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The best hot water dispensers

We all know that a watched pot never boils, but what if you could have hot water on tap? Sometimes waiting for the kettle to boil can be a real chore, which is why we bring to you our top picks for the best hot water dispensers on the market right now. 

Ideal for an office environment or if you simply never have time to fit in a cuppa in the morning, a hot water dispenser can provide instantly boiled water whenever you need it. The average dispenser can hold around 1.5-2 litres of water which is ideal for your own home, but if you’re placing it in an office or shared area, you can opt for bigger reservoirs of around 4-5 litres. 

The higher the wattage, the faster your water will heat up, but generally most dispensers can heat up water in under 60 seconds, and on some machines you can set the water to your desired temperature, which is ideal for those who don’t add milk to their tea or coffee, as this mean it will still be immediately drinkable. 

Most of these machines are pretty easy to use, but you may want to look out for hot water dispensers that allow you to control the water flow rather than dispensing a limited amount, and also machines that are not too loud if placed in a shared environment so you don’t upset your colleagues/partner/teenagers doing homework every time you want a cuppa. 

1. Andrew James Purify Dispenser

A hot water dispenser with only the freshest filtered water

Best for: hot and cold water | Capacity: 4L | Wattage: 2.6kw

 Filtered water 
 Large capacity 
 Could be hotter 

This large capacity filter would be ideal for offices or large families as it offers both hot and cold filtered water in one. It includes two water filters which can be replaced with any universal water filters afterwards, and it is easy to use with an LED interface and one-touch buttons. It is quite compact which means it won’t take up too much space on your kitchen worktop and also features a child safety lock for no accidents.  

2. Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

Get an instant cuppa every morning with this fast boil dispenser

Best for: Everyday home use | Capacity: 1.5L | Wattage: 2.6kw

 Fast boil 
 Fixed amount of water  

The Breville Hot Cup water dispenser is a handy little tool to have in your kitchen if you always miss your morning cuppa when trying to make it out the door on time. You can get up to 5 cups before refilling, and it only boils the amount you need, so you don’t have to refill after every cup. It has a sleek design with illuminating water tank which would look good in any modern kitchen. 

3. Morphy Richards 43922 Accents

A sleek looking machine for hot water right when you need it

Best for: Sleek design | Capacity: 1.8L | Wattage: 3kw

 Looks cool 
 Energy efficient 
 Hot to touch 

The Morphy Richards Accents Hot Water Dispenser looks good and can provide you with boiling water in around 45 seconds. It has a manual stop button so you can control the amount you need and its 1.8 litre capacity means you don’t have to refill it after every cup. This machine looks cool and feels almost futuristic, however be careful to keep it out of reach of children as it gets very hot to touch after dispensing the water.  

4. Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter

Choose your cup size and filter your water for the perfect tasting cuppa

Best for: Different cup sizes | Capacity: 1.8L | Wattage: 3kw

 Custom cup size 
 Good for hard water areas 
 Must clean filters first 

Breville has made it once again into our top five with its variable cup size dispenser, which allows you to brew nine different cup sizes and it has a manual stop button for you to make a custom sized cup, too. The integrated Brita filter makes this the best hot water dispenser for hard water areas, as this will filter your water for the best tasting cuppa. However, be sure to rinse the filters through before use as some customers have noted a slightly strange taste the first time they use it.  

5. Vonchef Instant Dispenser

The perfect cuppa in a matter of seconds

Best for: Quick boil | Capacity: 2.5L | Wattage: 2.6kw

 Boils in seconds 
 Medium capacity  
 A little noisy  

The Vonchef Instant Dispenser is true to its word and is able to provide you with water up to 95 degrees in around three seconds and only takes up to 25 seconds to produce a whole mug of tea. It has a medium capacity tank and comes with a one-litre jug for easy refills. It is a one-touch operation making this the easiest way to make your morning cuppa.  

6. Quest Benross Catering Urn

Ideal for producing hot drinks at large venues or events

Best for: Catering | Capacity: 10 L | Wattage: 1.5kw

 Large capacity 
 Keeps warm  
 No drip tray 

This large capacity tank is one of the best hot water dispensers for events or meetings at work. It holds up to 10 litres, heats up in around 10 minutes and has a keep warm function for easy access to hot drinks throughout the duration of the event. It has a clear water level gauge so that you know when it’s nearly run out and has a boil-dry safety function for when the tank is empty.  

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