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The best gaming monitors

The best gaming monitors

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or you just like to kick back with the latest PC game, the quality of the screen you’re playing on can make all the difference. Whether it’s an RPG, first person shooter or racing game, there are a range of different features you may want to look for in when hunting down the best gaming monitor to get the most out of your gameplay.

When considering which gaming monitor is best for you, think about what games you normally play, and what is most likely to enhance that gameplay. For example, if you like immersive role play games, the quality of the graphics are what matter, so look out for high-res models that offer 4K or HDR such as the Acer Predator XB321HK. However, if you’re the competitive type and often play fast-paced multiplayer games, then a monitor such as the Alienware 25 with a quick refresh rate is what you need to win.  If it is 4K monitors you are after, check out our full guide to the best 4K monitors here.

The best gaming monitor

1. Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

The ultimate gaming monitor for speed and visuals

Best for: All-round quality | Resolution: 1440p | Refresh rate: 165Hz | Screen size: 27”

 Flicker-free/low Blue Light screen 
 Ergonomic design 

If there’s no one type of game you enjoy playing, the This Asus monitor could be the best gaming monitor for you. It boasts a generous size of 27 inches which is enough to enjoy the high-res images without it being too big to focus on during intense gameplay. Ultra-low Blue Light means this screen is ideal for those who prefer to play in the dark and its flicker-free technology makes for a comfortable viewing/gaming experience. This can also be enhanced by the ergonomic design of the monitor itself which features, swivel, tilt, pivot and height adjustment so you can find the perfect position for you.  

Acer Predator XB321HK

2. Acer Predator XB321HK

Great resolution, stunning visuals

Best for: Visuals | Resolution: 4K | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Screen size: 32”

 Generous sized screen 
 4K visuals 

For a fully immersive RPG there really isn’t a better monitor than this Acer Predator model. With 4K visuals and a 32 inch screen, this monitor is more like a gaming TV, but sharper, and with all the features of a PC monitor, too. The refresh rate isn’t as fast as the Asus, but users have said it’s still really impressive. The overall build of this monitor is said to be secure and sturdy too, with the ability to slightly adjust the height and tilt to your preference.  

BenQ EX3501R

3. BenQ EX3501R

Experience panoramic entertainment with this 35 inch wide screen

Best for: Wide screen gaming | Resolution: 3,400x1,440 | Refresh rate: 100Hz | Screen size: 35”

 HDR technology 
 Automatically adjusts brightness 

This panoramic screen is designed to give you a wide-angled view of your game which maximises the graphics and improves visibility. The ambient lighting sensor works to adjust brightness automatically depending on your environment and how long you’ve been playing. It will alter the colour temperature for your viewing comfort which helps to minimise eye strain after hours of gameplay.  

Asus VG248QE

4. Asus VG248QE

A reliable 1080p monitor with fast refresh

Best for: Reliability | Resolution: 1920x1080 | Refresh rate: 144Hz | Screen size: 24”

 Smooth gameplay  
 3D compatible  

If you’re not necessarily looking for the best of everything, but the best gaming monitor for occasional gaming, then this could be the monitor for you. It has a modest 24 inch screen, which is just the right size for smaller bedrooms, but offers you smooth and reliable gameplay with a fast refresh rate and excellent resolution. This monitor also has a built-in stereo to maximise sound quality and is both 2d and 2d compatible, so whatever game you’re playing, you can expect to get the most out of it with this monitor.  

Alienware 25

5. Alienware 25

Brush up on your technique with this ultra-fast refresh rate

Best for: Refresh rate | Resolution: 1920x1080 | Refresh rate: 240Hz | Screen size: 24.5”

 Responsive and rapid refresh 
 Custom lighting effects 

There is nothing more frustrating than your monitor crashing or lagging just when you’re about to beat your own high-score. If you’re looking to improve your speed of gameplay then this monitor with ultra-fast refresh rate won’t let you down. Users confirm that it excels when playing fast-paced competitive games and the image quality is pretty good too. It has custom lighting effects and intuitive interface to enhance user experience.  

Samsung CHG90

6. Samsung CHG90

If the BenQ wasn’t wide enough, check out the size of this Samsung monitor

Best for: Really, really wide | Resolution: 3,840x1080 | Refresh rate: 144Hz | Screen size: 49”

 4K picture quality 
 Non-glare panel 

This ultra-wide gaming monitor is ideal for multiplayer games or for splitting the screen so you can see from two points of view. Not only is it the largest on the list at 49 inches, but it also boasts 4K technology and a non-glare panel so reflections don’t interrupt your gameplay. The refresh rate is also very high, so you can expect most types of games to work well on this monitor.

AOC G2460VQ6

7. AOC G2460VQ6

New to gaming? Try this simple monitor for reliable gameplay

Best for: Entry-level monitor | Resolution: 1920x1080 | Refresh rate: 75Hz | Screen size: 24”

 Smooth and speedy 
 Vibrant colours  

If you’re looking to buy your very first gaming monitor or you’re on a tight budget, then this simple gaming monitor provides everything you need to get you started. It’s a modest 24 inches, which can be height adjusted or alternatively wall-mounted. Users have found this monitor simple to set up and say the colours are surprisingly bright and vibrant. Refresh rate is impressive and overall you can expect smooth gameplay with not tearing or lagging during a game. This would also be a great monitor to double up as your standard PC monitor with built-in speakers making it suitable for music play too.  

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