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The best muscle toning machines for men and women

Are you fed up of eating healthy and exercising regularly without seeing results in your muscle definition? If so, there is something you can do to jumpstart your muscles into engaging more, and working harder to achieve the toned and defined stomach you desire. 

Muscle toning machines have been around for some time now, and although these devices aren’t designed to do all the work for you, they can help you achieve your own personal fitness goals alongside an already established routine with minimal additional effort on your part. Stimulate your muscles while doing the chores or enjoying your favourite book – it really is super easy to achieve results with the use of a muscle toning machine every day. 

There are a range of ab belts, vibration plates and other muscle stimulators on the market, all of which do different things depending on the results you wish to achieve. Some will help to strengthen your muscles so you can work out longer and harder, and some work to improve your posture which will naturally help you see more definition in your abdomen. You can also get bands that heat up, making you sweat more and thus lose more weight and tone up quicker. Remember to stay hydrated whenever you work out whether it's with a muscle toning machine or not - our pick of the best water bottles will help you out on that front.

So whether you’re working towards a six-pack or simply want to be bikini ready, we’ve got a range of gadgets and gizmos that can help you achieve your ultimate body goals. 

1. Ab Flex Ab Toning Belt

Guaranteed results in six weeks or your money back

Best for: Ab Belt | Type: Belt | Power: Battery

Money-back guarantee
Mobile device
Not the most powerful 

If you’ve not tried an ab toning belt before, then give the Ab Flex Ab Toning Belt a try. This belt uses medical grade abdominal technology with 10 settings to gently stimulate your abdominal muscles so you can noticeably feel them tightening with every session. There are up to 99 intensity levels which mean this belt is ideal for beginner through to experienced athletes who want that little extra boost. Some say they don’t find this belt very powerful, but you must use it 30 minutes a day alongside an exercise regime to really see the best results.  

2. Slendertone Abs7 Advanced Core Toning Belt

A rechargeable ab belt that is a great investment when working towards a fitter you

Best for: Rechargeable belt | Type: Belt | Power: Rechargeable battery

Range of intensity levels
Not for weight loss 

The Slendertone Abs7 is a great investment piece for those who have lost weight and want to start toning up. Combined with eating well and exercising, this belt will trigger natural muscle performance so you see results quicker. You’ll get 10 different programmes that can be set to beginners warm ups and higher endurance settings so that you can work at your own pace. Although pricey, this belt is rechargeable and has a range of other toning accessories that can be purchased to enhance your workout as you progress. 

3. Reviber Plus Vibration Plate Exerciser

A vibration plate for all over muscle toning

Best for: Home Gyms | Type: Vibration plate | Power: Mains

Reduce body fat
Remote control
A bit heavy 

If you want something a bit more powerful than an ab belt, then this vibration plate is a great addition to a home gym or simply to have in your living room. This machine is great for those trying to lose weight or those who have recently lost a lot of weight as it targets body fat and helps stimulate and stabilise core muscles throughout your entire body. You can set the programme to your own level and it is very quiet meaning you can even use it while watching the telly! 

4. Slendertone Connect

A smart toning belt that connects to your phone

Best for: Tracking progress | Type: Belt | Power: Rechargeable Battery

Connects to smartphone
A little pricey 

Slendertone Connect is yet another great ab belt, but the difference with this one is that it can connect to your smartphone so that you can control and monitor your progress easily. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and includes programmes that can help you achieve a specific goal in the time you need to. 30 minutes of using this belt is the equivalent of doing 180 sit-ups, so you’re bound to see the difference in no time.  

5. Rio ProLift Facial Toner

A great workout for your face to keep you looking young

Best for: Facial muscles | Type: toning headpiece | Power: Battery

Facial exercises
Reusable pads
A little uncomfortable to wear 

If you want to strengthen your facial muscles then the Rio ProLift Facial Toner is a great way to achieve smoother and tighter looking skin. This type of electrical muscle stimulation has been used in the beauty salons for decades and is said to be very effective. Some users noted that the design can be a little awkward to wear, and does not reach the chin and lip area, but it does a great job at lifting around the cheeks and eyes.  

6. Bodi-Tek AbTek Toning Belt

Get more defined abs without breaking the bank

Best for: Budget buy | Type: Belt | Power: Battery

Batteries included
Not as comfortable as others 

If you want to try an ab belt but don’t want to spend the money on the Slendertone belts, then this ab belt is a great budget buy for giving EMS a try. It comes with batteries and the conductive gel and is surprisingly powerful considering the price. Many users have been extremely happy with this belt but recommend to make sure you use the gel properly and start on a lower setting until you feel comfortable with more intense EMS settings.  

7. Slendertone Bottom S7 Toning Shorts

A pair of pants to stimulate your legs and bum

Best for: Legs & Bums | Type: Shorts | Power: Rechargeable battery

Handheld controller
Come up small 

For those ladies who want a firmer looking bottom, these shorts can work miracles. Simply pop them on and switch them on for 30 minutes of EMS that is the equivalent of 60 leg lifts. Ladies have said these come up a little small, but are perfect for those up to a size 12. You’ll get an easy handheld controller so you can increase the intensity when you wish, and they are rechargeable for use whenever you need them.