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Best Science Kits for Kids

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Keeping your kid's mind active and engaged is an essential aspect of development. No one ever said they couldn't have fun while doing so! Take a look at this list of best Science kits. Your little lad will get hands-on learning while they construct, engineer, explore, and experiment.

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Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Hands-on experiments

Broaden your little scientist's mind with this hands-on lab set. They will not only conduct experiments, but they will learn the names and uses of 22 different pieces of science tools. The pieces are fun, bright colors, and comfortable to hold for little hands. This set includes an activity guide and cards to help guide your little one through some fun, easy experiments. Recommended for children three years of age and up.

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Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Electronic circuits

Build actual working electronic circuits in a snap! Literally! No tools are required; all the pieces easily snap together. There are over 30 electronic parts and 100 or more different projects ready to build. You can create flashing lights, photosensors, a musical doorbell, and much more. Recommended for children eight years of age and older.

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The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book

Household science

This interactive book is filled with mind-blowing experiments. All you need is a few things that are already around the house. You can do experiments in biology, chemistry, physics, the planet earth, and the human body! Recommended for children 7-12 years of age.

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Mini Explorer Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Watch nature grow & glow

Your child can now witness the wonders of Mother Nature and grow their very own terrarium. This miniature garden, complete with its own ecosystem, has everything you need to create a fantastic adventure. Complete with soil, sand, rocks, and decorations, your little scientist will learn to create and care for their own mini-ecosystem. Recommended for children six years of age and up.

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National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

Archaeological discovery

Dig in a real gem mine and discover real crystal treasures! Complete with 15 different gemstones, this kit has everything your little archaeologist needs to explore. This set also features a guide where you can learn about each stone and how it is formed. Recommended for children four years of age and up.

Which is best for your little scientist?

The wonders of science are happening at every moment in your life, whether you see it or not. Chemical reactions, electronic circuits, gravity, plant life, archaeological exploration are just a few. With these kits, your little one can explore and experiment with the different wonders of science and get hands-on knowledge.

If you're looking for educational fun while giving your kids hands-on learning tools, the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set is the way to go! They will get to explore the world of science with everything they need to conduct experiments. 

Another fun miracle is the Mini Explorer Light-Up Terrarium Kit where your little one can create and care for their own ecosystem. They customize their terrarium's natural environment by layering soil, sand, rocks, and decorations. Then they get to see it grow right before their eyes!