Best watch winders

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Watch winders are as intricate as the timepieces they hold. If you love automatic watches, you know that the only downside to having one is that you need to wind it daily to keep it running. Taking off the watch means that you’ll have to reset it the next time you want to wear it. While this isn’t exactly back-breaking labor, it can be a real pain, especially if you’re in a hurry. Whether you own a single watch or a collection, we’ve rounded up some of the best watch winders to keep the movement going.

Staff pick

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Jins & Vico Piano Finish watch winder

The ultimate collector’s watch winder

Everything about this watch winder screams terrific build quality — from the piano finish to the touchscreen control panel. Considering that it holds up to eight watches at a time, it’s not for the casual watch enthusiast. If you are an avid watch collector, it’s a great way to keep every one of them running smoothly. Each watch pillow is adjustable to fit most watch sizes, and the unit has a quiet Japanese motor with an AC adapter. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, this watch winder offers multiple rotations per day settings and three different rotation modes, perfect for both automatic and mechanical watches.

Best value

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Chiyoda Single Automatic watch winder

Perfect for one automatic watch

What stands out about this watch winder is the fact that you get to enjoy a premium quality item without a premium price tag. This single watch winder from Chiyoda solves the problem of where to keep your watch, and how to keep it running all the time. It features a whopping 12 settings that cover a range of watches and winding needs. It’s also fairly silent and runs on either an AC power cord or batteries, so you can take it with you when you travel.


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JQUEEN watch winder

Exquisite workmanship

Available in five brilliant colors with premium wood finishing, JQUEEN rules watch winding with absolute stealth. The winder comes fitted with a near-silent Japanese motor perfect for quiet operation. Equipped with two well-done turntables and PU soft watch pillows, the winder's interior gives off a luxurious feel. The winder has multiple rotation settings and holds four watches at a time. For added convenience, the winder is powered by batteries or an AC adapter.

A premium choice

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Wolf Cub Single watch winder

A luxurious single watch winder

The Wolf Cub watch winder is meticulously engineered with pebble faux leather and lined with matching grosgrain satin. There is a glass cover to keep your watch in full view and safe from dust. Besides this black one, it's available in four other stunning colors for those who'd love to create interesting color combinations. While the watch winder's single setting may be a limitation, I find it perfect for anyone who loves simple functional accessories. 

Dual convenience

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Watch Winder Smith Couples winder

Easily fit two watches in one stylish unit

Whether you’re a couple that has automatic watches or you happen to own two yourself, this winder is perfect. It’s almost silent, features 4 different rotation modes, and looks great sitting on your bedside table or dresser. The unit is the same size as many single watch versions, but it has two slots for watches instead of one. Each slot features a padded cushion that holds your watch securely without stretching or bending it out of shape. It also comes with spare cushions in an assortment of sizes so you can find the perfect cushion for storing your watch and have a replacement for when it wears out.

Keep on ticking

Time stops for no man, and with these great watch winders, your watch will never stop either. If you want to keep your collection of automatic watches on display and keep them running, the Jins & Vico Piano Finish Watch Winder is the perfect solution. It’s stylish, sleek, and silent.  

If you have two watches, the Watch Winder Smith Couples Winder packs double convenience in a small stylish box. It’s also whisper-quiet and attractive, so you’ll enjoy displaying your watches. Don’t let time run out on your automatic watches when you can let these great devices do the job for you.