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The best 40 inch TVs: for small to medium living rooms

The best 40 inch TVs

When it comes to buying a new TV, it’s sometimes hard to know which size to go for. In theory, 40 inches is a pretty good size for small to medium lounges, but thanks to developments in screen technology, it is possible to sit close to a big screen now without seeing all the individual pixels. Which? have put a pretty good screen size guide together if you’re unsure if 40 inches is the right size for you, but if you are already decided on sizing, take a look at our round up of the best 40 inch TVs below.

At 40 inches, you are going to limit yourself when it comes to spec, as brands reserve their latest OLED technology to bigger screen sizes. However, as long as your TV features 4K and UHD upscaling, it’s future-proof for the foreseeable future. The Panasonic TX-40EX700B is 4K ready and is capable of 4K upscaling, so you can view DVDs and older broadcasts in much higher resolution, too.  As a bonus, it won’t cost you any more than £450. 

Other than that, when picking your next TV, consider its smart features, the kind of hook ups it’s capable of (amount of HDMI ports, USB ports etc), and the design (the Samsung UE40MU6400 hits the nail on the head when it comes to sleekness).  

The best 40 inch TV

1. Panasonic TX-40EX700B

4K ready, solid smart features and 4K upscaling and under £500? This TV certainly deserves top position

Picture resolution: 4K Ultra HD | Screen type: LED | Smart TV: Yes

Promises a rich, contrasting picture
Huge colour range with HDR technology

Aside from lacking in the latest OLED technology, this slim and stylish Panasonic features every piece of tech you could possibly want from a 40 inch TV. It delivers picture in 4K, intellegentally upscales older programmes and DVDs to 4K quality and thanks to its HDR colour technology, TV shows and movies are displayed just how they’re meant to be seen – old gen TV processors weren’t up to the job of displaying colours correctly. In addition to superior viewing quality, the smart interface is easy to use and features Freeview Play in addition to all of you favourites.  

Samsung UE40MU6400

2. Samsung UE40MU6400

A great alternative to the Panasonic, and particularly good for gaming, too

Picture resolution: 4K Ultra HD | Screen type: LED | Smart TV: Yes

Good for games and fast-paced films
4K picture and upscaling

Rivalling the Panasonic in both looks and tech, this Samsung is sleek, stylish and pretty future proof when it comes down to the nitty gritty. Featuring 4K picture quality, 4K upscaling and the same HDR colour technology as the Panasonic, this is capable of rich, contrasting colours. Those who love their games or movies should take note of Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology, which ensures fast-paced action remains blur free. The only downside is no Freeview Play, but there are plenty of catch-up apps available on the Smart Hub.  



An ideal bedroom TV, it may not be 4K ready, but the price and the fact that it features both Motionflow XR and X-Reality PRO certainly make it an attractive buy

Picture resolution: Full HD | Screen type: LED | Smart TV: No

Great for gaming
Cheap and cheerful

Yes, it’s not 4K Ready but combining ultra HD screen resolution and HDR colour technology, you’ll still benefit from a pretty decent picture. Aside from being very friendly on the pocket, this Sony is probably one of the best TVs for gaming, thanks to its Motionflow XR and X Reality PRO technology. It doesn’t have any smart features (you can’t really expect that with the price), but when a Now TV dongle only costs around £15, it’s not a bad deal. 

Samsung UE40LS001AU

4. Samsung UE40LS001AU

What do you get when you cross a TV with a picture frame? The Samsung UE40LS001AU

Picture resolution: 4K Ultra HD | Screen type: LED | Smart TV: Yes

A piece of furniture in its own right
Display with stand or free-standing

It’ll take two world-renowned designers to stretch the concept of a television, with the Samsung UE40LS001AU designed to integrate into your lounge as a piece of furniture, rather than a piece of technology. As such, it defies the thinning basel and sleek television stand that all modern televisions have, which are replaced with a picture frame-like exterior and a quirky black stand. Modern technology, however, hasn’t been compromised. 4K resolution and 4K upscaling are just some of its features, while its ability to double up as a Bluetooth speaker, plus its innovative Smart Curtain Mode certainly make it worth a look.  


The prelude to our first pick, this 4K 40 inch TV offers exceptional value for money

Picture resolution: 4K Ultra HD | Screen type: LED | Smart TV: Yes

Great value

It’s not really until you get down to the fine tuning properties of this TV that you notice a difference between this and its more expensive predecessor. It features the same 4K resolution, UHD colour technology and smart features, but lacks things like Smart Modes (normal, movie or dynamic viewing) and its fast motion handling isn’t quite as good. Even so, for what they are and what features they have, both Panasonics offer excellent value for money – and 4K for under £350? You can’t go wrong, really.  


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