The 5 best Moses baskets 2017

The arrival of a new baby exciting time for any parent – but one of the biggest questions you will face is where baby will sleep when you get him or her home.

Most experts recommend that baby sleeps in its parents’ room for the first six months, so you can keep your baby close. However, given that many bedrooms are constrained for space, many parents plump for a Moses basket – a compact carry cot that can be moved from room to room.

Most Moses baskets are made of wicker or palm leaf, their woven designs providing natural ventilation to help ensure a sound, comfortable night’s sleep. While wicker and palm are the natural choice, wicker in particular tends to creak. If that’s an issue you may wish to choose a more modern take on the Moses basket, which uses ventilated man-made materials instead. These are also a lot easier to clean which you'll soon be grateful for!

The basket you buy should come with everything you need, including a mattress. However you will also need to factor in the cost of a stand or stool to lift the basket off the floor, as most brands charge extra for these.

Listed below are our top 5 Moses Basket picks, with our recommendations placed in a best-first order.

1. Moba Moses Basket and Mattress

Contemporary design with enhanced safety features

Brand: Moba | Dimensions: H39 x W82 x D43cm | Mattress: Waterproof core; 100% cotton waffle liner | Materials: Bespoke plastic | Handles: Integrated | Available Colours: Cornflower Blue, Dove Grey or Snow

Modern design
Enhanced safety features
Luxury mattress, waterproof core
Associated with The Lullaby Trust

This modern take on the traditional Moses basket is made from bespoke plastic, promising safety and security for your baby. It doesn’t creak, is easy to clean and is completely hypoallergenic. It also has over 300 air holes in its sides and base to make sure that baby has plenty of ventilation, while its handles are integrated into the design, ensuring they won’t accidentally either be left in, or fall into, the basket while baby is sleeping. The price includes a luxury mattress with a water-repellent core and a 100% cotton waffle liner for breathability. Available in Cornflower Blue, Dove Grey and Snow colours, the Moba is the only Moses basket associated with The Lullaby Trust.

2. Clair de Lune Wicker Noah Pod

Luxury Moses basket with stylish contemporary design

Brand: Clair de Lune | Dimensions: H25 x W100 x D25cm | Mattress: Foam; 100% cotton liner | Materials: Wicker | Handles: Leatherette straps | Available Colours: Grey with Blue, Cream or Pink bedding

Modern design
High quality materials and design
Mattress not waterproof
Somewhat bulky, yet narrow

Made by a UK company with over 70 years’ experience in producing nursery furniture and bedding, this Moses basket is every inch a luxury item. It cleverly combines traditional materials (wicker and cotton) with a contemporary design to give it a truly luxurious and modern feel. This Noah Pod also comes with everything you need for baby’s first months, including a thick, foam mattress, coverlet and a liner which covers the walls inside the basket. However despite the price and the luxury on offer, the Noah Pod has two main drawbacks: the first – and biggest – is that the mattress isn’t waterproof, so if baby has an accident you’ll have to change the mattress as well as the covers, or invest in a waterproof cover. The other is that the Noah Pod is fairly narrow, despite its overall size, meaning baby may grow out of it fairly quickly.

3. Shnuggle Dreami Clever Baby Sleeper

Luxury contemporary Moses basket with 2-in-1 stand

Brand: Shnuggle | Dimensions: W50 x L85cm | Mattress: Foam; 100% cotton liner | Materials: Hypoallergenic plastic, cotton-facing breathable fabrics | Handles: Cotton straps | Available Colours: Grey, White with White bedding

Clean, modern design
High quality, breathable materials
2-in-1 stand folds away
Lightweight and easy to move

The Shnuggle Dreami is the only one of our Moses basket picks that come with its own wooden stand – saving you from having to buy one separately. Cleverly the stand has been designed so you can use it in two different ways: fixed (where is stands 44cm tall) and rocking (where is stands 10cm tall) and also folds up for travelling or when not in use. Like our number one choice, the Moba Moses basket, the Shuggle Dreami eschews wicker or palm leaf in favour of hypoallergenic plastic for its large ventilated base, making it easy to clean and creak-free. The mattress and lining are also made with breathable 3D mesh materials, with the side facing the baby made from natural cotton. 

4. Mamas and Papas Welcome To The World Moses basket

Luxury Moses basket in wicker

Brand: Mamas and Papas | Dimensions: W34 x H46 x L81cm | Mattress: Foam; 100% cotton liner | Materials: Wicker, 50% cotton, 50% linen cover, 100% cotton quilt | Handles: Leather straps | Available Colours: White with White bedding

High quality wicker basket
Leather handles fold away
Stand costs extra
Mattress is a little thin

Reminiscent of the Clair de Lune Noah Pod, the Welcome To The World Moses basket combines traditional materials with modern aesthetics. Made from natural wicker with a cotton liner and foam mattress, it also incorporates leather carry handles and a 2.5-tog coverlet. Like most of the Moses baskets here it doesn’t come with a stand, although one is available for an extra £49. The basket itself is narrower than both the Moba and Shnuggle Dreami baskets, although it’s on a par with the Clair de Lune model, however it’s solidly made and looks beautiful in the nursery. The only real drawback is that the supplied mattress is little on the thin side, meaning that you may have to buy a better one for anything other than occasional use. 

5. Emilie et Rose Moses Basket

Luxurious and traditional take on Moses basket aesthetics

Brand: Emilie et Rose | Dimensions: W46 x H27 x L81cm | Mattress: Foam; 100% cotton liner | Materials: Wicker, 50% cotton, 50% linen cover, 100% cotton quilt | Handles: Leather straps | Available Colours: White with White bedding

High quality wicker basket
Sturdy design, leather handles
Canopy is temperamental
Mattress is a little thin

It may sound French, but Emilie et Rose is a British nursery brand with headquarters in Devon. Its take on the Moses basket is rather traditional, but no less luxurious for that – thanks to the use of dark oak wicker, soft leather carry straps and 100% cotton liner. The pleated skirt and is a little fussy for our tastes, but it fits snugly around the basket with no need to elastic or other fastenings. However, again the mattress is rather thin, meaning you’ll probably want to replace it with something more luxurious and waterproof. The canopy also has a tendency to fall down unless you take the time to position it correctly – not something you’d expect on a product priced as highly as this.