Best Charging Docks for Nintendo Switch Lite  

Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Lite
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One way to overcome that awkward 'playing while plugged-in' feeling when charging your Nintendo Switch Lite is to place it on a charging dock stand. This convenient solution will keep the Switch standing in the perfect play position while it continues to charge. Now that's multitasking! Here are our favorite charging docks for the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Staff pick

NEWDERY Battery Charger Case

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NEWDERY Battery Charger Case

The charging case stand that does it all

While the Newdery Battery Case is not a traditional charging dock, it is a rather elegant solution. The protective case includes a 10400mAh built-in battery that will add 10 hours of playtime to your Switch Lite when it's out of juice. It also has a nifty little kickstand in the back so you can prop it up while you play and charge. 

Kit and kaboodle

FastSnail Charger for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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FastSnail Charger for Nintendo Switch & Pro Controller

The everything dock for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts

OK, admittedly you cannot play and charge at the same time with this charging dock. However, it is a must-have for the Nintendo Switch enthusiast that has all the accessories and extras that go with the device. You can charge the Switch, 4 Joycons, 2 Pro controllers, and 2 Poké Balls all at the same time with this bad boy. It is also a great way to keep all that equipment organized.

Best value

Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Lite

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Meneea Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Lite

Simple and affordable

Here's a simple, affordable solution for the minimalist. The small charging dock is all you need to keep your Nintendo Switch Lite playing and charging at the same time. It has a sleek modern design and comes in several color choices. 

Best for multiplayers

J&TOP Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

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J&TOP Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Lite

Let the games go on

Don't let a low battery put an end to your multiplayer games! This charging dock from J&Top features two ports for wired controllers so you can continue your multiplayer games while the device charges. Of course, it also stands the Switch Lite up to a comfortable viewing angle at the same time. 

Matchey matchey

TNE - Switch Lite Charger Stand

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TNE - Switch Lite Charger Stand

Coordinating color choices

Type-A gamers will appreciate the coordinating colors offered by TNE so that your charging dock can match your Nintendo Switch Lite. It comes in the same black, gray, yellow, and teal shades as the Switch Lite, so your eyes can enjoy all the color harmony while you play. Besides the pretty colors, this charger stand is sturdy and affordable as well. 

Charge and play to your heart's content

There you have it! Plenty of quality charging dock choices that will allow you to charge your Nintendo Switch Lite as you continue to play comfortably. We like the Newdery Battery Case because it does everything - protects, charges, and stands the Switch for playing. What more could you ask for?

If you'd prefer a larger storage dock that will both charge and store your Switch alongside all of its many accessories, then the FastSnail Charger will be the perfect solution for you. This dock serves to both charge and organize all the extras that go with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Budget hunters may prefer something simple like the Meneea Charging Dock, which does its job at an affordable price.