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Best Kids Puzzles

(Image credit: @Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

Puzzles are a great way for kids to learn problem-solving skills, enhance their cognitive skills, and tune their fine-motor skills. They can also teach children about the joy of completing a task and achieving a goal. When it comes to the best kids puzzles, our top picks range from traditional tabletop puzzles to 3D, buildable puzzles that your children will love.

(Image credit: Melissa and Doug)

Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Staff pick

This 51-piece puzzle features a brightly colored map of the United States of America. Each state is boldly colored to make distinguishing the borders as easy as possible. The full picture features customized details for each state, such as the Statue of Liberty, to help your child familiarize themselves with important monuments. This puzzle is excellent for children ages six and up. It is made from hard cardboard materials and an easy-to-clean coated surface. 

(Image credit: Little Likes Kids)

Little Likes Kids Splash Park Jumbo Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Jumbo size puzzle

This jumbo-sized, 14-by-21-inch puzzle is designed for children ages four and up. It is easy to assemble and features a joyful playground scene celebrating diversity. Your child will have fun problem solving and remembering where each jigsaw piece fits. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

Vileafy Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Reasons to buy
+Fun for toddlers

This pack of 12 ocean puzzles includes images of a mermaid, whale, lobster, shell, shark, dolphin, starfish, jellyfish, goldfish, octopus, tortoise, and a crab. Each puzzle is made of wood and designed for toddlers. If your child needs help identifying the jigsaw pieces, there is a full printed picture inside of each puzzle's tray. These wooden puzzles come with individual carry bags. 

(Image credit: Melissa and Doug)

Melissa & Doug Pets Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Great for babies

Great for infants, the Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle features brightly colored illustrations such as a duck, cat, and dog. This matching puzzle encourages young children to train their visual memory, increase their short-term memory, and improve their recognition of similar objects. Each puzzle piece has its matching picture printed inside of the tray to give your child a helpful hint as to where each piece belongs.

(Image credit: Amazon)

RUIDELI Set of 155 Wooden Pattern Block Puzzles

Reasons to buy
+Create and copy patterns

The RUIDELI patterned-based puzzle set is great for children who are over the age of four. This set includes 155 different-shaped wooden blocks that can be manipulated to match shapes found on the provided cards. The cards have illustrated patterns of animals, shapes, numbers, words, and more. The goal is to replicate the design on the card with the loose wooden blocks. This educational puzzle helps enhance hand-eye coordination, perception, and imagination. The blocks are made from high-quality wood and are coated with a chemical-free substance.

(Image credit: Allesimo)

Allessimo Reality 3D Wooden Lion Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+3D lion puzzle

If you're looking for a puzzle that your child can customize and create, then the Allessimo 3D lion puzzle is a great choice. This 3D puzzle of the king of the jungle comes with a paint set so that your child can choose the color of their puzzle before assembling it. This wooden puzzle is easy to construct and can be played with or displayed as a reminder of the creative accomplishment. 

The bottom line

Puzzles are a great way for your child to develop and fine-tune an abundance of skills while they play. They teach children to practice patience and focus as well as develop hand-eye coordination, memory skills, and spatial awareness. 

The Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle features bold, bright colors and informs your kids about the different states. If you're looking for a puzzle that is catered to children ages one to two, the Melissa & Doug Pets Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle is a great choice. This wooden puzzle features bright illustrations that will keep your child engaged.

For older kids who love to create and customize their masterpieces, the Allessimo Reality 3D Wooden Lion Puzzle encourages your child to paint and build their puzzle into a wonderful display item that can be kept in their room.