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The best water purifier jugs for cleaner tasting water

One thing I’m sure we’ll all agree on is that buying bottled water makes us feel like we’re being ripped off. Why pay for something that we are lucky enough to have access to on tap? Unfortunately, the quality and taste of our tap water varies in different areas. In some areas it’s pure as anything, and refreshingly cold. However, for some hard water areas and areas where the water is treated with fluoride, it can leave an unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth which is nobody’s cup of tea. 

Rather than spend a fortune on bottled water, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by investing in a water purifier jug that will rid your tap water of any toxins and other unwanted impurities. When you switch to filtered water, it’ll taste just as fresh as bottled water and we promise you won’t be able to tell the difference. In fact, why don't you take a look at our list of best water bottles so you're completely ready for this new revelation. 

There are a few things to consider when buying the best water purifier jugs for you, such as filter, capacity and style. We’re all looking for ways to make life easier, so filters that only need to be change every so often (i.e. once a month) is a popular choice. However, it is wise to check the style and brand of filter before choosing a jug, as some filters require washing and other preparation before they are fit for use. In addition, some cartridges take longer to filter, so you’ll need to remember to fill the jug up otherwise you may find yourself buying a cheeky bottle or foregoing purified water all together which defeats the object.  

Capacity is an obvious factor when deciding which is the best water purifier jug for you. If you have a large family you’ll want one that can hold a lot, but if you like your water chilled, you’ll also have to make sure it’s the right shape and size to fit in your fridge. If it’s getting used a lot, opting for a dishwasher friendly jug is beneficial otherwise they can be rather tricky to clean. Other than that it’s down to personal style preference, so take a look at our top picks to help filter out your favourites. 

1. Brita Marella XL Water Filter Jug

A kitchen staple that fits in all fridge doors

Best for: The fridge
Capacity: 3.5L
Dishwasher-friendly: Yes (excl. Lid)
Filter type: Brita MAXTRA
RRP: £26.99
Reasons to buy
+Affordable jug+Different colours
Reasons to avoid
- Pricey cartridges 

This reliable Brita Marella XL Water Filter Jug is one of the best water purifier jugs for the fridge as its size and shape means it fits perfectly in the door. This is ideal for keeping water fresh and cold for when you need the ultimate thirst-quencher. Capacity is listed as 3.5 Litres but the filtered water capacity is only 2 Litres. However, this is still a good sized jug for large households. This water purifier takes Brita MAXTRA filters that are designed to remove chlorine, limescale and all other impurities from your water for the freshest taste. Users say to be careful when pouring as the flip top lid can lead to spillages. It also comes in a variety of colours to suit your kitchen’s style.  

2. Berkey Big Water Purification System

Get fresh water on tap from this large capacity tank that purifies even the dirtiest water

Best for: Long term solutions
Capacity: 8.5L
Dishwasher-friendly: No
Filter type: Assorted
RRP: £247.46
Reasons to buy
+High capacity+Low maintenance
Reasons to avoid
- Pricey 

If you live in an area where the water is particularly unpleasant or you don’t have access to tap water, then this water purification system will ensure you get clean and fresh water whenever you need it. This industrial style system can purify even the dirtiest of water from rivers, ponds, and foreign water supplies. It is a large tank so it is recommended for use at home, but if you are going camping or living in a hostile environment for a prolonged period of time, this water purifier will ensure you don’t go thirsty. Its filters only needs to be changed every 22,700 Litres so it is a great low maintenance investment if you want peace of mind you always have access to fresh water. 

3. BRITA Fill and Go

This is an easy to carry bottle for the purest water on the move

Best for: On the go
Capacity: 0.6L
Dishwasher-friendly: Yes
Filter type: BRITA Fill and Go
RRP: £14.99
Reasons to buy
+Portable+Variety of colours
Reasons to avoid
- High maintenance 

This is a great little water bottle for when you’re on the move. Whether it’s on your daily commute or in the gym, the BRITA Fill and Go will save you money on bottled water instantly. Not only this, but they are extremely ECO friendly and discourage using plastic bottles. Filters are relatively cheap when bought in packs but they do need to be changed once a week for the best tasting water. The bottle filters water as you drink so you don’t have to waste any time- simply fill and go!  

4. Best Water Technology Mineral Water Jug

A stylish jug which reminds you when to change the filter

Best for: Budget buy
Capacity: 2.7L
Dishwasher-friendly: Yes (excl. Lid)
Filter type: BWT Longlife MG2+
RRP: £24.99
Reasons to buy
+Variety of colours+Cheap
Reasons to avoid
- Only 1.5L filtered capacity 

If you’re looking for a water purifier jug that matches your kitchen and doesn’t break the bank then this BWT Mineral Water Jug is one to take a look it. It comes in a variety of colours and at £24.99 it’s a great addition to any kitchen. This is an all-round winner that fits in most fridge doors, is easy to fill and has an indicator to tell you when the cartridge needs changing. If you’ve not bought a water filter before, this is a good one to start with.  

5. Ovopur by Aquaovo

This piece of art filters your water naturally and reduces carbon footprint

Best for: Environment
Capacity: 11L
Dishwasher-friendly: No
Filter type: Aquacristal
RRP: £569.99
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful design+Environmentally friendly
Reasons to avoid
- Expensive 

For lovers of minimalist design, this water purifier is a great investment piece in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Although extremely costly, Ovopur by Aquaovo is almost a piece of art as well as a handy tool for water purification. Made from porcelain and equipped with a bamboo stand, this is drinking water at its finest. Water is naturally kept at the optimum temperature for ultimate freshness.  

6. Black and Blum Charcol Water Filter

This detoxifying water purifier is made from charcoal and is surprisingly low maintenance

Best for: Health fanatics
Capacity: 800ML
Dishwasher-friendly: No
Filter type: Binchotan Active Charcoal
RRP: £14.99
Reasons to buy
+Charcoal filter+Cheap
Reasons to avoid
-  Not everyone’s taste 

If you follow the latest health trends, you’ll know that everyone is going crazy over the benefits of activated charcoal. It’s been used in facemasks, toothpaste and now it’s being used to purify your water, too! It really gives a pure taste to water; eliminating any chlorine or fluoride and balancing out the PH Levels of your water. This small bottle is great for when you’re on the go and will encourage those who dislike drinking water to keep hydrated. If you liked the idea of the BRITA Filll & Go but don’t want to fork out for new cartridges every week, then get this bottle as it is low maintenance and the charcoal lasts for up to three months.  

7. Bobble Water Jug

A quirky looking jug that looks cool in your kitchen

Best for: Style
Capacity: 2L
Dishwasher-friendly: No
Filter type: Bobble Jug Filter
RRP: £19.99
Reasons to buy
+Cheap+Funky design
Reasons to avoid
- Takes ages to fill up 

This water purifier jug boasts no frills but does what is says on the tin while making a funky accessory for your kitchen. Many users have said the only downside is that this water purifier jug does not have a water chamber so it takes a long time to fill up. If you’re more about aesthetics rather than optimum functionality then this jug is a low-cost addition to your kitchen. 

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