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The best TVs: which is the best TV to buy right now?

The best TVs: which is the best TV to buy right now?

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing tele (did someone say World Cup?!), it’s hard to know where to start. There’s so many factors to consider these days when picking out the best TV, whether it's the screen size, the picture quality, the smart function, connectivity, or even something as nitty gritty as the techy inner workings that make it good for this and not so good for that - 3D, 4K, UHD... where to start? Fear not, we are here to help you out.

If the extensive TV market may appear like a screen of incomprehensible white noise, we’re here to plug in an aerial and click a few buttons and give you a clear list of channels so you know where your headed for your needs. So, without further ado, continue reading for some solid advice, and some links to our favourite TVs on the market right now. 

When looking for your next TV, first things first, look at the picture quality. All new TVs these days offer 4K resolution; that means your HD channels and 4K games and movies are going to present themselves as clear and as polished as your nana’s brass buttons. It’s not all about the 4K though, with the introduction of OLED and Samsung QLED TVs, you can expect some pretty sharp image processing too, with blacks no longer appearing as the super dark green of the past. Of course, LED is completely fine too, perhaps just not as future-proof. 

Secondly, you’ll need to consider the screen size. While many of the TV offerings we have below are available in multiple sizes, it’s got to know roughly which screen size you should be looking out for if you find your current size too large or small. Basically, your screen size should equal a third of the distance between your TV stand and couch - mathematically, that means if there’s roughly 165 inches (14ft) between you and the TV, you should be looking at a 55 inch tele. Of course, personal preference is certainly allowed!

Aside from that, it’s always handy to look at the Smart system. Most offer freeview catch-up services (excluding older Samsungs) and a host of apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube - but you probably already know that. With the advance in screen tech, there’s been a slight diminish in sound quality, which is why you may have noticed some hype around soundbars (check out our guide to the best soundbarshere). However, with many TVs boasting Dolby technology or similar, watching your daily television schedule should be perfectly okay - it’s your movie nights that’ll need the extra. 

With all things considered, here’s a list of the best TVs on the market – go ahead and discover the right one for you. 


1. Sony Bravia KD65A1

Cream of the crop, this Sony Bravia leads the new OLED generation

Best for: Picture quality | Screen size: 65 inches | Screen type: OLED | Quality: 4K

Incredible colour contrast
4K upscaling
May require a sound bar 

While not the most expensive on the list, it’s certainly up there with the price tag, as the latest OLED technology doesn’t come cheap. For the money, you get one of the best pictures in the TV world, and thanks to its HDR and upscaling technology, non HD shows and old DVDs will receive a boost that brings out the best picture quality. Featuring the latest smart system and in-built Chromecast, you have access to all of your favourite streaming apps, and you can fire across your phone screen to view your favourite games and photos in 4K, too. With its ultra thin shape, Sony have turned the screen itself into a speaker, however a sound bar may be required to experience cinematic sound quality. 

2. Sony ZD9 Series

Potentially one of the best LED TVs out there

Best for: Best LED | Screen size: 65 inches | Screen type: LED | Quality: 4K

Awesome HDR quality
Great SDR picture quality
Audio not the best 

If you don’t quite have the pocket to cover the cost of the latest LED TVs, we’re pretty sure this one is the best compromise. Featuring the latest advances in HDR and SDR picture quality, the Sony ZD9 series pushes the boundaries when it comes to colour contrasting on an LED TV to provide an epically clear picture. With full upscaling technology included, you can experience the lowest quality web movies in HD format and with an Android smart system offering you all the favourites plus TV catch up, this is probably the most future proof LED TV out there. 


3. LG C7 OLED Series (2017)

OLED technology without the Sony price tag

Best for: Value for money | Screen size: 65 inches | Screen type: OLED | Quality: 4K

Awesome colour contrast
Stunning design
Minor compromise on colour quality 

Featuring the innovative breakthrough that is OLED technology, you can expect the latest abilities in colour contrasting; its downfall comes with the colour definition, however this isn’t particularly noticeable to the average viewer, and something experts believe is certainly worth compromising on when it comes to the significantly cheaper price tag. With 4K upscaling, a fairly decent sound system boosted by Dolby Atmos and a host of smart features included, this beautifully thin TV is probably one of the most sought after, with only brightness and colour volume, according to experts, being the only slight niggles.  


4. LG Signature Series W7 OLED

Incredibly slim and beautiful, the LG Signature series is almost perfect

Best for: Stylish | Screen size: 65 inches | Screen type: QLED | Quality: 4K

Ultra thin
Wall mounted with magnetic strips
Experts say some motion issues 

When it comes to epitomising the reality of modern technology, the LG Signature Series does a good job of rounding it up. Yes, you’re going to to have to do some serious thinking about justifying the price tag, but the low down seems to be, if you feed it the right content, you can’t beat it. Wall mounted with magnetic strips, this TV can sit flush against the wall, and thanks to the accompanying sound bar, you get decent sound at no extra expense. With the usual HDR and 4K upscaling and incredible colour clarity and contrast promised by OLED TVs, the only compromise seems to be with its TruMotion function, which according to experts, should be turned off immediately.  

5. Samsung 55MU6220

One of the best curved TVs for immersive, wrap around viewing

Best for: Curved television | Screen size: 55 inches | Screen type: LED | Quality: 4K

UHD clarity and colour
4K and UHD upscaling
Lacks OLED technology 

Featuring a curved screen for immersive viewing and boasting the same 4K and UHD upscaling as the more expensive TVs on our list, this a far more reasonably priced TV for the average pocket. Yes, it’s not going to offer the same level of colour or the same contrast, but that could be worth compromising on if the thought of spending thousands of pounds on a tele is completely unjustifiable. Thanks to the Auto Depth Enhancer, UHD Dimming technology and the bonus of a Dolby Digital Plus sound system, viewers should receive both a superior picture and sound, making this TV a great all-rounder. 


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