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The best hair removal creams and waxes

The most common way both men and women choose to remove hair is by shaving. But while it's a quick and simple method, it doesn’t always give us the best results. If you're not careful, you can end up with red and itchy lumps and bumps, cuts and patchy areas. However, there are a range of other hair removal products on the market that are kinder to skin and much more effective in removing a larger amount of hair.

Short of laser treatment, the best way to achieve stubble-free skin is using a hair removal product that targets even the most stubborn of hairs, but not all products are guaranteed to work for everyone and on all areas of the body. 

For both men and women who shave, this can be a daunting task to keep up with, but if you want to try something that lasts a little longer, then waxing is your best option (although you need a high pain tolerance for this method). There are plenty of home wax kits available for legs, bikini, under arms and more, which contain a spatula to apply the wax, and strips to apply for removing the hair – maybe you’d want to try this one with a friend for moral support!

If that sounds a little too extreme for you, then hair removal creams and gels work well and involve little to no pain, but they do tend to smell quite potent and can cause irritation on sensitive skin, so always make sure you do a patch test before you go slathering it on your bikini line. 

For hair on the face, if you don’t want to risk actually removing the hair, then bleaching kits can be a great alternative. These will give you a smooth, hair-free look without the pain of actually removing it. Or if you hate the idea of having to use any kind of hair removal product on a regular basis, there are, as previously mentioned, some more permanent options available such as home laser treatment devices, which can allow you months of silky smooth skin without having to shave or wax ever again. 

1. Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream

A quick and effective removal treatment for women

Best for: Women’s regular use | Type: Hair Removal Cream | Designed for: Arms and Legs

 Quick and easy 
 Good for sensitive skin 
 Requires thick application 

For a quick and easy alternative to shaving, try Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream. It is perfect for legs, underarms and forearms and is kind to skin, so it won’t leave any irritation like shaving tends to. It is, of course, important to carry out a patch test to ensure the hair removal cream is compatible with your skin, and you also have to ensure you apply a thick even layer to make sure all the hair is removed, but with a little care and attention, it can be a great, pain-free solution for at-home hair removal. 

2. Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream

A great all-rounder hair removal cream for men

Best for: Men’s regular use | Type: Hair Removal Cream | Designed for: Arms, Chest, Legs, Back

 Smells ‘manly’ 
 Easy to apply  
 Not for sensitive skin 

For men who are into their grooming, this Veet hair removal cream is ideal for getting rid of every last hair with ease. Whether you want a silky smooth chest or legs and arms, you can simply apply this gel and wash off in the shower. Some users have stated that it stings quite a bit, which means it’s not ideal for sensitive skin, but for anyone who is used to using beauty products already this cream is worth a go for hair-free skin in just four minutes.  

3. Jolen Mild Cream Bleach

For those who don’t like waxing, try this milder approach

Best for: Alternative to hair removal | Type: Cream bleach | Designed for: Face

 No need to remove hair 
 Lightens hairs 
 Very strong 

If you have hair on your face or body that you want to disguise but not remove altogether, then Jolen Mild Cream Bleach is a great alternative which means you won’t have to keep up with regular hair removal (nor go through the pain of waxing it off!). This ever-popular bleach will lighten the hair on your face or body so that you get a barely-there result, ladies, this is particularly handy for lightening unwanted facial hair. One thing to remember though: this is bleach after all, so it’s a big no-no for sensitive skin types and, of course, make sure you read the label and follow the instructions carefully to avoid irritating your skin.

4. BodyHonee Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Get that spa-like treatment at home with this wax kit

Best for: Home Salon Treatment | Type: Liquid Wax | Designed for: Legs, Arms, Chest

 Natural formula 
 For men & women 
 A little pricey 

For those of you with a higher pain threshold, this unisex hair removal wax works wonders on chest, arm and leg hair. It is a natural sugar paste that is water soluble so is actually very kind to skin. Unfortunately, if you are looking for an alternative to shaving, this product won’t be as effective because your hair will be too coarse. However, this is perfect for those who have tried waxing before and thus have thinner hair to reckon with, or who currently use hair removal cream.

5. Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream

An ultra-sensitive cream for delicate areas

Best for: Sensitive skin | Type: Hair removal cream | Designed for: Legs, Bikini, Underarms

 Gentle to skin 
 Quick and easy 
 Not as potent as others

If you have tried hair removal cream in the past but find it irritates your skin more than shaving, give Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream a try. It contains camellia oil and ylang ylang to moisturise the skin while effectively removing hair. The sensitive formula makes this cream the ideal pick for those who often suffer from reactions to stronger hair removal creams, so if you have the type of skin that immediately turns red and tingles the second you apply a regular hair removal cream, this one's for you!

6. Bliss “Fuzz” Off Foam

Simply spray on and rinse off

Best for: Last minute hair removal | Type: Hair removal foam | Designed for: Legs, Bikini, Arms

 Results in 5 minutes 
 Effective but gentle 
 Not the cheapest 

If you don’t like the idea of faffing around with a wax kit or spending loads on a laser device, then the Bliss “Fuzz” Off Foam is a good option to go for. Simply spray on the foam, leave for five minutes and then rinse off in the shower. Nothing could be easier. The foam texture allows for easier coverage and can remove hair even on notoriously tricky areas such as knees and ankles. Although a little pricier than other hair removal creams, it is absolutely worth it for the convenience and is the best quick hair removal product on our list.

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