Best Bluetooth car stereo

Bluetooth Car Stereo
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A Bluetooth car stereo allows you to enjoy hands-free and seamless audio connectivity whenever you hit the road. Modern after-market stereos pack a slew of phenomenal features that allow expandability compared to older default factory stereos — hence the need for an upgrade. Even better, you don't have to copy music, podcasts, or audiobooks between devices. We have done a rundown of some of the best Bluetooth car stereos so you can enjoy that daily commute or out-of-town drive. 

Staff pick

BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB

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Boss 616UAB multimedia car stereo

A single-DIN stereo for cars with smaller panels

The improved Boss 616UAB offers a ton of cool digital features and great audio output. The LCD and buttons have dimmable illumination and updated dancing LED lights. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music straight from mobile apps or make and answer calls hands-free. Alternatively, you can use the USB port to connect a flash drive up to 32GB or the AUX input to connect an external device like your smartphone. The inbuilt microphone easily picks up your voice for hands-free calling. 

Easy pairing


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JENSEN MPR210 Bluetooth car stereo

Best bang for your buck

Specially crafted to bring out the best in-car entertainment, the Jensen MPR210 boasts a seven-character high-resolution LCD for an incredible viewing experience as you drive. To harness the convenience of voice commands, all you have to do is press a single button for instant verbal access to Siri or Google assistant. To cap it all, the super-slim 2.3-inch chassis makes it easy to install and fit in a broad repertoire of dashboard cabinet depths. You can utilize the Jensen J-link Smart Remote App on smartphones to control the gadget via Bluetooth, meaning you can change settings via phone even without being near the stereo.

Double DIN

Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP

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Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP Bluetooth car stereo

Large captivating monitor

Besides allowing you to make and receive calls or play and control music via Bluetooth, this double DIN receiver supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The huge 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen monitor gives you easy access to all your favorite apps so you can hit the road with absolute convenience. You can also opt to connect your phone via the auxiliary or USB port. The receiver can also be controlled using the vehicle's existing steering wheel control buttons. But this requires an additional interface that is sold separately. 

Best audio experience

Kenwood Bluetooth Digital Media Player

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Kenwood Bluetooth digital media player

Offers simple sound customization

This receiver has a built-in Bluetooth function for effortless audio streaming and hands-free calling. The stereo's sound is breathtaking thanks to Bluetooth with technology that powers hi-res wireless audio. Revel in the convenient control of apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify and the ability to utilize your smartphone like a remote-control unit. It comes with a theft-deterrent detachable face and Alphasonik earbuds. 

A virtual DJ

Pioneer MVH-S310BT

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Pioneer MVH-S310BT car stereo

Create a nonstop mix from your music library

This stereo comes with MIXTRAX, which is a Pioneer technology that enables you to create a personalized mix out of your music library, complete with DJ-inspired effects to liven your daily commute or road trip. This advanced single-DIN car stereo is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems. The unit allows you to wirelessly stream audio and make hands-free calls. The USB Auto Start switch is a useful feature that allows you to choose whether the phone is an audio source or just connected for charging.


Vintage Classic Bluetooth Car Stereo

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FYPLAY Bluetooth car stereo

Classic look with up to date features

If you need a stereo to match the panel of your old car, this is it. While it has a vintage outlook, the stereo unit packs a ton of modern features, including Bluetooth connectivity and an inbuilt microphone. The retro metal textured panel, large dual knobs, and white LED backlight will all rekindle old memories. This stereo has a powerful break-point memory playback, meaning that you don't have to restart the music each time the player comes on. You can depend on the high-power amplifier to deliver a crisp and clear sound.

Connect and go

There are several reasons why you'd want to upgrade your vehicle's stereo unit. Top of the list is Bluetooth connectivity. The Boss 616UAB multimedia car stereo is one of the best single DIN Bluetooth stereos in the market today. The unit supports Bluetooth, USB, and Aux input options, so you never miss out on your favorite tunes whenever you hit the road.

If you prefer a double DIN stereo, you can't go wrong with the Sound Storm Laboratories DD988ACP Bluetooth car stereo. The unit supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is quite convenient and has a big 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen monitor for easy access to select apps, settings, and configurations.