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The best TV stands

Piles of DVDs are precariously balanced next to console controllers, computer games and your noughties CD collection. While your television is propped up on an ancient unit that neither goes with your latest redecoration efforts nor offers particularly innovative storage solutions. 

If you’re looking around your lounge right now thinking - yep, this is me-  it could be time you invest in a new piece of furniture. Whether you require a unit that will maximise your monday movie marathon experience, or one that can declutter your lounge of your collection of cheesy chick-flicks, there’s a stylish TV stand out there that will enhance the functionality of your home. 

And, if like many of us, your mind is struggling to come to terms with the mess of wires and cabling that are knotted up behind your television, a TV stand can also do a great job of organising the eyesore so you can come home to a clean, calm lounge where everything is in order. 

Material, style and practicality are all elements that you’ll need to look out for when investing in your next TV stand. For cosy country homes with lounges a little on the small side, a traditional wooden corner unit may provide the solution to issues with space. While those with expansive open plan apartments may need a dramatically modern unit that draws attention to a focal point within the room. 

To help you make the right decision, we’ve come up with a list of the best TV stands from a range of retailers, including Currys, Ikea and John Lewis, offering you a range of products that put style with practicality and size against shape. 

Then all you need to do, is line up your favourite armchair, grab the remote and you're good to go!

Compact and kid-friendly

Best for: Corners
Dimensions: H520 x W1084 x D450 mm
Materials: Wood, glass
Max. screen weight: 40kg
Reasons to buy
+Fits into corners+Glass doors to close off equipment
Reasons to avoid
-Fiddly to construct 

We expect many of you can remember posting coins and other small objects through the flap in the VCR player when you were little, and while that may be slightly harder to do with a DVD player, little fingers will find no end of objects that can, and will, squeeze through the gap. Games aside, it’s pretty dangerous to have lots of cabling and electronic equipment around little children, so this compact TV stand provides ample storage and a glass door to keep everything closed off. With a black gloss finish, the style is universal and as a corner design, fits nice and snug in lounges that are a little on the small side.

2. Alphason Chromium

Stylishly modern and compact

Best for: Best simple solution
Dimensions: H370 x W1000 x D418mm
Materials: Metal, glass, wood
Max. screen weight: 30kg
Reasons to buy
+Sleek and simple design+Draw to keep remote controls confined
Reasons to avoid
-Not great for full sized entertainment systems 

If your DVD collection largely consists of sci-fi film collections and boxsets, this space-age TV stand may be the one for you. We’re not saying that the stand will take offence if you love a chick-flick or two and actually, we think this will look great in any modern, slightly bijoux home. But we are saying, for those who prefer soft tones and traditional style, there are probably other stands on the market that are more suited.  Available in range of stand out colours with a chromium finish, this mid-range TV stand will create a great centre stage for your screen. 


Organisation at its best

Best for: Storage
Dimensions : H1280 x W2400 x D400mm (for this configuration)
Materials: Particleboard, fibreboard, metal, glass
Max. Screen weight: 50kg
Reasons to buy
+Great value for money+Fantastic storage space
Reasons to avoid
- Timely to assemble 

If you want a wall feature, purchase the IKEA BESTÅ. This statement piece of furniture provides ample storage while allowing your TV to take centre stage.  Best of all - the modular design means the layout is completely customisable. With space for a lovely lamp on the left and your best crockery in the glass cabinet on the right - this is innovative IKEA interior design at its best. On top of two additional cupboards - that’s one for the kids’ DVD collection and one for yours- you get double draw space and shelves to display the extent of your entertainment system. At the RRP price of £275, you get a lot of stand for your pennies. 

4. Heart of House Westbury 2-drawer TV Unit

A traditional wooden stand with a slight bohemian feel

Best for: Best small wooden
Dimensions): H610 x L1300 xD420mm
Materials: Wood, metal
Max. screen weight: 70kg
Reasons to buy
+Soft, universal colours+Comes fully assembled
Reasons to avoid
-On the small side 

The soft, almost pastel colours of this TV stand give it a slightly bohemian feel, which means if you’re into your shabby chic and interior design, this Heart of House Westbury could be a winner.  In addition to style, this slightly expensive TV stand offers a storage solution with its two draws, and plenty of space to stash your entertainment system with its two cubby holes. Available in both soft grey or soft cream, this TV unit will sit quite comfortably in any traditional or alternatively modern lounge. It also comes fully assembled - great if your attempt at DIY always ends in disaster. 

5. Content by Terence Conran Wave TV Stand

A designer stand for when money's no object

Best for: Designer option
Dimensions: H500 x W1500 x D450mm
Materials: Wood, veneer, chipboard, metal
Max. screen weight: 70kg
Reasons to buy
+Blends traditional with modern+Made from durable, solid wood
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive

We gasped too, when we saw the price-tag, but for something that looks like a piece of art, it’s a small price to pay over purchasing a Picasso for your feature wall.  Confusingly, while from Terence Conran’s Wave Collection, it features less of the soft curve style, which you’d expect from the word ‘wave’, and more subtle angular lines, which in an arty way, look like skewiff stacks of books. The ‘wave’ part comes from the natural offset of the wood and veneer, which is very subtle. In many ways, the more you look at it, the more you see.  

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