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Best Jigsaw Puzzles

(Image credit: Flickr/ben.gallagher)

You may not have tackled one since you were a kid, but we're here to tell you that jigsaw puzzles are all kinds of awesome. Solving puzzles improves your thought processes and mental speed and can help boost your short-term memory. 

Jigsaws can also benefit you emotionally. The kind of relaxing, creative thinking you do when doing a puzzle reduces stress and can also boost your relationships with others if you're working together.

Sold? So are we, so we've researched some really superb jigsaws for puzzlers looking for their next challenge. Take a look at our selection of the best jigsaw puzzles available now... 

(Image credit: Buffalo Games)

Days to Remember: Country Road Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Includes bonus poster 

This 500-piece puzzle is from well-respected jigsaw brand Buffalo Games. It gets you out into the countryside with a nostalgic look at a roadside produce stand. Manufactured in the United States from premium quality materials, it measures a manageable 21.25-inches by 15-inches, so should fit on most dining tables. 

(Image credit: MTNS Co)

Keystone Ski Resort Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Official Keystone trail map

This product is made by MTNS.Co, the official producer of Ski Resorts Trail Map products. If you can't make it to your favorite ski resort this season, recreate the fun with this map that actually features the official 2020 Keystone trail map. A 500-piece puzzle, it's made in the USA and presents a real challenge with the repeating mountain terrain enough to test even experienced jigsawers. 

(Image credit: Bits and Pieces )

Bits and Pieces Puppies Playing Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Die-cut puzzle pieces

Made from recycled cardboard, this Bits and Pieces puzzle features an adorable pupper-themed illustration from artist Adrian Chesterman. With all your favorite breeds represented, the cute will just keep on growing with every piece you fit. Measuring in at 18-inches by 24-inches when complete, this represents an achievable challenge with 500 pieces to put together. 

(Image credit: Buffalo Games)

Reflections: Mountains on Fire Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Poster included 

We're upping the challenge levels with this 750-piece puzzle. Made in the States from premium quality materials, this comes in at 24-inches by 18-inches when finished. There is a bonus poster included in the box depicting this attractive landscape to help you try and solve it. Reflections are particularly difficult in puzzles as you won't know if the mountain you're trying to build is the real one or the reflection.

(Image credit: Buffalo Games)

Chuck Pinson Escapes: Inspirations of Spring Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+1,000 pieces 

If you're an experienced, or very brave, jigsaw puzzler, consider this 1,000 piece Spring-themed challenge from artist Chuck Pinson. The cabin and bridge should be achievable, but with lots of similarly colored foliage and clouds, this will be very difficult to do. If you do manage to complete it, you'll be looking at a finished size of 26.75-inches by 19.75-inches. 

(Image credit: Sunsout)

Sheila's Cafe Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy

This is a specialist choice for anyone shopping for an older friend or family member. It's been proven that doing jigsaw puzzles are a great activity for dementia sufferers, especially if the imagery inspires nostalgia. This does just that, and with just 35 pieces, is a doable challenge for anyone inflicted with memory loss or mental confusion linked with dementia-type conditions. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Great American Road Trip Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Collage design 

More nostalgia here, but more of a challenge too, with this 1,000 piece photo collage jigsaw puzzle. With an Americana theme, there are classic chromed-up cars, neon lights, American landmarks, and more. A collage represents a good test for puzzlers as you're not following the format of a more traditional image. The finished size of this patriotic masterpiece is 29.5-inches by 19.75-inches. 

(Image credit: Galison)

Andy Warhol Art Vibrant Flowers Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Abstract art 

We're all about the flower power with this cheerful choice. Perfect for fans of Andy Warhol, this 500-piece puzzle depicts his screen-printed Flowers art series from the early 70s with vibrant colors creating a tricky task for puzzlers to put the pieces together. When this is complete it will measure a tidy 20-inches by 20-inches and look good enough to go on the wall. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

Babula Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy

Anyone who likes crosswords, or to get good value for money, should consider this choice. This great value option gives puzzlers a two-in-one gaming experience. First you have to solve the crossword puzzle, then do the actual jigsaw puzzle. Measuring in at 24-inches by 18-inches, this gives puzzlers 550 pieces to play around with. 

(Image credit: Genius Games)

Dr. Livingston's Human Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles: The Human Head

Reasons to buy
+Scientifically accurate

Featuring an accurate drawing from a certified medical illustrator from John Hopkins University, this 538-piece jigsaw puzzle is not for the squeamish. Twice the size of a human head, this measures in at 23-inches by 18-inches. This is part of an entire jigsaw puzzle series in which you can build the entire human body in separate jigsaw sections. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

Festival of Quilts Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Challenging design 

Are you quilting crazy? If you've run out of material or you're simply a quilter looking for an alternative activity to sewing and stitching, consider this quilt-themed jigsaw puzzle. Featuring attractive contemporary designs by popular quilter Bonnie K. Hunter, this contains a challenging 1,000 pieces and measures in at 28-inches by 20-inches. 


(Image credit: Bgraamiens )

Bgraamiens' The Lines Jigsaw Puzzle

Reasons to buy
+Virtually impossible

Finally, a massive challenge for very adept jigsaw puzzle veterans. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to complete with monotone line design? Measuring in at 24-inches by 24-inches when complete, this boasts 1,000 fiendishly difficult pieces. You could try and attempt this blind, but do note, the back sides of the pieces are letter-coded into areas... probably just as well for most of us! 

Putting the pieces together

Which jigsaw puzzle is best for you is a matter of personal taste — you want to choose an image you'll be excited to see gradually growing. For us, you can't get a much better subject matter than puppies, hence why we included the cutesy Puppies Playing puzzle.

The other thing to consider is how many pieces the puzzle has. While the 1,000 piece extravaganza that is Chuck Pinson's Inspirations of Spring is a wonderful challenge for experienced puzzlers, it might be biting off more than you can chew for those new, or newly reintroduced to jigsaws.

Finally, if you're intrigued about getting into puzzling, but aren't quite feeling the old-fashioned designs that make up so much of the jigsaw puzzle market, consider the two-in-one Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle, that gives an interesting wordy spin on jigsaw puzzling.