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The best water bottles for fresh water on the go

Buying bottled water every day can soon add up to be pretty pricey, not to mention the fact that you’re leaving a pretty hefty carbon footprint every time you do. So why not switch to a reusable bottle that will save you money and also make you feel a little better about doing your bit for the environment. 

A water bottle for the gym is an essential, but many of us forget to stay hydrated during our busy day-to-day schedules. Having a water bottle you can keep in your bag or in the car is ideal for making sure you get enough H₂O to keep you fit and healthy. And if you really hate water, many can also be used to fill with your favourite juice or squash. 

There are a few different types of water bottle you can get, and some factors you might want to consider when choosing your water bottle. Glass water bottles are generally cleaner as they don’t absorb flavours, but they are heavier and not ideal if you’re prone to dropping things. In which case, a stainless steel bottle would be better as it’s durable and is ideal for keeping in your bag when going out for the day as they tend to keep water cooler for longer. 

Then you’ve got the most common option which is the plastic water bottle. These are lightweight and pretty fairly priced. They are ideal for the gym and for carrying around in your bag during the day, and you won’t have to worry about breaking it, however, they are considered the least environmentally friendly option out of the three. Filters are also very popular and great if you live in a hard water area or don’t like the taste of water. Some allow you to infuse your water with fruit and even charcoal if you’re all about the latest health trends.

If it's fresh tasting water at home that you are after, check out some top picks for the best water filter jugs, but if it's an out and about thirst quenching water bottle you are in need of, let us guide you through our favourites this season:

1. Chilly’s Water Bottles

An insulated bottle for hot and cold drinks

Best for: Hot and Cold Drinks | Material: Stainless steel | Size: 260ml and 500ml | Lid Type: Screw top

Leak proof 
A little pricey 

The Chilly's water bottle brand has become renowned for its modern design take on the classic water bottle. The designs of these quirky bottles are super fun; with everything from galaxy patterns funky cactus prints. It's not all about the design though, Chilly’s Pastel Edition 500ml water bottles are a particularly modest set of colourways and they are made from stainless steel, allowing for chilled drinks to stay cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks to stay warm for up to 12 hours. If you are looking for the ideal water bottle to give as a gift; thanks to the well designed cardboard sleeve packaging, these little bundles of fun make great Christmas or Birthday presents.

2. OMorc Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 900ml

A fruit infuser for those who hate drinking water

Best for: Fruit infusion | Material: Plastic | Size: 900ml | Lid Type: Straw

Fruit infuser
Feels a little flimsy 

Looking for a decent sized water bottle with an infuser? Look no further. For those of you who never drink enough water because you don’t like the taste, this fruit infusion bottle is the perfect solution. Simply add your favourite fruits to the infuser and the bottle will filter the water as you drink it so it tastes fruity. It is an affordable option that may not last as long as others but is ideal for casual use. It also has a much larger capacity than your typical water bottle making it ideal for day trips. There are a lot of water bottles on the market that enable you to add fruit, but typically you lose out on space for water as a result. This is not the case with the OMorc bottle as it has a larger capacity than average water bottles making it not only one of the best water bottles for the gym but without doubt the best fruit infusion water bottle out there.

3. Root 7 Corkcicle Flask

A multi-functional flask for water and more...

Best for: The office | Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 454ml | Lid Type: Screw top

Sleek design
Not just for water
No filter 
Not dishwasher safe

If you are looking for a water bottle to take to office that doesn't cramp your style, Root 7 have got you covered. Their Corkcicle flask, with its sleek looking design, is your new work bff. It's large enough that you won't be getting up to the water cooler to re-fill it every 5 minutes but not too big to fit inside a work bag. The best part about this stainless steel water bottle is that it has triple insulated walls which means it'll double up as a coffee or tea flask that will honestly keep your coffee warm for hours.

4. Carry Cap Bobble Water Bottle

A funky design with a handy filter

Best for: Hard water | Material: Plastic | Size: 550ml | Lid Type: Straw

Long-life filter
Straw a bit tough 

For those of you live in hard water areas, we know the water doesn’t taste particularly nice. But with the Bobble Water Bottle, you can filter your water as you drink to get rid of that horrible metallic taste. This is a cool design that is perfect for daily use in the office or at home, and it comes in a wide range of funky colours. The water bottle filter is in the lid of the bottle and lasts up to 3 months which is way longer than some of the other big brands such as the BRITA Fill&Go.

5. Platypus Duo Lock Soft Bottle

A compact roll-up pouch for when you’re on the go

Best for: Travel | Material: Nylon/Polyethylene | Size: 750ml | Lid Type: Dual-locking cap

Locking cap
Doesn’t feel like a bottle 

This is a bit different to a typical water bottle, and feels more like you’re sipping on a Capri-Sun (but hey, who doesn’t like those) but they are incredibly handy if you’re going on a hike or backpacking as they are nowhere near as cumbersome as most bottles. This soft water bottle de-compresses when empty so you can simply fold it up and put it in your bag. Some may say it’s even safer than a water bottle as it has a locking cap so you won’t have any problems with leaks! Easily the best water bottle for travelling on our list but also a great option for those who jog or exercise for long periods of time.

6. Black+Blum Charcoal Filter Water Bottle

Water filtered by Charcoal for totally pure tasting water

Best for: Trend lovers | Material: Glass | Size: 650ml | Lid Type: Cork

Unique filter
Lasts up to 3 months
Glass could break 

Charcoal is all the rage right now; it has been used in toothpaste, face masks and in food and drinks. Now you can get this water bottle that will filter your plain old tap water and transform it into a healthy and pure tasting drink. If you love trying out the latest fads, then this is the bottle for you, just be careful not to drop it as this is a glass water bottle. The filter lasts for up to three months and the bottle is super easy to clean. If you like the look of the  Carry Cap Bobble Water Bottle but want something a little more classy looking, give Black + Blum a try.