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The best potty: top potties for training your toddler


Toilet training can seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of ways you can make it fun and easy for your child to learn and make the transition out of nappies and onto the toilet. The most common form of toilet training is using a potty. This is a great way to help your child learn to recognise when they need the toilet, and to give them a place of their own to go when they do. Whatever you decide when it comes to toilet training, just remember, every child is different - so start your journey at your own pace and get advice from a pediatric doctor or nurse if you have any concerns.

When choosing the best potty for your little one, it is of course usually best to opt for one that your little one likes, as this will encourage them to want to learn. There are a whole range of potties on the market, from basic ones that are portable and easy to clean, to others that look like a mini throne for your prince or princess to sit on. 

Some potties are even interactive, with sounds, music and kitted out with loo roll and a flush which can really help your child feel involved in the process like an adult themselves. Some potties are bigger than others, so make sure you find the right one to suit your child, as one size does not always fit all. The toilet-style potties can be easier to sit on than a low down potty, and if you want to try and get the using the bathroom as quickly as possible, you can also get potty seats that attach to your toilet so they become familiar with it from the start. If you are thinking of placing the potty next to the crib or cot in your little ones bedroom for those inevitable midnight toilet wake-up calls, the classic portable potty will likely be your best friend for this.

We’ve picked out some of the best potties on the market for your children to have a fun and pressure-free experience when toilet training. With funky colours, sounds and designs, we’re sure your little one will be using the bathroom with ease in no time! 


1. Fisher-Price My Potty Friend

Make potty training fun with this all-singing all-dancing potty

Best for: Making it fun | Age: 18 months + | Colour: White, blue, pink | Batteries: Yes (3xAA)

Fun and interactive
Looks like a real toilet
A bit fiddly to use 

Children can really look forward to going to the toilet with this Fisher-Price potty. It looks just like a real toilet and even comes with a flush and toilet roll holder to encourage kids to learn the routine of using the bathroom. The potty plays music which makes it entertaining for children to use and once they’ve developed in their learning you can even put this potty seat onto your toilet to help progress the transition. Some have said the lid is a little fiddly, but for encouraging actually sitting on the potty to do their business, it works a treat.  


2. Summer Infant My Size Potty

Transition to the toilet quicker with this potty seat

Best for: Quick training | Age: 18 months + | Colour: White | Batteries: Yes (2x AAA)

Looks like a real toilet
Realistic flush sound
Requires batteries  

This potty is probably one of the most realistic options on the market. It looks and sounds just like a real toilet, and the seat is a little higher than that of a standard potty which makes it a little easier for children to sit on. The flip up seat is removable which makes it easy to clean, and this potty also comes with a splash guard for boys in training. The top of the potty has a compartment for wipes which will help encourage kids to keep clean and then they can use the realistic flush to practice good routine. It does require batteries for the sound, but overall parents have found this worth it when it comes to encouraging their children to get into the habit of using the toilet independently.  


3. BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty

A classic potty that is practical and easy to clean

Best for: Practicality | Age: Any age | Colour: Green, grey, orange, pink, purple, turquoise and white | Batteries: No

 Quite low down

If you’re after a basic potty that won’t take up too much room, then this is the potty for you. It comes in a range of colours which are bound to cater to all children, and the seat is contoured to make it comfy for children to sit on. Because it’s compact it can be used wherever needed, and the rubber strips on the bottom are designed to keep it stable while in use. Parents have found this potty very easy to clean by simply removing the inner bowl, and it even comes with a splash guard to minimise mess.  


4. Bumbo Step 'N' Potty

A 3-in-1 potty for

Best for: Easy transitioning | Age: 18 months + | Colour: White & blue | Batteries: No

Toilet seat and step 
Lightweight and portable
Quite pricey  

This potty acts as a 3-in-1 tool to help go from potty to toilet with ease. You can begin by using this as a standard potty, but the seat is also able to be removed and placed on the toilet when they begin to become more comfortable with it. It also acts as a sturdy step to help them reach the toilet and sink in the bathroom so they can feel just like one of the adults. It’s lightweight and portable which means it can be taken round to grandma’s house or when on holiday to help keep training consistent.  


5. My Carry Potty

A portable potty for when you’re on the go

Best for: Portability | Age: Any age | Colour: Blue, pink, yellow, cat, ladybird | Batteries: No

Handy carry handle
Non-slip rubber feet
 A little heavy for kids to carry

Keep up consistency when potty training is key, which is why we think this carry potty is a great idea for when you’re on the go or travelling. It comes in a range of funky colours and designs that kids will love, and a handy carry handle so they can have it with them wherever they are. Some parents have said their child gets a little bored of carrying it, so you may end up being the one with that duty, but it’s great for setting up for them to go wherever you are so they aren’t constantly swapping between nappies and potty training. It has a strong seal, so if your child has to go before you get to a bathroom, you can be sure the contents will remain inside with no odour and no leakage until you are able to dispose of it in a toilet.  


6. Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty

An interactive potty with removable seat

Best for: Interactive and rewarding | Age: Any age | Colour: White, blue and yellow | Batteries: Yes (3 x AAA)

Sticker reward chart
Removable seat 
 A little bulky

To encourage potty training in a fun and rewarding way, this musical potty seat could do just the trick. It comes with a sticker reward chart for each time your child uses the potty and it also features a range of musical sounds which make using the potty enjoyable for children. The potty has a splash shield for boys and the bowl is removable for easy cleaning. Once they have gotten used to using the potty, the seat can then be clipped onto the toilet so they can take the next step towards using the toilet independently.  


7. Potette Plus Convertible Travel Potty

Making going to the loo easy when on the go

Best for: Travelling | Age: 12 months + | Colour: White & blue | Batteries: No

Disposable liners
Fold away neatly 
A bit small  

If you’re off on holiday or a camping trip, then this potty is ideal for keeping up the training when away. It is compact and easily folded away, and comes with liners which can then be disposed of when done with their business. Some parents have said this potty is a bit small and feels a bit flimsy, but overall it takes the stress out of potty training, especially when not at home.  


8. Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty

A basic potty for those on a budget

Best for: Budget buy | Age: Any age | Colour: White | Batteries: no

Simple to use
High splash guard
 No rubber feet means it slips

This potty doesn’t boast any musical numbers, but it gets the job done all the same. It has a comfortable seat and a high splash guard which makes it ideal for boys who are potty training. Parents have said that the fact this potty doesn’t have rubber feet mean it turns potty time into an Olympic sport if you have hardwood or laminate flooring. Overall it’s a smooth and sturdy way for your little one to learn their bathroom habits.  

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