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The best filter coffee machines

Filter coffee machines are one of the more classic ways to make a black coffee. They work by slowly dripping water through ground beans to produce a warm jug of coffee, and you’d often find this method used in restaurants and some cafes. 

This type of machine is super easy to use, but there are some factors you may want to consider when looking to invest in a filter coffee machine. Most machines take paper filters, which are simple to pop in but it means you’re committing yourself to buying refills as and when you need them. On the other hand, you could opt for a reusable filter which is much better for the environment, will save you money and is less hassle – but you may find that over time this starts to affect the taste of your coffee. In which case, it’ll need replacing in the long run anyway. 

The size of the machine will obviously play a part in whether it is suitable for you. 10 cups is around the average for most machines, which is plenty for most households, and some may make a little more which can be good for hosting dinner parties or if you’re a bit of a coffee fiend. 

Finally, consider the type of jug you want to use. Keeping coffee for too long in any kind of jug will inevitably impair the taste, but for keeping it warm there are two options to choose from. A glass jug will need to be heated by a hotplate whereas a thermal jug will be able to insulate the coffee on its own and tends to keep the coffee fresher for longer. 

We’ve picked out the top 5 best filter coffee machines 2017 has to offer, with most being within an affordable budget of under £100, with the occasional super high-tech option thrown in for the gadget lovers out there. Which one will be your favourite brew?

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1. Smarter Coffee Machine

A Wi-Fi enabled machine for coffee brewed by Alexa

Best for: Gadget Lovers | Cups: 12 | Power: 1025w | Filter type: Reusable

 Works with Alexa 
 Built-in grinder 
A bit of an indulgence

For those who have a smart home and love playing with new gadgets, the Smarter Coffee Machine brews your coffee the smart way. Using Wi-Fi connectivity you can connect your machine to your smartphone to brew coffee remotely from wherever you are in the home. The machine will even be able to tell when you’ve walked through the front door and you can have it programmed to start brewing the minute you get home – how cool is that? Considering how high-tech it is, it’s still fairly intuitive to set up and it comes in black, cream and red so you can match it to your smart kitchen perfectly.  

2. Morphy Richards 162010 Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker

Great tasting coffee on demand

Best for: Quality | Cups: 12 | Power: 900w | Filter type: Reusable

 High quantity 
 Adjust coffee strength 
 Not very intuitive 

Quite simply, this Morphy Richards machine produces high quality coffee that tastes great. It manages this with its permanent filter that is designed to create a smoother blend and the pour over technique ensures you get every last bit of flavour in your cup ( this is also adjustable for those who like weaker coffee). It’s a high capacity machine that can make up to 12 cups without refilling which is great for having friends and family over, and it comes in three different colours to suit your style of kitchen. This machine is a little complex , and some people have found it a little tricky to set up at first, but once you get the hang of it you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee automatically brewed for you by this machine.

3. DeLonghi Distinta ICMI 211

Filter coffee as it should be, at the touch of a button

Best for: Simplicity | Cups: 10 | Power: 1000w | Filter type: Reusable

 Glass jug  
 Warming plate 
 No frills 

If the Morphy Richards machine sounds far too complex for you, then this simple DeLonghi machine is a simple alternative that anyone can get to grips with. It’s a slim machine that only features two buttons, so making the perfect brew has never been so easy. This machine comes with a glass jug and a warming plate so you can keep your coffee at the optimum temperature throughout the morning. This machine is pretty basic, but it does its job and it does it well. 

4. Philips HD 7546/20 Coffee Machine

Never over brew your coffee again with this thermos jug

Best for: Long-lasting taste | Cups: 9 | Power: 1000w | Filter type: Paper

 Coffee stays fresh 
 Dishwasher-safe parts 
 No permanent filter 

The trouble with leaving your coffee on the hot plate for too long is that it turns bitter after a while, but with this Philips machine, the thermos jug allows for the coffee to stay both warm and fresh for longer so you don’t end up over brewing your coffee and inevitably tipping it down the sink! It makes slightly less than others, but we think it’s worth the sacrifice for better quality coffee, and although it doesn’t have a permanent filter, many believe that paper filters also help the coffee taste fresher. If they start to get annoying to replace, you can always purchase a permanent filter instead.  

5. Russell Hobbs Brew & Go

Filter coffee for on the go

Best for: Morning commute | Cups: 1 | Power: 650w | Filter type: Reusable

 Fits all sized travel mugs 
 Travel mug included 
 Only makes 1 cup 

Making time for your coffee in the morning can prove difficult, so if you’re always in a rush this Russell Hobbs filter coffee machine is ideal for you. You can quickly brew yourself a delicious filter coffee into the stainless steel travel mug so you can take it with you on your morning commute. It looks smart and works with a reusable filter and it fits neatly on the counter top without taking up too much space. It only brews one cup at a time, but for someone who’s always on the go, this is the perfect way to get your morning pick me up.  

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