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The best fabric and plastic Moses baskets

The best fabric and plastic Moses baskets

One of the most important things for both parent and baby is a sound night’s sleep. If you’ve got a little one on the way then it’s best to be prepared with a comfy Moses basket that is going to help your newborn drift off to the land of nod with no trouble at all (we can hear your laughter from here!) But seriously, Moses baskets are a great way to keep baby close to you in the early weeks, are designed with newborn safety in mind and are especially handy for portability. They are usually designed for babies up to 3 or 4 months, but you can also get different sized baskets to cater to older babies, too, so when looking for the best moses basket for you, the age of your baby will be your first consideration.

Traditional Moses baskets are often made from wicker, but these days, plastic and fabric Moses baskets have become incredibly popular as a modern take on the traditional version of the Moses basket. They are reportedly sturdier, often classed as safer and much easier to clean, and although wicker looks good, plastic and fabric Moses baskets tend to be quieter for baby to sleep in (no crispy wicker chaffing noises!), and they can be pretty stylish, too. 

Whether you want to splash out on a luxury Moses basket or just want something with no frills that will get the job done, before making your purchase, there are a few things to consider that will ensure you make the most of your Moses basket. 

Firstly, does it come with a mattress? Moses baskets don’t come cheap and can often be short-lived, so opting to buy one that comes with a mattress will save you some pennies for all the other essentials you need when baby arrives. Secondly, picking a Moses basket with carry handles will make it easily portable, whether it is from room to room or from the car to grandma’s house. 

Some traditional style Moses baskets come with a hood, but you’ll find that these days a lot don’t. This provides extra breathability for baby and easier access for Mum and Dad. You may also want to check whether your chosen Moses basket comes with a stand or not. If you’re using it in your bedroom then a stand can be handy for keeping your little one close to you at bedtime, or if you’re mainly going to be using it for travel, then this might not be a necessary requirement. 

We’ve picked out some of the best plastic and fabric Moses baskets on the market right now, which cater to all lifestyles and budgets. Take a look at our list and prepare for silent nights (again, we can hear your chuckles from here!) when your new arrival comes. 

Shnuggle Waffle Basket

1. Shnuggle Waffle Basket

A traditional looking luxury Moses basket

Best for: Traditional style | Dimensions: 90x45x25cm | Colours: Cream, grey, white, pink, green | Mattress: Yes | Age: Birth-4 months

Hypoallergenic mattress 
Silent when baby moves
Tricky to attach canopy 

This plastic and fabric Moses basket is a popular design choice that parents love. Its traditional style with hood combined with the choice of pastel colours makes it the perfect modern alternative to a wicker Moses basket. It comes with a hypoallergenic mattress and is designed to be completely silent when baby moves. Some had trouble attaching the hood, but the plastic shell is said to be easy to clean and parents love that it is sturdy but light enough to carry; perfect for when your little one is having a sleepover with the grandparents. Fuss-free and stylish, a top pick.

Moba Moses Basket

2. Moba Moses Basket

A no frills Moses basket for keeping baby healthy

Best for: Ventilation | Dimensions: 45.4x43.4x82.4 | Colours: Blush, mint, raspberry, tangerine, cornflower, linen or dove | Mattress: Yes | Age: up to 9kg

 Not the most aesthetically pleasing

Wicker Moses baskets may look pretty but can often be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria eventually, especially if they get damp. However, with this plastic Moses basket, made from antimicrobial plastic recommended by healthcare professionals, you'll be investing in one of the most hygienic Moses baskets on the market. The basket is designed to be incredibly breathable with over 300 air holes in the sides and base, and although it doesn’t have a hood, this allows easier access to baby and maximum ventilation at all times. For excellent temperature control and wipe-easy casing, this is a great choice.

Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper

3. Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper

A larger than average basket with a stand for support

Best for: Large basket | Dimensions: 88x45x61cm | Colours: Grey, white, slate | Mattress: Yes | Age: Birth-6 months

Comes with a stand
Larger than average 
 People aren’t convinced by the rocking motion

This plastic Moses basket is a little larger than the others on our list and it comes with a stand which is especially handy for placing baby in the bedroom with you. Parents have commented positively on the rocking motion of this basket, which gives you the option of lulling baby to sleep, but it depends on the individual child whether it works for them or not. This basket can sleep children up to 6 months, so you can get a little more life out of this one compared to most Moses baskets, and its material is said to be breathable and easy to clean. If you plan to keep your little one in their moses basket longer than the typical 3-4 month threshold, this Moses basket is the best on our list for older babies.

Koo-di Pop Up Travel Bassinet

4. Koo-di Pop Up Travel Bassinet

Let your little one sleep tight anywhere on the go

Best for: Travel | Dimensions: 80x50x58cm | Colours: Grey | Mattress: Yes | Age: Birth-6 months

Pop-up/fold down
Super lightweight 
 Not the sturdiest

If you’re parents that travel a lot, then this pop-up fabric Moses basket could be a great investment. Its super lightweight at less than 1kg, and it folds up so small that you can even pack it in your suitcase. It still comes with a padded mattress as well as zip up mosquito net if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere hot. It is understandably not as stable as some of the plastic Moses baskets on the list, but for a travel-specific design, it is said to hold up exceptionally well.  

iSafe Marvel Carrycot

5. iSafe Marvel Carrycot

This carrycot basket can be combined with a pushchair for easy manoeuvrability

Best for: Practicality | Dimensions: 84x39x29cm | Colours: Purple, grey, blue | Mattress: Yes | Age: Birth-6 months

Compatible with the Marvel pushchair 
Padded mattress

If you want a plastic Moses basket that is practical for in and out the house, then this iSafe Marvel Carrycot is an ideal Moses basket alternative. With the hood and covers removed, this is essentially a standard plastic Moses basket, yet with the extras attached, it's a full carrycot. It is compatible with the Marvel pushchair (sold separately), so this plastic carrycot is great for sleeping babies, whether they are at home or on the move. The carrycot comes in 3 funky colours and is complete with a padded mattress so that your little one can nod off anywhere. Versatile and travel-friendly, a thumbs up from us.

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