star Wars fans | Capacity: 800ml | Material: Ceramic

Great for Star Wars fans
Makes a thoughtful gift
Novelty design not for everyone 

Take away the Star Wars design and this is still a great quality teapot. Made from ceramic and with a capacity to produce up to 3 mugs or 4 cups of tea, it makes a fantastic showpiece for when your equally as Star Wars-crazy mates come round for a movie marathon. The only downside is that there’s no tea strainer, which means fans of loose tea may not be satisfied. Star Wars have a huge range of novelty teapots, so you could even start a collection.

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