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Jackery Power station and solar panel in the sunshine
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With more people working from home, there is a chance to get out into nature and enjoy yourself while you work. A good power station, especially if connected to a solar panel, will power your devices for as long as you need and let you enjoy your surroundings even more.

Of course, power stations are also beneficial when you are out camping, especially in a family group. You can power lights, phones, and even fridges or grills with the right setup. We've played around with a lot of different systems to bring you our favorite ones right here.

Best overall

Jackery power station

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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000

This is the best choice for all your power needs

For the best all-around power station system, look no further than the Jackery Explorer 1000 bundle. This system comes with two 100w solar panels and a massive 1000w power station with more ports than you can ever need.

With three AC outlets, two USB-C, two USB-A, and a DC 12v car adapter, the Explorer has you covered for whatever device you need. Camping just got a lot easier with this amazing setup.

Best for compatibility

Anker Powerhouse ii 800

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Anker Powerhouse II 800

There are so many ways to charge this beast

Anker has been making smaller battery packs for many years, and when they branched out to power stations that did it brilliantly. The Powerhouse 2 is a modern device charging machine. It has four USB-A and two USB-C ports, and those USB-Cs can be used to charge the Powerhouse as well. If you combine those two inputs and the DC charger, you can charge the entire bank in just five hours. That's pretty darn quick.

All the power

EcoFlow Portable Power Station bundle

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ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

A great power station at a high cost

The EcoFow power station is the highest power rating on the list. At 1260Wh capacity, the EcoFlow can power just about anything you can imagine, and the included solar panel can keep you top up while you do it. The only reason it isn't number one is the cost, but if that doesn't worry you, it is a fantastic buy. 

Extreme upgrade

Anker 767

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Anker PowerHouse 767

Some may call it overkill

Bigger is always better, right? If those small-time power stations leave you wanting something a bit – extra – this is your ticket. With a whopping 2400W of power to juice up nearly whatever you can throw at it, you certainly will enjoy your new glamping lifestyle. It has wheels. Wheels! 

Compact and simple

Aimtom 155 bundle

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AIMTOM 155Wh Portable Power Station

Perfect for smaller trips

This is the cheapest of the bundles we've seen so far and the smallest in terms of power. At only 155Wh capacity, the Aimtom is for shorter trips or solo missions. It is, however, lightweight and easy to take around with you. It is also much quicker to recharge with the included 100w solar panel because of the smaller capacity.  

Brand recognition

jackery power station 240

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Jackery Explorer 500

A great budget alternative to our top pick

Our top pick is expensive; there is no doubt. It is designed for a family of four, though, so it may not be needed if you are just two people. The Explorer 500 is half the power of our top pick, but that is still more than enough to spend a few nights camping with your partner and a few devices. 

You've got the power!

I have really grown to love using the Jackery Explorer 1000 bundle, and I even use it around the home. Sitting in the back yard in the sunshine, with my laptop powered and music playing, all powered from the power station, is a wonderful experience that everyone deserves.

If you are looking for even more power than the Jackery, it would be worth looking at the ECOFLOW Portable Power Station. It costs big money, but the power level might be worth it.

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