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The best coffee grinders: create perfect lattes and espressos from scratch

There are many different types of coffee machine you can get for your home these days, but the freshest and most authentic flavour is of course going to come straight from the bean. Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a barista or not, home coffee grinders are super easy to use and can really make all the difference to your morning cup. 

Burr grinders are the more traditional form of grinding, and those are the ones we’ve chosen for you today. You’ll get a more consistent crush and grind, making for a higher-quality cup of coffee overall as opposed to blade grinders which can often cut the beans erratically which can significantly impair the quality of your drink.

When picking the right type of grinder for you, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, what type of coffee do you drink and how often do you drink it? This will help you decide what capacity you want to go for, as some smaller machines will not have the ability to cater quickly to coffee addicts who drink 10 Americanos a day. 

The more grind settings, the better, as these will allow you to achieve the perfect grind for your favourite drink.  But of course as logic would have it, the more grind settings, the pricier the device. If you’re a coffee aficionado, you may wish to splash out on a more expensive machine (up to £200), or if you just want a half decent pick me up, you can get some basic individual grinders for as little as under £50. 

Once you've picked your favourite coffee grinder, check out our round-up of the best espresso machines.

1. Sage Smart Grinder Pro

Enjoy any cup of coffee you like with this professional barista machine

Best for: All-rounder | Capacity: 450g | Power: 165w | Grind Settings: 60

 Lots of grind settings 
 All types of coffee 
 Quite pricey 

Espresso, latte, filter coffee; whichever you enjoy, you can enjoy perfectly with the Sage Smart Grinder Pro by Heston Blumenthal. This coffee machine makes our number one spot because it has a whopping 60 grind settings, allowing you to virtually perfect the art of any type of coffee under the sun. Yes, it’s pricey, but we think coffee obsessives will think this intelligent machine is worth every penny. You can programme your cup and shot volumes so that each and every cup is ground to perfection, right down to the last bean. You’ll really be able to practice your barista skills with this one.  

2. De’Longhi KG79 Coffee Grinder

A great combination of form and function

Best for: Sleek look | Capacity: 120g | Power: 110w | Grind Settings: 12

 Looks smart  
 Not too expensive 
 Not always an even grind  

For those who want to invest in their first coffee machine, the De’Longhi is a good place to start. It’s smaller than the Sage but bigger than our compact number four pick from Krups, making it the ideal size for your kitchen counter and it looks sleek in modern kitchens. It doesn’t always have the most even grind, but it’s certainly a step up from instant and for long coffees it does the job quite nicely. Its middle range price and 12 grind settings make it a solid first time buy for those who want an at-home caffeine fix.  

3. Cuisinart Auto Burr Coffee Grinder

Lots of grinding options means lots of coffee

Best for: Grinding options | Capacity: 225g | Power: unknown | Grind Settings: 18

 18 cup capacity 
 Dishwasher safe parts 
 Not the best espresso 

If you like the sound of the Sage Smart Grinder Pro but can’t justify spending that much money on a coffee machine, then this Cuisinart Auto Burr Coffee Grinder is the next best thing. Although not as many as the Sage, this coffee grinder has 18 grind settings which is still a lot to choose from. Customers have mentioned it doesn’t make the best espresso they’ve ever tasted, but If you love an Americano, or like to add milk to your coffee shot to make a latte or cappuccino, this machine will grind you up a treat. Make anything from 4-18 cups with the amount of beans this machine can hold, and easily clean it by whacking the removable parts in the dishwasher.  

4. Krups F20342 Coffee Grinder

A small grinder for the simple espresso

Best for: Espresso | Capacity: 75g | Power: 180w | Grind Settings: 1

 Great for espresso  
 Only 1 grind setting 

This coffee grinder may only have one setting, but if you’re purely an espresso drinker, then this machine gets the job done nicely. It’s small and compact which means it doesn’t take up too much room in your kitchen, and makes grinding super easy and efficient. A lot of users also say how great this machine is for grinding other ingredients such as nuts and spices to use in their cooking, so it really is great value for money with its multiple uses.  

5. Dualit 75015

A decent sized grinder for regular coffee breaks

Best for: Capacity | Capacity: 250g | Power: 150w | Grind Settings: 10

 Makes up to 35 portions 
 Only grind what you need 
 Not barista quality (but not expected to be) 

This coffee grinder ensures no wastage as you only grind what you need, when you need it, and you can make up to 35 cups of coffee/shots of espresso before you’re required to refill this machine. Coffee obsessives will still tell you that this machine isn’t of professional barista quality, but when it comes to home brewing, this machine is a good contender and you’ll absolutely be able to tell the difference from instant and packaged ground coffee. The 10 different grind settings give you ample variety for use with filter machines, espresso makers and cafetieres, plus it works purposefully slower than other grinders to minimise the risk of clogging, making it easier to clean.   

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