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The best walking trainers

Walking trainers

If you walk absolutely everywhere, then the shoes you wear will have a big impact on your daily comfort. A pair of walking trainers is a great way to get about in both style and comfort, with many providing support and breathability whether it’s just walking the dog or going on a long hike. The best walking trainers will leave your feet feeling supported, yet light, but which are the best for you?

The great thing about walking trainers is that they are a lot lighter and more casual than a walking shoe or hiking boot. They’ll usually have the same waterproofing and supportive soles that will make it easy to walk on all different terrain, but they’ll have the comfort of a regular trainer which means they don’t need breaking in and can be worn daily. 

When choosing the right walking trainers for you, you’ll need to consider the same things you would when buying regular trainers, and combine that with the features you want and need in a walking shoe. For example, whether you are an underpronator or overpronator will determine the level of support you want from your walking trainers. 

Depending on when and where you walk, you should opt for a walking trainer with good waterproof technology such as Gore-Tex, and grippy soles such as Vibram, to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable on any walk or hike. The great thing about walking trainers as opposed to walking shoes is that they are usually much more breathable, and have a lower ankle support compared to a hiking boot so they can be suitable for walking all year round.

We’ve picked out some of the best walking trainers for daily use and for more intense trail walks. You’ll find that walking trainers don’t cost as much as hiking boots or shoes, so these are also a great option for those who are starting training, or those who participate in smaller trail hikes. When you're done picking out your favourites, check out our guide to the best walking trousers, too.

Walking trainers

1. Salomon Evasion GTX

A durable shoe that will support the heel when walking

Best for: Supporting the heel | Outer material: Synthetic & suede leather | Sole: Gum rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 399g

Mud guard 
Too stiff for some  

If you find your feet overpronate quite a bit, then you may find that these Salomon Evasion walking trainers provide the support you need. Customers found the sizing to be just right, even when they are half sizes, and claim them to be incredibly durable and long-lasting due to the mud guard that protects the shoes from wear and tear. These are recommended for all types of walking trails and their waterproof technology means you can wear them all year round. Most importantly, the heel strap provides stability for your heel to ensure your feet are flat when walking, however those with neutral pronation may find these feel a little too stiff on their feet.  

Walking trainers

2. Inov8 Trailroc 285

Build up speed and stability on technical trails with these walking trainers

Best for: Running trails | Outer material: Synthetic and mesh | Sole: Gum rubber | Waterproof: No | Weight: 285g

Not for wet walks 

These lightweight and breathable mesh walking trainers are recommended for those who like to run trail routes as their design helps gain speed without restricting the foot as much as a walking shoe or boot. They are designed more like a traditional trainer, and do not have waterproof technology so should only be used for light summer trails rather than long and complex hikes. Users love these walking trainers for their comfort and say they are great for daily use whether it be walking the dog or going to the gym.

Walking trainers

3. Terrex Swift R2 GTX

A slightly more supportive yet breathable trainer for walking and running

Best for: Breathability | Outer material: Mesh, TPU and synthetic | Sole: Gum rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 700g

Choice of colours
Snug fit
Quite stiff 

If you like the sound of the Inov8 Trailroc walking trainers but want something with a little bit more support, then these walking trainers offer something very similar with a few more features such as waterproofing and ankle support. Users have said these shoes are particularly good for regular walking, but also for weightlifting as they are quite heavy and provide good stability. If you like to run trails these shoes may be a little too stiff for you, but they are said to have excellent tread so you can expect these to be long-lasting if you are a frequent trail walker.  

Walking trainers

4. Berghaus Expeditor Active AQ Tech

Lightweight and flexible shoes for daily walking

Best for: Daily walks | Outer material: Synthetic & suede | Sole: Gum rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 810g

 Colour is a bit dull

These walking trainers are popular for their flexibility which makes them perfect for daily walks whether it is on the beach, in the forest or on the road. They would make a great companion for any season as they have the appropriate waterproofing and sturdy gum rubber soles which makes them adaptable to all terrain. They aren’t the nicest of colours, but users say they can overlook this for their comfort.  

Walking trainers

5. Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike Texapore Shoes

A grippy shoe for those who go hiking

Best for: Casual hiking | Outer material: Suede Leather | Sole: Gum rubber | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 921g

Very supportive
Sturdy heel
Need breaking in 

These walking trainers are said to be ideal for those who enjoy casual hikes, and backpackers in particular found these shoes to provide great comfort when carrying a heavy load on their backs. The shoes do need breaking in a little before you set off on your big trip, as some customer’s found them to rub a little on the first wear (wearing thick socks could also help), but their weight and heel height means they will provide stability on rougher terrain and inclines.  

Walking trainers

6. Arc'teryx Norvan VT Trail

Added comfort and grip makes these a popular walking trainer for frequent walkers

Best for: Comfort | Outer material: TPE & EVA | Sole: Vibram | Waterproof: No | Weight: 889g

Bright colours
Vibram soles for extra grip
Not suitable for extensive hiking 

Here we have another great walking trainer for those who often walk or run on light trails. They don’t have waterproofing, but what customers do love is their comfort, especially with their vibram soles that feel bouncy and sturdy. Runners found these to provide solid traction and good grip when running smaller trails and the laces make it easy to adjust these shoes to your desired comfort for a number of activities. These walking trainers are not recommended for wet weather walks, but can hold up well with a bit of light hiking and climbing.  

Walking trainers

7. Merrell Siren Sport Q2

A robust pair of walking trainers for stability and shock absorption

Best for: Shock absorption | Outer material: leather and mesh | Sole: Synthetic | Waterproof: Yes | Weight: 313g

Ankle support
 A bit much for casual walking

For those more experienced hikers, these walking trainers provide much higher ankle support, almost looking more like a hiking shoe or boot. They are made from leather with a mesh upper which naturally makes them sturdier but still allows the foot to breathe. Those who have these shoes say they are surprisingly comfortable with no need for breaking in, perfect if you need a pair of shoes last minute for a trip. The fact that they are lightweight also makes it easier for you to pack them in your bag for a walking holiday or other adventure trips. If you are considering starting up hiking or walking and don’t want to invest in a more aggressive shoe just yet, then these are a good place to start.  


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