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Your next victory is just a roll away with a handful of dice. Game night just wouldn’t be the same without that familiar tumble. No matter the game, a dice roll is a safe gamble when there’s fun to be had. There are a variety of dice options from the traditional cube to more unique multi-sided options. And these selections are not without their charms; they are oh so colorful. You can leave it all to chance with our fun dice selection.

Staff pick

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MicoYuan metal dice assortment

Totally metal

These dice are *metal*. Literally. Every color of the rainbow is available and in tons of combos. The seven dice you need for D&D are included in this set.

Sharp & fair

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Dice Stack casino dice

Perfect for Yahtzee

Not all dice are made equally. Casino dice have to be evenly weighted, so there's not one face that weighs more than any other. This five-dice plastic set meets that hefty standard and includes a dice cup.

It's a party

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SmartDealsPro six complete D&D dice sets

Enough for everyone to play

Want enough dice to start a D&D group, or a lot of dice just for you? These 42 plastic dice will set you up with a dragon's hoard and are enough for six players to each have their own set. Or you can keep them all to yourself; I don't judge. Six dice bags are included.

Foiled again

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DNDND gold foil dice set

All that glitters is not gold

Want a set of  D&D dice that have metallic flair without the all-metal price? These dice have it. These plastic dice are cast with a metallic foil embedded in the seven die set.

Six shooters

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Chessex 36 count d6 set

The odds are in your favor

Do you need a ton of six-sided dice? Chessex delivers with its block of 36 dice. These dice are great for those that play games like Warhammer or other d6 driven games. Or you can use them to class up your game of Risk or Monopoly. The gold pips contrast well with blue, though other colors are available. 

That's how we roll

Dice are a game night essential that add that necessary element of chance to gameplay. Whether you need to replace a missing die in your well-used Monopoly box or you’re partaking in D&D, there are plenty of viable options to maintain the fun.

So you always have a set of dice handy, we recommend the colorful array of choices with the MicoYuan metal dice assortment. This seven-piece dice collection is made of zinc alloy. So, each die is durable and has considerable heft to ensure your next turn is a good one.

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