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The best sunscreen for babies

the best sunscreen for babies

Babies’ skin is so much more delicate than our own, which is why they need even more protection when out in the sun from the harmful UVB and UVA rays. Their skin also tends to be a lot more sensitive to certain ingredients, so it’s important that you choose a sunscreen that is free from harsh chemicals.  

Where possible, it is always advised to keep children under six months covered up with hats and clothing, however the use of a sunscreen will give you that extra peace of mind that they are covered when outdoors. Choosing a waterproof formula such as the Nivea Sun Baby Lotion is advised as this will ensure it stays put, even if they aren’t going near water. 

If you child has eczema or any form of sensitive skin, then look out for brands that are kind to skin. Bepanthen Baby Sunscreen and Childs Farm Sun Cream are both good options for younger babies – just be sure to carry out a patch test 48 hours before use to ensure it is suitable. For our full list of sunscreen for babies, take a look below.  

The best baby sunscreen

1. Bepanthen Baby Suncream

Kind to skin and suitable for young babies

Best for: Sensitive skin
Volume: 75ml
SPF: 50+
Reasons to buy
+ Water resistant 

During hotter months babies are not only at risk of sunburn but they can also suffer from things such as prickly heat if they have very sensitive skin. Daily use of this baby sunscreen will ensure your child is protected and it can ease the symptoms caused by heat. It is a thick and creamy formula that can be applied all over, including the face, and parents have said it works very well and is kind to skin. It is also water resistant for extra peace of mind your baby is fully protected at all times.  

Nivea Sun Baby Lotion

2. Nivea Sun Baby Lotion

A long-lasting water-resistant sun cream for babies

Best for: Water resistancy
Volume: 200ml
SPF: 50+
Reasons to buy
+ Good value for money 

Some baby sunscreens can be a little pricey, but Nivea has introduced this baby sun lotion which is not only affordable but incredibly effective too. It is praised for its water resistancy, so if you’re going on a family holiday you can let your kids play around in the pool without the worry of having to reapply cream every five minutes. This cream is suitable for children as young as three months and is suitable to apply all over the body as long as you keep away from the eyes. It provides immediate protection and users love the smell of it.  

Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion

3. Mustela Very High Protection Sun Lotion

A moisturising baby sunscreen for dry skin

Best for: Dry skin
Volume: 100ml
SPF: 50+
Reasons to buy
+Easily absorbed

Parents are praising this as one of the best baby sunscreens for quick absorption. So if your little one is super wriggly, this is your best bet for getting them fully protected without too much fuss. It’s also incredibly moisturising, which means it’s not sticky and is kind on dry skin. Unlike some sunscreens, this one is also said to be easy to clean, so don’t worry if you get it on their clothes as it’ll just wash out.  

Childs Farm Sun Cream

4. Childs Farm Sun Cream

A super sensitive formula for children who suffer with eczema

Best for: Eczema prone skin
Volume: 100ml
SPF: 50+
Reasons to buy
+Suitable for 6 months + 

Eczema can be really irritating as a baby, especially when the summer months roll around, but parents have said that this baby sunscreen is really kind to aggravated skin as it doesn’t contain any artificial colours, parabens, or mineral oils. It is SPF 50 and water resistant so you can have peace of mind that your baby is protected all year round with this sunscreen.  

Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30

5. Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30

Scent-free cream that is soothing on sensitive skin

Best for: Fragrance free
Volume: 150ml
SPF: 30
Reasons to buy
+ Rich in antioxidants 

Certain perfumes can also irritate the skin, so for children of a young age it is best to opt for a sunscreen that is fragrance free like this organic sun lotion from Green People. It’s rich in antioxidants which protect the skin against cell damage and it is also very moisturising on dry skin. It is said to be a little tacky so you do have to make sure you rub it in well, but many parents love how well this product works for children with sensitive skin and allergies. 

Organii Sun Milk SPF 50

6. Organii Sun Milk SPF 50

An organic sunscreen for all children and babies

Best for: All skin types
Volume: 125ml
SPF: 50
Reasons to buy
+Suitable for vegans 

This organic sun milk is a vegan-friendly baby sunscreen that is suitable for all skin types. It’s not too thick and heavy and rubs in easily to the skin. Apply this sunscreen all over the body, including the face for total protection and water resistance. It includes a range of moisturising ingredients that make this cream feel hydrating to the skin as well as protecting from those harmful rays. 

Banana Boat Kids Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50

7. Banana Boat Kids Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50

Fuss-free baby sunscreen for families on holiday

Best for: Holidays
Volume: 60ml
SPF: 50
Reasons to buy
+ Sand won’t stick

Banana Boat has now released this high SPF sunscreen that is designed specifically for children playing on the beach. Sand won’t stick to this cream so you can expect a hassle-free and mess-free experience next time you head to the beach. It also comes in a handy 60ml bottle which is travel size and suitable for airports. The formula is thick but not sticky so it won’t leave you looking pasty white after application.  


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