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Best hair straighteners 2018

When it comes to bad hair days, every woman knows the struggle. Straightening irons have become an absolute must-have item for achieving ultra-sleek locks for every occasion, but the burning question that’s on every girl’s mind is “what are the best hair straighteners in 2018 and what ones are right for me?”

From wide plates to ceramic and titanium plates, oil plates and steam pods- who knew hair styling could be so high-tech? But fear not; we’re here to untangle this mystery by presenting you with our top 10 straightening irons that are hot right now. We’ve narrowed it down to the most efficient and effective hair straighteners for all eventualities. 

If you’ve got long luscious locks or thick curls that are prone to frizz, you may think that poker straight hair is simply unachievable, but this is not the case. For the best results, a wide plate straightener is recommended, and we found that choosing a titanium plate over the more common ceramic plate is best for quick styling that has long-lasting results. But who said a straightener is just for straightening? If you’ve got hair that’s thin and lifeless, you can boost your volume and style with a curved body straightener that can double as a curling iron for a totally different style. 

For those businesswomen or adventure-seekers, choosing whether to sacrifice your style routine to save luggage space is one of life’s biggest dilemmas, but now we’ve cracked it. Your saving grace will be a lightweight straightening iron that is slim and compact. Most of these are also very reasonably priced, making them a great choice for those on a budget, too. 

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve picked the top 10 best hair straighteners 2018 has to offer, covering all hair types, budgets and lifestyles. Which one will be your favourite?

1. GHD Platinum Hair Styler

Good hair days have never been so easy with this well-known brand

Best for: All hair types | Colour: Black | Cord Length: 2.7m | Max Temp: 230c | Auto Switch-off: Yes | RRP: £165.00

All round effective styler
Limited edition styles available
A little pricey 
Not ideal for travel

If you straighten your hair on a daily basis then the GHD Platinum Hair Styler is absolutely a must-have for your routine! Although on the pricier side, we believe this is the go-to investment piece when it comes to the best hair straighteners for everyday use. GHD is one of the most well-known brands on the market and highly trusted by women across the globe. We found that women with even the most unruly hair rated the GHD Platinum Hair Styler very highly and it’s great for curling too. 

Some of the new features include a wishbone hinge which means hair is less likely to get caught and tangled in the plates- something that was noted with older models. This hair styler stays cool, especially at the ends, making them great for quick, everyday use without burning your fingers. They’ll also switch off after 30 minutes inactivity for complete peace of mind when you’re in a rush to get out the door. However, they are not the smallest or cheapest straighteners out there, and you may not want to risk taking them on your travels.

2. BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performer Straightener

An affordable GHD alternative that won’t let you down

Best for: Everyday straightening | Colour: Black | Cord Length: 3m | Max temp: 235c | Auto Switch-off: Yes | RRP: £90.00

Very versatile 
High temperature setting
Not travel friendly 
Not the cheapest 

If you want the GHD look without the hefty price tag, then the BaByliss 3Q Ultimate Performer Straightener is a pretty good contender. They look and feel as sleek as more professional brands and often get overlooked considering their reasonable price. This hair styler is perfect for everyday use on all hair types and boasts a “protection mode” feature which stops hair from getting burnt and brittle with frequent use. With 12 digital heat settings, you’ll be able to select the perfect temperature for your hair type and create the style you want with ultimate precision.   

3. Cloud Nine: The Original Iron Hair Straightener

Style your hair for any occassion with this multi-purpose styler

Best for: Advanced styling | Colour: Black | Cord Length: 2.6m | Max Temp: 200c | Auto Switch-off: No | RRP: £139.00

Not just for straightening
Embroidered carry case included 
On the pricey side
No heat safety features

Whether it’s a wedding or your weekly date night, fancy hair styles for all occasions have never been so easy! If you’re looking for the best hair straighteners for styling then you need to have The Original Iron by Cloud Nine in your kit. With a curved body, this straightening iron is the best of the best when it comes to creating flicks and curls with a salon finish. Users love this straightener because it works just as effectively on its low temperature setting and it features floating plates which means less damage to your hair. 

We have noticed that the buttons are small and fiddly, which could mean a risk of finger burns when the plates are at maximum temperature, in which case these straightening irons are not ideal for younger users. However, once you get the hang of the settings they are a great way to achieve long-lasting results

4. TONI&GUY Style Fix Straightener

The best straightener for when you’re on the go

Best for: Travel | Colour: Black with blue plates | Cord Length: 1.8m | Max Temp: 210c | Auto Switch-off: No | RRP: £30.00

Travel size
Budget price
Not ideal for thicker hair
No carry case included

For the globe-trotters out there, you can now keep your hair salon smooth on the go with the TONI&GUY Style Fix straightener. This straightening iron is the slimmest and cheapest on the list, and we believe it will quickly become your trusty travel buddy the next time you are jetting-off on a trip. 

Although not recommended for excessive styling on long, thick hair, the reason this model is one of the best hair straighteners for travel because it gets the job done. Perfect for those who don’t style every day and you won’t have to sacrifice too much luggage space when taking it away with you. 

5. GHD Gold Max Styler

Bigger plates for bigger hair

Best for: Frizzy hair | Colour: Black & Gold | Cord Length: 2.7m | Max temp: 185c | Auto Switch-off: Yes | RRP: £135.00

Faster styling time
Perfect for beating the frizz
Not ideal for travel

We love GHD products for their ultra-professional look, and the Gold Max Styler is no Exception. They would make the ideal gift for someone as they come in a stylish gift box, and they are one of the cheaper straighteners offered by GHD. 

