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The best men’s quartz watches

Men's quartz watch

Quartz watches are one of the most common types of watch on the market. Not only are they largely more affordable than automatic and mechanical watches, but they are also said to be more accurate, too. With the rise in 'pop-up' fashion brands and even high street retailers such as Paul Smith getting in on the trend, you'll be spoilt for choice on the style front with this type of watch, making it pretty easy to find the perfect colour, face, hand and strap combination you're after. So what is a quartz watch and what makes the best men's quartz watch?  

Essentially, quartz watches work with a battery that powers the hands via vibrations as opposed to the highly technical process of automatic timepieces which use the motion of the person wearing it to activate the watch. This means you’ll distinctly be able to hear the ticking of the second hand – this can be annoying to some although many find this to be a nice touch to wearing a watch, and on the plus side, you won't need to invest in a watch winder for when you are not wearing your quartz watch so all round affordability is a bonus here.

Some may think that quartz watches are the most basic option when it comes to timepieces, but there are plenty of designer quartz watches on the market which could ultimately be better value for money and can arguably last longer owing to their typically tougher materials. Most quartz watches these days are water and shock-resistant, which makes them a good choice for those who are active or those who work outdoors. The most maintenance you can expect to have with a quartz watch is a change of the battery which will only be once a year at the very most. 

The style of quartz watch you go for is down to personal preference. If you like to keep things minimal, then a large face with small numbers, roman numerals or no numbers at all will keep things simple rather than busy. A leather strap will usually complement this nicely, ideal for a smart and professional look. Brands such as Sekford and Movado have particularly smart ranges out at the moment.

If you prefer something with a sportier look and feel, then chronograph watches feature three smaller dials and can usually tell you the time, date and allow you to measure things like speed and distance, too. Although, if you are looking for a men's watch that can track speed and fitness data with accuracy a fitness tracker is really the best way to go. Chronograph watches often come with a link bracelet or you can have the best of both worlds with the functional chronograph dial and a smart-looking leather strap. William L is a good brand to start with if you are new to the Chronograph watch game.

We’ve picked out some of the best men’s quartz watches on the market to suit all styles and budgets. From leather straps to sporty dials, which one will tick your boxes? 

Men's quartz watch

1. SEKFORD Type 1A Stainless Steel And Leather Watch

A simple yet elegant watch for the professional gentleman

Best for: Elegance | Material: Stainless steel, leather | Face size: 42mm | Water resistant: 30m

Simple and easy to read dial
Stylish leather strap
Not everyone likes tan 

If you’re after something that will sit nicely on your wrist without being too in-you-face, then this simple yet elegant watch from Sekford is popular for its subtle yet unique design. The face features bespoke typography which is hand drawn and the tan leather strap offers a softer appearance to the traditional black leather strap. The dial is medium-sized and although the numbers are small this dial is easy-to-read and the buckle fastening allows this watch to sit neatly and comfortably on the wrist. It comes presented in a beautiful box which would make it the ideal gift for the fashion-conscious gentleman.  

Men's quartz watch

2. GUCCI Gold PVD-Coated And Leather Watch

Something a bit quirky for the designer-loving gentlemen

Best for: Quirky design | Material: Gold coated stainless steel, leather | Face size: 38mm | Water resistant: 50m

Bold colours
Eye-catching design
No numbers on dial 

Who said quartz watches were boring? This watch from Gucci is anything but ordinary and if you want to make a bold statement then this is the one for you. The blue marble-effect face certainly catches the eye, but it doesn’t have any numbers or numerals, so quickly glancing to get the time could prove difficult, but the three hand quartz movement does mean this watch is incredibly accurate. The gold embellished bumblebee which indexes the 12 o’clock point on the watch is also a nice touch, and the black leather strap is a nice contrast to the bold colour of the dial. If you’re looking for luxury, then this watch certainly makes a statement.  

Men's quartz watch

3. Movado Men’s Ultra Slim Watch

A smart dial for the stylish businessman

Best for: Smart look | Material: Gold plated stainless steel, leather | Face size: 40mm | Water resistant: 30m

Slim design
Stand-out dial
Small face 

This sleek and professional-looking watch could make the perfect gift for any businessman looking to complete their style. The navy blue face makes for a nice contrast with the gold roman numerals and gold-plated casing, and the dark brown leather strap softens the striking dials design. This watch is slimmer and smaller than some, which means if you’re short-sighted you may have trouble reading the face, but if you don’t like your watches to big and bulky, then this is a nice alternative.  

Men's quartz watch

4. William L Vintage Style Chronograph

A classic chronograph watch for vintage lovers

Best for: Vintage lovers | Material: Stainless steel, leather | Face size: 40mm | Water resistant: 50m

Can be worn when swimming or fishing
 Busy dial 

If you live an active lifestyle, then this chronograph watch with leather strap makes for a stylish yet functional timepiece. The face is quite busy and chunky, but it is water resistant up to 50 meters which is great for those who go swimming or fishing. Customers who bought this watch love thing vintage style strap which combines the classic with the modern for a watch that can be worn both day and night.  

Men's quartz watch

5. Paul Smith Black Ma

A smart dress watch with a splash of colour

Best for: Dress watch | Material: Ion plated, leather | Face size: 42mm | Water resistant: 50m

Slim fit
Colourful dial
 Dark face

This quartz watch from Paul Smith is a little different in design compared to your average watch. The dark black face adds an air of sophistication to this watch which would make it the perfect present for wearing on those special occasions. The dress watch is smart with a splash of colour which makes it unique from everything else on the list. Some of the numbers may be difficult to see against the black dial but overall this is a striking design that makes a funky alternative to your everyday watch.  

Men's quartz watch

6. Luminox Authorised For Navy Use ANU 4220

A tough timepiece for those on the go

Best for: Durability | Material: Stainless steel/plastic | Face size: 42mm | Water resistant: 200m

Perfect for water sports
Not the nicest design 

If your job requires contact with water such as marine activity, or you take part in high impact water sports, then this is the watch for you. This watch has been designed for a fast paced lifestyle and is made from durable materials which mean it can stand to take a beating during day to day tasks. It’s not the most handsome design, but it has a sporty look and is said to be lightweight on the wrist so it doesn’t get in the way of activities. The quartz movement is protected by hardened mineral crystal which makes it much more durable and less likely to shatter upon impact.  

Men's quartz watch

7. Braun Men's BN0035 Classic Chronograph Watch

A modern design with an active feel

Best for: Modern design | Material: Ion plated steel, leather | Face size: 40mm | Water resistant: 50m

Sporty look
Chronograph function
 Weak wristband

This watch from Braun would make a comfy yet sophisticated watch to wear daily that can take you from the gym to the office. The chronograph dial has both time and date functions and it is water resistant up to 50 meters. The sleek leather wristband keeps it looking smart, however some customers have said it can weaken very quickly with everyday wear. Customer’s love it’s simple face and cool design which isn’t to OTT for both day and night wear 

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