If you’ve got wild and unruly hair then you can tame it to perfection with the GHD Gold Max Styler. Women with thicker hair rave about this straightening iron because the wide plates make frizz quick and easy to tackle. In fact, many users state that their styling time was cut by half compared to classic GHD straighteners, undoubtedly making them the best hair straighteners for frizzy hair. Bigger plates mean wider coverage and this hair styler stays cools to the touch so you don’t burn yourself. 

6. T3 Single Pass X Straighteners

Achieve that poker straight look in one smooth glide

Best for: Quick results | Colour: Silver | Cord Length: 2.7m | Max Temp: 210c | Auto Switch-off: Yes | RRP: £165.00

Straightens in one stroke
Audio/Visual interface
Quite pricey
Not for advanced styling

If you’re someone who hates doing their hair, then the T3 Single Pass X Straightener is for all those lazy girls who still like to look good. We know that finding the energy to tackle your long and wavy bed head can seem exhausting, but with this revolutionary straightening iron, you are just minutes away from frizz-free hair. 

We know you’re wondering if they’re true to their word. Many users with curly hair confirm these straightening irons do work in one single pass, but it has been noted it can be tricky to style a fringe due to the wide plates. The adjustable heat setting makes the T3 a versatile straightener that can be tailored to your hair’s style and texture, and it includes audio notifications so that you know when they have reached the optimum temperature. 

7. L’Oreal Steampod Professional White 2016 Model

An innovative styler ideal for those with damaged hair

Best for: Damaged hair | Colour: White | Cord Length: 3m | Max Temp: 210c | Auto Switch-off: No | RRP: £149.95

Keeps hair in good condition
More than a straightener
High maintenance 
Takes longer to heat up

The L’Oreal Steampod Professional is like no other straightening iron on the market right now. Although this is the 2016 model, its technology is so impressive we just had to include it in our list of the best hair straighteners 2018 has to offer. This straightener looks more like a comb and works by filling a ‘pod’ with water which then releases steam as you glide the comb through the hair. This not only detangles and creates shine, but can be used to create a range of styles. 

If you’re prone to split ends then this is a must-have product when styling your hair regularly. Many women reported improvement of split ends and damage when switching to the Steampod technology. We think these straighteners are a great investment, but they do need looking after. It is important to follow the directions for use and maintain these straightening irons properly to avoid developing a damp and musty smell, which some users have experienced. 

8. Titanium Ionic Professional Straighteners

Ultra-fast styling to achieve that desired professional finish at home

Best for: On the go | Colour: White | Cord Length: 2.6 | Max Temp: 180c | Auto Switch-off: No | RRP: £98.00

Great value
Travel Friendly 
Some prefer ceramic plates 

If your hair and beauty regime is eating into your busy schedule, then you will absolutely love the Titanium Ionic Professional Straighteners with a 360 degree rotating cord for the easiest styling yet. Whether you’re a businesswoman, nomad or mobile hairdresser, this straightener will revolutionise the way you style your hair. The titanium plates are great for stamping out every last kink and flyaway with zero drag to avoid pesky split ends. 

We think these straighteners are an absolute steal, especially when professional hairdressers swear by them in the famous Hershesons blow dry-bars. Not only this, but they are super lightweight and slim so you can carry your own personal salon in your handbag. Packed in a convenient travel case, you can be ready to fight the frizz wherever you go. These straightening irons can also be purchased as part of a set.

9. Remington Keratin Radiance Straightener

A beautiful budget buy that will leave your hair feeling nourished

Best for: Damaged hair | Colour: Purple | Cord Length: 2.5m | Max Temp: 230c | Auto Switch-off: Yes | RRP: £59.95

Nourishes hair
Bargain price
Can leave hair greasy
Not effective on all hair types

The Remington Keratin Radiance Straightener just had to make our top 10. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want a product that not only does the job, but also looks pretty on your dressing table. As well as the fact that this straightener comes in a beautiful shade of lilac and with a luxury heat resistant pouch, it can be snapped up at the bargain price of just under £60. Say no more. 

The keratin and macadamia protective technology works by releasing oil from the ceramic plates to add moisture and nourish your lengths. This hair styler is highly commended for restoring life into your locks, ultimately making it one of the best hair straighteners for damaged hair. Some users are divided on this and argue that the oils can instead make hair look greasy, but if a soft and glossy finish is what you’re after then these will help you achieve perfection. 

10. Braun SensoCare ST780 Hair Straightener

The dark horse on the list that is surprisingly fast and nourishing for hair

Best for: Quick styling | Colour: Black | Cord Length: 2m | Max Temp: 200c | Auto Switch-off: Yes | RRP: £52.99

Great value
Not the prettiest option
Not ideal for travel

Braun is not commonly a brand you’d associate with hair care, but the Sensocare ST780 Hair Straightener deserves a place on our list due to its advanced SensoCare technology. This straightening iron will auto-check its temperature and the moisture levels of your hair to ensure you are styling at the optimum temperature for less damage and more precision. If you’re prone to flyaways then investing in this hair styler will help you achieve effortlessly sleek-looking hair in no time. 

As one of the best hair straighteners in 2018, you can tailor the settings to your hair type and this straightening iron will remember your preferences for quick and easy use every time. It also remains cool to touch for styles that might take a little longer. Although one of the more technological straighteners on the market, no heat mat or carry case is included with this product, but for the price, we think it’s a great product for everyday use at home.   

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